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11 reporting incidents alert red flag attention

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The 3 keys to scaling enterprise devops use

The 2020 State of DevOps report by Puppet and CircleCI draws a clear line between mature devops organizations and their use of self-service internal platforms paired with rock solid change management processes and integrated security....

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4 steps to DevSecOps in your software supply chain

How to improve dependency management by ‘shifting security left’ and providing developers with a unified CI/CD pipeline

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IBM adds code risk analyzer to cloud-based CI/CD

IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery’s Code Risk Analyzer scans Python, Node.js, and Java source code in Git repositories for security and legal risks

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Why financial services is turning to devops

Highly regulated financial services firms are turning to devops in droves, as they look to be more responsive to changing customer demands while keeping their compliance teams happy.

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10 MLops platforms to manage the machine learning lifecycle

Machine learning lifecycle management systems rank and track your experiments over time, and sometimes integrate with deployment and monitoring

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Algorithmia unveils MLops for teams

Algorithmia Teams delivers machine learning operations and management for small groups as a pay-as-you-go cloud service

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What SREs want application developers to know

5 best practices to keep everyone on the same page and avoid problems before they happen

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Cloudops tool integration is more important than the tools themselves

Focus on the features and functions of cloud operations and monitoring tools and you could miss the much larger advantage

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Career roadmap: DevOps engineer

The increased need for faster application delivery, higher productivity of businesses, and elimination of unnecessary capital expenditures in IT are expected to accelerate the market and the need for highly qualified DevOps engineers...


Puppet devops adds module support, patching automation

Summer release of Puppet Enterprise can tap open source Puppet modules for more automation

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What is GitOps? Extending devops to Kubernetes and beyond

GitOps applies the same techniques to deploying infrastructure as devops and CI/CD use to deploy applications

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How PagerDuty helps customer service and IT teams improve responses

PagerDuty uses machine learning to anticipate issues and dramatically accelerate responses, so problems are addressed before they impact customers

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Digital transformation shifts into overdrive

Companies that let developers choose the technology, while executives chart bold goals, will navigate the change best

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RBS automates away £7 million in manual server provisioning tasks

The UK banking group has saved up to £7 million (nearly $9 million) over less than two years by eliminating a whole host of manual server provisioning processes

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Devops expert Gene Kim: How devops helps business meet challenging times

Gene Kim, devops’ foremost advocate, expounds on the impact COVID-19 could have on devops practices and why devops expertise is still a hot commodity


Liquibase, formerly Datical, updates database devops tools

Liquibase offers database schema change automation for Oracle and PostgreSQL in free open source and commercially licensed tools

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Fitting ITSM into a devops world

IT service management (ITSM) has been around for a long time. While ITSM and ITIL have been updated over the years, how do they stack up against Gen Z approaches like devops?

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What is Chaos Monkey? Chaos engineering explained

By wreaking random havoc on your systems in production, Chaos Monkey teaches you how to make those systems stronger

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