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The FBI isn't wrong; sometimes you will have to pay the ransom

It might make you feel dirty, but paying could be the best bet in some situations

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The disaster-recovery lessons we learned after Katrina

The hurricane and subsequent flooding knocked many businesses out of commission, but businesses can use their hard lessons to be better-prepared

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Virtualization doubles the cost of security breach

When a security incident involves virtual machines, the recovery costs double compared to that of a traditional environment

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Hey, United! Try moving your IT to the cloud

A data center outage grounded United flights -- again. Perhaps the airline should look for a more reliable venue for its systems

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Hoisting big data to the cloud

The general consensus about big data has been that it's too expensive to move. But what if you could use remote backup copies in the cloud for analytics, app dev, and other applications?

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How to crash the data center with one word

A single word on a simple button does not mean what an admin thinks it means during what should be a routine weekend job

Microsoft adds Azure to disaster-recovery-as-a-service bandwagon

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery stands out in a crowded field by being a hybrid cloud service

New data center protects against solar storms and nuclear EMPs

Data loss from an electromagnetic pulse is the bigger worry

The InfoWorld guide to disaster recovery done right

This comprehensive guide walks you through every step you'll need to take to preserve your data before disaster strikes

EMC gives VMware admins the reins to replication and recovery

RecoveryPoint for VMs is all software and will work with any type of storage, EMC says

IBM opening two state-of-the-art disaster recovery data centers

IBM is about to cut the ribbon opening data centers in the Raleigh, N.C. and Mumbai, India, to provide disaster recovery and resiliency services

4 cloud horror stories -- and how to survive them

Here are four cloud horror stories along with spoilers, so you can make it out alive

Cool tools from TechEd for your data center

If you think data centers get boring in a cloud world, these vendors will prove you wrong

VMware preps public cloud-powered disaster recovery as a service

vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery, for businesses that can't afford a second data center, hints at uses for VMware's new public cloud

Video: How Google backs up the Internet

You think your company's backup needs are challenging? Google has an World Wide Web-sized backup plan

Think of scheduled downtime as disaster recovery on your terms

Disasters should, by definition, never be scheduled -- unless, of course, you're maintaining a data center

Hybrid cloud wizards: CloudVelocity and Ravello Systems

CloudVelocity's One Hybrid Cloud and Ravello Systems' Cloud Application Hypervisor move clones of in-house servers into the cloud for development, testing, and disaster recovery

Hot or not? Know your data center's environment

Monitoring environmental conditions in the data center is absolutely critical to avoiding disasters, or surviving them

7 simple rules for better systems testing

Whether you're testing DR procedures or double-checking backups, these tips help you get the most out of those tests

Lessons from NASA: How to solve problems quickly under pressure

Make sure you have the right tools in place to determine the source of unexpected events quickly -- they do in fact exist

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