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What is devops? Bringing dev and ops together to build better software

It is one of the key enterprise software development trends of the past decade, but devops is still often misunderstood. Here, we define the term and explain why it has proved so popular across the industry.

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5 AI startups leading MLops

From data preparation and training to model deployment and beyond, these companies offer state-of-the-art platforms for managing the entire machine learning lifecycle.

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The value of time series data and TSDBs

Time series data key insights in domains ranging from science and medicine to systems monitoring and industrial IoT. Understand time series data and the databases designed to ingest, store, and analyze time series data.

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How to choose a cloud-based CI/CD platform

Hosting CI/CD in the cloud can both speed up interactions between development pipelines and source code repositories and make life easier for developers.

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Apple Xcode Cloud brings CI/CD to Xcode IDE

Xcode Cloud allows Apple developers to build apps and run automated tests in parallel in the cloud, directly from Xcode.

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Go fuzz to catch hard-to-find bugs in Go

Native Go fuzz testing tool is now ready for beta testing but won’t be included in upcoming release of the language.

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JFrog unveils software distribution service

New addition to the JFrog devops platform promises to speed up software deployments, updates, and concurrent downloads across hybrid infrastructure, edges, and IoT devices.

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3 good ways to validate APIs

IFTTT platforms, TDD methodologies, and integration platforms make life easier for developers seeking to prototype and test their own APIs or understand the APIs of third parties.

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ProxyJump is safer than SSH agent forwarding

ProxyJump forwards the stdin and stdout of the local client to the destination host, allowing us to set up jump servers without giving them direct SSH access.

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Splunk bundles ‘smart’ telemetry dashboards for cloud-native development

The logging and monitoring specialist has released Obervability Cloud, to help customers gain end-to-end observability across a range of enterprise systems and applications.

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Why Gitops isn’t ready for the mainstream (yet)

For many organizations with ambitions to run cloud-native, Gitops is a smart way to manage software deployments. But some issues still stand in the way of mainstream enterprise adoption.

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JetBrains takes TeamCity CI/CD to the cloud

JetBrains-managed CI/CD service was in development for nearly two years and beta tested by thousands.

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Make life easy with ssh_config

You can avoid command line tedium and simplify access to a fleet of servers by creating a flexible configuration file for your SSH client. Here’s how.

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3 usability standards for web and mobile applications

Create applications that delight people with disabilities, customers in other countries, and real-world users.

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Pulling devops and multicloud together

Multicloud is more than just additional deployment platforms. Making devops work effectively with multicloud is trickier than many people think.

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What is unified policy as code, and why do you need it?

By decoupling policy from applications, policy as code allows you to change the coding for policy without changing the coding for apps. Translation: reliability, uptime, and efficiency.

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5 devops practices to improve application reliability

How to use monitoring and observability to resolve application performance problems before they impact users and the business.


Artillery: Finding open source success between dev and ops

For Artillery’s creator, the key to the popularity of the open source load testing tool is a focus on the needs of both developers and operations. Early bets on Node.js and YAML didn’t hurt.

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Authorization is the next big technical challenge

Oso’s CEO says authorization will be the next layer of software to be abstracted and made less onerous for developers. If you ask developers, it can’t happen soon enough.

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Knowledge management for agile and devops teams

Developers may come and go, but good documentation lasts forever—and is valuable to many different audiences.

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