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Go 1.18 arrives with much-anticipated generics

Now available in a production release, Go 1.18 introduces ‘the most significant change’ to Go since the programming language debuted in 2012.

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A brief intro to the Pants build system

Pants is a fast, remote-friendly, and ergonomic build tool for multiple languages including Python, Go, Java, and Scala. Let’s take a look.

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5 useful features you won’t be seeing in Go

Why Go may never get a ternary operator, algebraic types, immutable objects, default argument values, or the error handling features found in other programming languages.

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Get started with generics in Go

Newly introduced in Go 1.18, generics reduce the amount of boilerplate you need in your code, without sacrificing backwards compatibility

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Get started with Go testing

Learn how to create and run unit tests in Go with the programming language’s built-in test management tools.

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JetBrains’ Go language IDE prepares for generics

Upcoming version of GoLand to accommodate highly anticipated language feature.

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Go 1.17 brings language and compiler enhancements

Update to Google’s open source programming language introduces enhancements for writing safe pointer operations and a more performant method of passing function arguments.

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Go fuzz to catch hard-to-find bugs in Go

Native Go fuzz testing tool is now ready for beta testing but won’t be included in upcoming release of the language.

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Go programming gains in the workplace

Most Go programmers use Go at work, use Go for web programming, and work in the technology industry, Go Developer Survey 2020 results show.

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Rust vs. Go: How to choose

Do you want execution speed or developer speed? Memory safety or easy concurrency? Here’s how to decide between Rust and Go.

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Go 1.16 arrives with library, runtime enhancements

Forthcoming update to the Google-created open source programming language also introduces support for Apple Silicon.

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Entry-level software developer? Learn React to get that first job

Go and Kotlin are also good bets for developers with just a few years of experience — not Java.

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Go language gets graph-based ORM

Called ent, the open source entity framework features an API for modeling any database schema or graph structure as Go objects.

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Google’s Go language could add generics later this year

A proposal to add generic programming to Go using type parameters is the latest attempt to add a long-sought capability that would make the language easier to use.

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Go 1.15 arrives with smaller binary sizes

New version of Google-built language brings compiler, runtime, and linker improvements

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AI, machine learning, and deep learning deep dive

Download this 26-page in-depth guide to AI, machine learning, and deep learning for easy reading at your convenience

Get started with Angular

A step-by-step guide to installing the tools, creating an application, and getting up to speed with Angular components, directives, services, and routers

Python megaguide: The best frameworks and IDEs

Only on InfoWorld: A hands-on, in-depth look at 13 Python web frameworks and six Python development toolkits

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