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Quantum computing

Nvidia unveils QODA for hybrid quantum-classical computing

Nvidia’s Quantum Optimized Device Architecture allows HPC and AI experts to add quantum computing to existing applications, using C++ and Python.

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How resilient are digital transformation budgets?

Many businesses will remain on the digital enablement path despite economic speed bumps. But the constraints of today's technology and the skills shortage remain.

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Lego embraces modularity, metaverse with its software engineering culture

Lego, the plastic brick maker, is rapidly growing its software development teams to meet the growing demand for virtual experiences.

quantum cryptography

The quantum menace: Quantum computing and cryptography

No one knows when, but crypto-menacing quantum machines are coming. Here's how researchers use quantum mechanics to crack large integers in asymmetric cryptography.

apples oranges

A closer look at traditional solutions and cloud

As the cost and efficiency of traditional on-premises solutions become more attractive, compare the two options carefully to find the best one.

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Cloud computing and the metaverse

How does cloud computing factor in to the metaverse? Here are some thoughts before you put on your VR glasses and buy digital real estate.

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‘Cloud native’ confusion continues

The term ‘cloud native’ is years old, but we don’t agree on what it means and what value it brings.

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Why SWIFT is the nuclear option of Russian financial sanctions

Cutting Russia off from the world's largest financial messaging network is perhaps the strongest sanction yet in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But it could also have massive implications worldwide, impacting the EU and...

Chains of binary data.

So you want to be a Web3 developer

The latest industry buzzword is creating an opening for ambitious developers to contribute to an exciting emerging ecosystem, underpinned by distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency. But there are plenty of caveats on Web3 to contend...

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What is Web3? A new decentralized web, or the latest marketing buzzword

Web3 has emerged as an attempt to bring together blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications, but its true efficacy is proving difficult to pin down.

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All roads lead to hyperautomation in 2022

Four predictions for how technology innovation will allow competitive businesses to distinguish themselves in the coming year.

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16 irresistible cloud innovations

Behind the pay-as-you-go pricing model, the public cloud is teeming with the latest and greatest development, devops, and AI tools for building better and smarter applications faster.

5G mobile wireless network technology

The real value of 5G and cloud computing

There’s a lot of hype around 5G and how it applies to technologies such as cloud. Together, they have the potential to reshape distributed, complex systems.

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Using the cloud to build more affordable housing

Residential construction is ripe for cloud computing disruption. The cloud can play a more significant role as we get closer to automated delivery of housing.

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How digital twins improve physical systems

This emerging technology merges the physical and digital worlds in ways that have the potential to transform many industries.

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The cloud as supercomputer

Using the cloud to link widely distributed compute instances as a virtual supercomputer opens new possibilities to those without deep pockets.

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How the public clouds are innovating on AI

Companies without the resources to develop in-house machine learning models are turning to the big cloud providers.

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Metaverse? A Second Life with VR glasses

Luckily, we will not have to live in the metaverse. How do I know? We have been here before.

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