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Chains of binary data.
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A light bulb with gears and a network of sparks that form the shape of a virtual brain.

All roads lead to hyperautomation in 2022

Four predictions for how technology innovation will allow competitive businesses to distinguish themselves in the coming year.

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16 irresistible cloud innovations

Behind the pay-as-you-go pricing model, the public cloud is teeming with the latest and greatest development, devops, and AI tools for building better and smarter applications faster.

5G mobile wireless network technology

The real value of 5G and cloud computing

There’s a lot of hype around 5G and how it applies to technologies such as cloud. Together, they have the potential to reshape distributed, complex systems.

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Using the cloud to build more affordable housing

Residential construction is ripe for cloud computing disruption. The cloud can play a more significant role as we get closer to automated delivery of housing.

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How digital twins improve physical systems

This emerging technology merges the physical and digital worlds in ways that have the potential to transform many industries.

supercomputer / servers / data center / network

The cloud as supercomputer

Using the cloud to link widely distributed compute instances as a virtual supercomputer opens new possibilities to those without deep pockets.

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How the public clouds are innovating on AI

Companies without the resources to develop in-house machine learning models are turning to the big cloud providers.

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Metaverse? A Second Life with VR glasses

Luckily, we will not have to live in the metaverse. How do I know? We have been here before.

A heart-shaped leaf lies on a circuit board. [Green IT / environmental impact / climate change]

Sustainability can be a core driver of cloud innovation

More and more enterprises cite better sustainability to justify the use of cloud computing. There's more than good PR behind this trend.

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Jump into WebAssembly with Hippo

Deis Labs’ Hippo WebAssembly PaaS makes it easy to build and run portable WASM applications, whether they’re browser-hosted or standalone.

spider web with water beads

Understanding WAGI, the WebAssembly Gateway Interface

One of the oldest web development techniques is back, ready to power a new generation of edge hardware and services.

windows mixed reality surface

Build mixed reality for Microsoft Edge with WebXR

Get started with the new web standard for developing mixed-reality applications in Microsoft Edge on Windows.

cloud computing / cloud network

How the cloud and big compute are remaking HPC

High-performance computing projects require massive quantities of compute resources. Pairing simulation and specialized hardware with the cloud powers the breakthroughs of the future.

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Ensuring that citizen developers build AI responsibly

'Trust but verify' is good advice, but can we realistically do either with AI?

emerging technology - virtual reality [VR] / augmented reality [AR] - virtual display / GUI

What Microsoft Mesh means for developers

Microsoft has unveiled a new framework for building collaborative, mixed-reality applications. What is Microsoft weaving into the Mesh toolchain and what will it mean for application development?

Quantum computing  >  A quantum processor radiates power.

Should you care about quantum computing?

The answer is often not what people want to hear. Here’s where quantum computing fits in the world of cloud computing, and perhaps in your business.

microsoft quantum computer source ms quantum

Microsoft Azure Quantum opens for public preview

Microsoft’s quantum computing platform has been used for applications including cancer research, logistics and freight optimization, and risk management.

many hurdles

4 technical hurdles to quantum computing

Viable, large-scale quantum computers will require better qubits, better control chip technology, more advanced error correction, and new components at every layer of the stack. We’re making progress.

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