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Running microservices on Google Cloud Platform

From roll-your-own Kubernetes and PaaS to serverless containers and serverless functions, Google provides many options for building microservices applications in the cloud. Here’s a guide.

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Microsoft returns to Java with Azure-focused OpenJDK release

It’s been a long time since Microsoft brewed its own Java. But now it’s back, with the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, fit and finished for running in the Azure cloud.

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Ahana Cloud for Presto review: Fast SQL queries against data lakes

Ahana Cloud for Presto turns a data lake on Amazon S3 into what is effectively a data warehouse, without moving any data. SQL queries run quickly even when joining multiple heterogeneous data sources.

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Moving cloud resources to an ‘edge cloud center’ near you

Most points of presence are in urban areas, but a more distributed workforce relocating into rural regions has sparked the rise of smaller cloud centers that provide local processing.

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No one wants to manage Kubernetes anymore

The availability of solid and varied managed Kubernetes options has seen more and more companies shy away from managing their own clusters. Here’s why.

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How to excel with data analytics

Finding success with data analytics requires good tools, good data management, and good strategy. Turn to these best practices to turn your growing volumes of data into better business decision-making.

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3 multicloud architecture mistakes

Lots of enterprises think their cloud architecture is optimized, but most are way off their objective. Here are three ways it may be falling short.


The pesky reality of multicloud

The commodity services that would allow workloads to run seamlessly across multiple clouds simply don’t exist. But that hasn’t stopped the multiclouders from trying.

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What is unified policy as code, and why do you need it?

By decoupling policy from applications, policy as code allows you to change the coding for policy without changing the coding for apps. Translation: reliability, uptime, and efficiency.

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The decline of Heroku

Even Heroku’s founders recognize that the revolutionary web development platform has run out of steam. How did Heroku lose its magic, and could a new, modern Heroku revive the PaaS?

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Microsoft gets serious about WebAssembly

Compiled code running at near-native speeds in the browser is getting the .NET touch.

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Our cloud complexity bias may be hurting business

Most cloud architects favor the more complex solution over the simpler one. Let’s consider why and look for a better way.

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7 ways the cloud is changing

Computing without servers? Programming without code? Let’s ponder these and other innovations in the constantly evolving cloud.

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Are industry clouds an opportunity or a distraction?

The notion of industry-specific clouds continues to evolve. Enterprises must decide if their specific benefits are worth the wait.

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The cloud attack you didn’t see coming

If stealth hacking hasn’t already come to cloud computing, it will shortly. Protect yourself by knowing your responsibilities and using effective tools.

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3 surefire ways to kill your multicloud deployment

You can do a lot more things wrong than right when it comes to multicloud. These three tips will keep your deployment in good health.

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Adam Selipsky returns to AWS as CEO. Now what?

The Tableau CEO and Salesforce executive is returning to Amazon Web Services after six years away to take over the cloud division when Andy Jassy moves on to the top Amazon job later this year.

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Cloud spending outstrips on-premises investments for the first time

The pandemic has finally pushed enterprise cloud spending past on-premises investments for the first time, marking a historic moment for the worldwide IT

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