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DataStax launches Astra Block to support Web3 applications

Astra Block, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, will be available as part of the company’s Astra DB NoSQL database-as-a-service.

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The tech leader's guide to 2023

What's ahead for cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, AI-based application development, and extended reality in 2023? Here's a roadmap from some of tech's most forward-thinking leaders.

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MLops is the hot new cloud computing career path

Amid the popularity of ChatGPT, MLops spending will surge in 2023 as leaders increase investments in machine learning. Cloud pros should take a look.

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Can AI replace cloud architects?

AI systems get more impressive every day. Today’s AI can automate the tasks of many information workers, so those in cloud jobs worry they're next.

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Web 3.0 doesn’t need a blockchain revolution

Internet users want control over their data and visibility into how their data is being used. An evolution of today’s web, already mapped out by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, can provide both.

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What kind of future will AI bring enterprise IT?

Think of artificial intelligence as a useful tool to help a company take small steps forward, rather than something to supplant people.

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Defining a cloud solution by the skills you actually have

Everyone wants top-of-the-line cloud architecture, but many are finding they have to compromise and work with the skills they can find and afford.

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Did AI blow up your cloud bill?

Enterprises must balance their interest in artificial intelligence with cloud cost overruns. It's a good time to look at the value cloud-based AI actually brings.

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New Year’s resolutions for cloud pros

Look forward to a new year and new ways to beef up your cloud computing skills. Here are some ways to prepare for whatever the future may bring.

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When will cloud computing stop growing?

The pandemic caused a huge cloud computing growth spurt, and cloud is now the foundation for all emerging technology. Growth will continue, but the rate is debatable.

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Why zero knowledge matters

Zero-knowledge proof is the next big evolution for blockchain and Web3. A recent survey reveals how adopters are using ZKP now and what to expect in the future.

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When containers are not the answer

Containers are being sold as a cure-all for cloud computing systems, but they have a specific purpose, and in many instances should not be used.

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GPT: High-tech parlor trick or the first real AI for everyday use?

OpenAI’s beta ChatGPT service based on the GPT-3 database of content is amazing people with its human-like conversations, but the technology is not as deep as it seems — yet.

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What are headless architectures and composable systems?

When systems require complex customizations and integrations (think ERP, CRM, or CMS), these flexible architecture choices enable greater security and scale.

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Integrating Web3 technologies with Azure Devops

Microsoft’s Azure incubation team is experimenting with blockchain technologies. Can the company make them ready for the enterprise?

From AI to cloud-native – is your organisation future-ready?

How to get ready for the metaverse

Whether companies want to leap or tiptoe into the metaverse, they should decide which of these key technologies aligns with their business strategies.

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8 signs your low-code platform is overpromising and underdelivering

Despite the rapid rise in no-code/low-code platform usage, IT still has to step in too often. Watch for these red flags that mean these solutions aren't hitting the target.

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Cloud computing is reinventing cars and trucks

Cloud-defined, cloud-operated cars are the future of the auto industry. Innovating to make cars better, safer, and more efficient will be the next cloud battleground.

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The dirty little secret about edge computing

Some people say edge is the next revolution, but the gap between promised performance and actual results needs to be discussed.

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What is blockchain? Decentralized transactions for cryptocurrencies

A blockchain is a distributed system that achieves security through cryptography and consensus, without relying on trust. It’s a breathtaking innovation.

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