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A simple automated build pipeline for Node.js

Even simple and early-stage projects benefit from automated build pipelines. Here’s an easy way to set up CI/CD with Node.js, Jenkins, and Git.

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8 steps to better DNS

DNS configurations are prone to mistakes. To minimize the impact of DNS outages, you need the right processes and tools.

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GitLab 14.6 shines on distributed deployments

Latest release of the devops platform simplifies Geo configuration, allows GitLab mirrors to serve as write proxies, and adds vulnerability scanning support for .NET 6.

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New Relic expands enterprise full-stack observability to include MLOps

New Relic has updated its full-stack analysis and observability platform, One, to allow data scientists and machine learning engineers to import data from different systems, monitor ML application performance and retrain models.

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What is infrastructure as code? Automating your infrastructure builds

Treating computing infrastructure as code is the smart and modern way to provision software in the cloud. Here’s what it is and why it’s better.

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Mulesoft updates Anypoint to streamline API management, support devops

Mulesoft says that its latest Anypoint updates allow enterprises to create and orchestrate the deployment of APIs of any origin, in any architecture or environment.

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How canary releases enable continuous deployment

Making new features or services available to a small group of users is a good development strategy to reduce risk.

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What should HashiCorp do now?

Going public may open the company up to being acquired by one of the big players, and GitHub is the cautionary tale.

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Using WiX to build Windows installers

With a little bit of XML you can automate creating Windows installers for your code, right from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Weaveworks launches first enterprise Gitops platform

Weave GitOps Enterprise aims to automate continuous application delivery and Kubernetes operations tasks at enterprise scale.

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Scaling telemetry monitoring with InfluxDB

How a team at Cisco tapped IOS-XR, a multi-processing collector agent, and InfluxDB to create a telemetry monitoring system capable of ingesting 3TB of telemetry data per day.

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How CI/CD is different for data science

Moving data science into production has quite a few similarities to deploying an application. But there are key differences you shouldn’t overlook.

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The race to secure Kubernetes at run time

A new wave of startups is looking to help developers secure their containerized applications after they go into production. Is this the future of application security?


Docker really did change the world

Developers quickly understood the value of containers for building cloud-native applications, and that the Docker command-line tool was better than all of the bells and whistles they got with PaaS.

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3 reasons devops must integrate agile and ITSM tools

Automation and integration are key for companies hoping to modernize dev, ops, and security workflows.

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How to automate QA testing of SaaS and low-code applications

IT can still test without access to underlying source code. Use agile acceptance testing, address the business logic, and adopt test platforms with machine learning.

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Understanding SLOs for monitoring applications

Determining the performance metrics that really matter for your application can make life a lot easier for your team and express your standards clearly across the business.

The open jaws of a spring trap lie in wait. [danger / risk]

The case against monorepos

The drawbacks of monorepos far outweigh the advantages. Here are 3 big reasons polyrepos are usually a better choice.

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