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What's worse than a system failure? What you say about it

Communicating well in emergencies is often just as important as working to end the emergency

Those 'invisible' servers could open your network to hackers

Slew of vulnerabilities in IPMI standard for disaster-recovery access leaves unpatched implementations at severe risk

Oklahoma data centers are ready for tornadoes

Data center operators can expect a strong electric grid, low energy costs and the 'greatest frequency of tornadoes in the U.S.'

Veeam announces Backup and Replication 7 for VMware, Microsoft environments

Version 7 adds built-in WAN acceleration, tape support, and SAN snapshots for HP storage arrays

Bluelock provides VMware users with cloud-based disaster recovery

Bluelock's new recovery as a service, powered by Zerto Virtual Replication, meets both 'in-cloud' and 'to-cloud' needs

Data centers under water: What, me worry?

Given the dire warnings about climate change, some business and IT people are pondering this question: How should data center managers handle the crop of 100- and even 500-year storms, coastal flooding and other ecological disasters...

Emergency! EN systems alert employees when disaster strikes

Today's emergency notification technology allows enterprises to send out, and employees to receive, real-time situational advisories

Beyond backup: 5 other needs for World Backup Day

World Backup Day is a great reminder to make and test backups -- but what else might you be overlooking?

Sepaton releases upgrades to high-end storage appliance

Array also comes with version 7.0 management software

Test your SSDs or risk massive data loss, researchers warn

New study finds 13 of 15 flash-based solid-state drives suffer data loss or worse when they lose power

The true grit of IT troubleshooting

Tackling big problems as they emerge takes nerves, luck, and a gambler's instinct. Armchair quarterbacks need not apply

Why recover from disaster when you can avoid it?

Sidestepping technology disasters is much easier -- and affordable -- now for businesses large and small

All IT pros need to understand TCP windowing

High-bandwidth replication over long distances, whether to a hot site or the cloud, requires a solid grasp of TCP to steer clear of bottlenecks

A $1 part brings down the data center

Amid a tour with senior programmers and top execs, the power goes out and it takes a troop of techs to bring it back

Disaster recovery: Don't forget mobile

As the mobile workforce continues to grow, IT execs must remember an important new piece of their disaster recovery plans: mobile devices

The challenges of disaster recovery as a service

Backing up your data and running your systems in the cloud is attractive -- but likely to fail if you don't treat it like a physical warm-site backup

Review: ExaGrid aces disk-to-disk backup

ExaGrid's unique scale-out grid architecture makes for powerful, scalable, and uncomplicated disk-based backup and deduplication

Mobile carriers' Sandy recovery teams brace for another storm

Emergency crews and gear in place will help operators respond, but some portable phone-charging stations will go offline temporarily

After Hurricane Sandy: Lessons for the data center

You never want to say 'I told you so,' but now is a good time to bring up the need for better monitoring, backup power, and other improvements

What to look for onsite when choosing a colo facility

Hurricane Sandy provides an excellent reminder that no matter how good a colo's facilities look on paper, careful attention to detail is critical to picking a good one

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