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How to use Google’s PaLM 2 API with LangChain

The advantages of LangChain are clean and simple code and the ability to swap models with minimal changes. Let’s try LangChain with the PaLM 2 large language model.

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Google expands Duet AI features across its cloud services

At its Google Cloud Next conference, the company said that it was adding Duet AI to cloud services around data analytics, databases, and infrastructure and application management.

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Google Project IDX brings AI to cloud-hosted development environments

Google Cloud service combines Codey-powered AI assistance and templates for popular JavaScript frameworks in a cloud-hosted Linux VM. Google said support for Python, Go, and other languages is coming soon.

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Ease into similarity search with Google’s PaLM API

Learn how to use Google Cloud Vertex AI and the PaLM 2 large language model to create text embeddings and search text ranked by semantic similarity.


Google’s Vertex AI machine learning platform gets generative AI tools

The new updates to Google Cloud’s machine learning service will help the company square up against rivals such as Microsoft, AWS and IBM.


Google’s Duet AI to take on Amazon CodeWhisperer, GitHub Copilot

The new generative AI engine aims to help developers code, and offers assistance to administrators, cloud operators, data engineers, and security professionals for daily tasks.

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Google makes AlloyDB for PostgreSQL available in 16 new regions

The PostgreSQL-compatible, fully managed database-as-a-service will come with a new feature called cross-region replication, which is currently in private preview.


Google Cloud Flex Agreements woo users during a slowdown in demand

Google Cloud Flex Agreements offer the option to migrate enterprise workloads with no up-front commitments, and provide access to free storage, compute and network services such as Spanner, BigQuery, and AutoML.


How to become a multicloud developer

Cloud spending is on the rise, and more organizations are investing in multicloud strategies. Here's how developers and architects can gain an edge in this rapidly evolving field.

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Some rain in the AWS, Azure, and Google clouds

With recession at the gates and cloud growth slowing, the big three cloud vendors still find ways to succeed.

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Google aims for BigLake data lake support for all unstructured data

What you need to know about Google Cloud Next data announcements: BigLake support for Apache Iceberg, Hudi and Delta Lake; BigQuery adds unstructured data, Apache Spark and DataStream support; Looker Studio unifies business...

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Google kicks up ‘openness’ a notch

A series of smart decisions to create an open cloud ecosystem has moved the cloud giant into a position of power. But turning that openness into sustainable advantage won’t be easy.

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Which cloud is for you?

Despite all their commonalities, the big three cloud providers have some important personality differences that should factor into your choices.

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Is open source leadership helping Google?

Google’s huge commitment to open source projects shows in GitHub contributor counts, while AWS’s strategy has been making open source easy for customers to use. Who’s winning?

Cloud spending can’t stop, won’t stop

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud may be seeing their growth slow, and enterprise budgets may be squeezed, but CIOs are still committed to spending on cloud computing.

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Google Cloud revenue soars past $6 billion

However losses widened, as Google continues to invest in its cloud division to keep pace in the highly competitive cloud computing market.

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IT career roadmap: Director of engineering

A Google Cloud Platform director of engineering reflects on her education and career path, including founding her own startup and timely advice from other women in tech.

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Google Cloud targets high performance workloads with Arm-based VMs and Batch job scheduling

The cloud vendor is expanding its VM capabilities and made a move to simplify high-end computing tasks.

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