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GitHub introduces code review controls

New controls in the popular code-sharing site are designed to deal with ‘drive-by‘ pull request approvals and ‘spammy’ change requests.

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GitHub Copilot adds Neovim, JetBrains IDE support

GitHub also announced Copilot support for multiline code completions in languages such as Java, C, C++, and C#.

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CodeSee launches codebase onboarding portal for open source developers

OSS Port community site taps CodeSee Maps for visual walkthroughs of open source codebases, aiming to ease the onboarding process for would-be contributors.

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GitHub Enterprise Cloud connects with Azure AD, Okta

GitHub’s Enterprise Managed Users service allow enterprises to manage GitHub team memberships and user access through their identity provider.

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GitLab’s S-1 points to an integrated devops future

GitLab prepares to go public, offering a way for devops, security, IT, and business teams to collaborate on software development.

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GitHub CLI 2.0 introduces extensions

GitHub CLI extensions allow developers to customize the functionality of the command line tool and share custom commands with other users.

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GitHub Copilot isn’t changing the future

AI-driven software development is great. But don’t lose sight of all the things it can’t do yet.

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The real successes of AI

Despite the hype, especially around self-driving cars, AI is writing code, designing Google chip floor plans, and telling us how much to trust it.

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AI gives software development tools a boost

GitHub Copilot, DeepDev, IntelliCode, and other code-focused applications of machine learning can help us deliver better code, faster.

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GitHub unveils AI coding assistant for Visual Studio Code

GitHub Copilot is an OpenAI-powered Visual Studio Code extension that can suggest lines of code or entire functions as you type.

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GitHub increases developer’s cut of GitHub Marketplace sales

Software developers will get a 95% share of the sales of their apps in the GitHub Marketplace, up from 75%.

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To improve site usability for developers, the popular codesharing site has eliminated cookies related to tracking, advertising, and other non-essential uses.

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GitHub expects 100 million software developers by 2025

GitHub’s 2020 State of the Octoverse report indicates more developer activity and open source contributions coming from outside the United States.

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GitHub expands open source archive program into three key libraries

The Github Archive Program aims to preserve historically relevant pieces of open source software to allow future software developers to see how the community built and reviewed code.

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GitHub adds code scanning for security bugs

GitHub users can draw on ready-made and custom queries to discover security vulnerabilities in their codebases.

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GitHub CLI reaches 1.0 status

Command line tool allows users to run their GitHub workflow from the terminal in Windows, Linux, or macOS

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Visual Studio Codespaces is moving to GitHub

Microsoft is moving Visual Studio Codespaces into GitHub Codespaces to simplify the developer experience

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GitHub opens container registry

Now in public beta, the service can be used to enforce access policies around container images, encouraging the use of standard base images throughout an organization

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