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Golang tutorial: Get started with the Go language

Go is a concise, simple, safe, and fast compiled language with outstanding concurrency features. Now, it has generics, too. Isn’t it time you gave Go a try?

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Literate programming in Go

Our 'code-as-wiki' approach falls far short of the standard set by Donald Knuth, but we hope he might see it as a step in the right direction.

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Why the C programming language still rules

The C language has been a programming staple for decades. Here’s how it stacks up against C++, Java, C#, Go, Rust, Python, and the newest kid on the block—Carbon.

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Go developers are catching on to generics — survey

Go developer survey shows more than one in four are already using generics, though some are prevented by limitations of the current implementation or tools.

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Golang adds vulnerability management tooling

Go’s new support for vulnerability management pairs the Go vulnerability database with tooling that analyzes a codebase and surfaces known vulnerabilities.

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What’s the Go programming language really good for?

Understand the strengths, weaknesses, use cases, and future directions of Google’s hit programming language.

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Go 1.19 improves generics, memory model

Go 1.19 refines the generics support introduced in Go 1.18 and improves the performance of generic code up to 20 percent.

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Go language revises memory model

Go 1.19, due in August, aligns the Go memory model with the memory model used by C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Rust, and Swift.

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Developer survey: JavaScript and Python reign, but Rust is rising

More than 20,000 developers in 166 countries participated in the SlashData survey, which found that Rust's usage nearly quadrupled over the past 24 months.

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Go language satisfaction is off the charts

More than 9 out of 10 Go developers are satisfied with the language, while lack of features and lack of libraries remain concerns, according to the results of the latest Go Developer Survey.

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Go 1.18 arrives with much-anticipated generics

Now available in a production release, Go 1.18 introduces ‘the most significant change’ to Go since the programming language debuted in 2012.

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A brief intro to the Pants build system

Pants is a fast, remote-friendly, and ergonomic build tool for multiple languages including Python, Go, Java, and Scala. Let’s take a look.

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5 useful features you won’t be seeing in Go

Why Go may never get a ternary operator, algebraic types, immutable objects, default argument values, or the error handling features found in other programming languages.

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Get started with generics in Go

Newly introduced in Go 1.18, generics reduce the amount of boilerplate you need in your code, without sacrificing backwards compatibility

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Get started with Go testing

Learn how to create and run unit tests in Go with the programming language’s built-in test management tools.

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JetBrains’ Go language IDE prepares for generics

Upcoming version of GoLand to accommodate highly anticipated language feature.

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Go 1.17 brings language and compiler enhancements

Update to Google’s open source programming language introduces enhancements for writing safe pointer operations and a more performant method of passing function arguments.

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Go fuzz to catch hard-to-find bugs in Go

Native Go fuzz testing tool is now ready for beta testing but won’t be included in upcoming release of the language.

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