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Sumo Logic enhances observability suite for app, infrastructure performance

The new DevSecOps-oriented tools, announced this week at the company's Illuminate virtual conference, are part of Sumo Logic's Continuous Intelligence platform, and designed to provide real-time, deeper insights into critical...

FireMon network security policy management

How to secure cloud infrastructure across the development lifecycle

Empowering cloud teams with automated policy-as-code guardrails helps them move faster and more securely.

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Maintenance windows are a mistake

Even if you don’t count planned downtime as downtime, your customers do.

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Get started with Go testing

Learn how to create and run unit tests in Go with the programming language’s built-in test management tools.

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GitLab’s S-1 points to an integrated devops future

GitLab prepares to go public, offering a way for devops, security, IT, and business teams to collaborate on software development.

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Why devops teams should eliminate SLAs

SLAs are for lawyers. Service level objectives not only introduce finer-grained reliability metrics, but also put that telemetry data into the context of user happiness.

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Shifting observability left for cloud-native applications

Shipping software has always been about balancing speed and quality control. Many great technology companies built their empires by mastering this skill.

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How to nail the Kubernetes certification exams

Whether you are going for your CKAD, CKA, or CKS certification, these tips from recently certified professionals will help you pass the exam the first time.

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Security blind spots persist as companies cross-breed security with devops

As devops matures into devsecops, cultural obstacles continue to exert drag.

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4 reasons to get Kubernetes-certified, and 4 reasons not to

What are the most important Kubernetes certifications and are they worth it? Here are four reasons to get certified, and four reasons to think better of it.

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Tips for agile and devops teams in a hybrid work model

When teams are split between home and office, establishing some ground rules will keep projects moving efficiently.

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What is cloud-native? The modern way to develop software

Cloud-native computing takes advantage of many modern software development techniques including microservices, containers, CI/CD, agile methodologies, and devops.

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5 steps to improve your application availability

Keeping your application up and running is mission-critical for modern organizations. Follow these steps to reduce your risk of customer-impacting downtime.

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How SLOs and error budgets improve app reliability

These practical tools help devops teams balance operational issues and the pursuit of perfection.

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12 ways to make really bad technology decisions

So little time, so many ways technology decisions can go wrong. If you want to make wise technology choices, don’t let these decision-making anti-patterns get in the way.

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Are your agile and devops processes good enough?

See how your team compares to other companies using agile and devops effectively.

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How Grafana Tempo simplifies distributed tracing

Grafana Tempo is an open source, easy-to-use, high-volume distributed tracing system that takes advantage of 100% sampling, and only requires an object storage back end.

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The importance of classifying analytics

Aligning the right metrics to the right use case allows for timelier reporting and reduces application risk.

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