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A network of connected virtual container blocks.

How the UK Department for Work and Pensions cut deployment times to 15 minutes

The UK government body is starting to build a central developer platform on top of Red Hat technology to enable engineers to deploy more quickly and regularly, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

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Pulumi extends infrastructure as code support for Java and YAML

The infrastructure as code vendor is adding support for Java and YAML as it aims to provide developers with universal coverage across programming languages and infrastructure types.

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Developer experience doesn’t have to stop at the front end

Back-end developers need simpler provisioning and management of infrastructure to truly enable simple, repeatable environment builds. Help is on the way.


The new Elastic CEO puts cloud front and center

As the new CEO of the enterprise search company, Ashutosh Kulkarni is reorganizing the company to focus on selling cloud software and expand into the lucrative observability and security domains.

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AWS unveils ML-powered devops for AWS Lambda

Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless uses machine learning to improve the operational availability and performance of AWS Lambda applications.

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5 tools to rule your software development life cycle

Modern software development is fast, iterative, and complex. Modern teams need at least these five tools to manage all of the moving parts.

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What is CI/CD? Continuous integration and continuous delivery explained

CI/CD is a best practice for devops and agile development. Here's how software development teams automate continuous integration and delivery all the way through the CI/CD pipeline.

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Perforce to acquire infrastructure as code pioneer Puppet

Puppet is the latest infrastructure as code company to have been snapped up in recent years.

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InfoWorld’s 2022 Technology of the Year Award winners

InfoWorld celebrates the year’s best products in software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning.

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Software testing: Automating installations and functional tests

Automated software testing plays an important role in ensuring quality at every stage of software development. This article discusses how to get started using Python’s Robot Framework.

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What is agile methodology? Modern software development explained

Everyone talks about agile development, but how does it really work? Get an overview of how teams collaborate using scrum, kanban, and other popular agile methodologies.

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NUnit uses open source tools to test .NET code

Unit tests are an important part of modern application development. NUnit is perhaps the best-known way of using them with .NET code.

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Solomon Hykes’ Dagger raises $20M and launches public beta

Startup founded by three Docker alumni is raising its first major round of funding as it finally looks to get its CI/CD tool into the hands of users.

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ServiceNow adds incident response platform to SaaS portfolio

Lightstep Incident Response gives devops teams access to observability tools to determine the root cause of incidents via a self-service portal.

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Pulumi launches Business Critical edition for enterprise customers

The infrastructure as code provider is adding new enterprise features as it looks to meet the needs of larger organizations.

A network of connected virtual container blocks.

VMware adds container runtime protection to Carbon Black security portfolio

The virtualization specialist is looking to help customers secure their containerized environments from build through deployment.

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GitLab 14.8 adds security approval policies, extends SSH support

Update to the GitLab devops platform introduces chainable security approval policies as the replacement for the deprecated Vulnerability-Check feature.

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How to protect your Kubernetes infrastructure from the Argo CD vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability in Argo CD could be putting sensitive information like passwords and API keys at risk. Are you protected?

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Building and running microservices at scale: A CTO’s view

How the 12-factor methodology, container-based microservices, and a monorepo approach win with both customers and developers at Priceline.

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A brief intro to the Pants build system

Pants is a fast, remote-friendly, and ergonomic build tool for multiple languages including Python, Go, Java, and Scala. Let’s take a look.

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