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9 cutting-edge programming languages worth learning now

These strong alternatives to the popular languages are gaining steam -- and may be the perfect fit for your next project

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Tap the power of Google's Go language

Learn the key concepts behind programming in Go, a concise, simple, safe, and fast compiled language with powerful concurrency features

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The best Go language IDEs and editors

Among dozens of options for developing Go programs, Gogland, Visual Studio Code, and Cloud9 rise to the top

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New framework uses Kubernetes to deliver serverless app architecture

Still in the early stages, the Fission framework turns any Kubernetes cluster into a system for delivering lambda architecture or serverless applications

Language Forks

Language forks bring new power to programming

From Hack to Cython, inventive forks are pushing popular programming languages in new directions

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Google equips Go with an experimental cross-platform UI

Bare-bones GXUI cross-platform UI library is garnering interest on GitHub, given Go's lack of native GUI support

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Google Go fuels JVM alternative

Though 'far from complete,' the jvm.go project is drawing praise as a potential alternative to Oracle's JVM

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Google's Go language is off to a great start, but still has work ahead

Go offers speed, concurrence, and portability, but it's still young and might be too simple

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Go and Rust: The road ahead for two young programming languages

With Rust hitting 1.0 and Go gaining traction, see how the new kids in programming measure up

Google Go upgrade banks on Go itself

Version 1.5 of the language will use a tool chain written in Go as Google seeks to eliminate C programs from the source tree

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Google Go ventures into Android app development

Google Go 1.4 adds official support for Android, as well as improved syntax and garbage collection

10 open source projects proving the power of Go

10 open source projects proving the power of Go

From application virtualization to self-hosted Git services, Google Go is becoming the tool of choice for forward-thinking projects

GopherJS nudges Google Go past Dart in JavaScript Web development

With GopherJS, front-end code can be written in Go language, then compiled to JavaScript

Google Go

Fast guide to Google Go programming

Need a concise, simple, safe, and fast compiled language with wonderful concurrency features? Go with Google Go

Why one developer switched from Java to Google Go

Pivotal's Matt Stine, who was raised on Java, has become an advocate for the Google-built Go language

Google's Go language on the rise, but Dart is stalling

Java and JavaScript tie for first place in RedMonk's report that examines GitHub and Stack Overflow to rank languages

Java vs. Go: The case for cloud-specific languages

Java and C++ are fine, but the cloud needs its own language, and Google's Go delivers as promised

Go Google Go! A language on full throttle

Java frameworks still rule the roost, but Go and Facebook's new HHVM PHP environment are gaining fast

Google going forward with Go language

Version 1 of programming environment features binary distribution support and integration with Google's App Engine cloud platform

Google's Go is promising, but still in diapers

Experts say the new programming language will require a long-term commitment from Google to succeed

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