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Visual Studio 2019 16.9 brings memory error detection, C++ capabilities

Microsoft has made Visual Studio 2019 16.9 generally available and unveiled a preview of Visual Studio 2019 16.10.

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Unleash the power of Python regular expressions

How to use the regular expression functions provided by the ‘re’ library to match, search, and replace text in your Python programs.

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Visual Studio Code 1.53 brings customizable search mode

JavaScript debugging improvements also highlighted in latest upgrade to the open source code editor.

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Microsoft Visual Studio 16.9 preview enhances C++ tooling

Latest update to Microsoft’s signature IDE adds command line tools for C++, MVVM tools for XAML, and IntelliSense improvements.

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.NET nanoFramework taps C# for embedded systems

Follow-up to .NET Micro Framework brings IoT, wearables, and robotics development to .NET developers and Visual Studio.

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6 neat tricks for Visual Studio Code

From simple shortcuts to expert-level configuration changes, turn to these power tips to get the most out of Microsoft’s open source programming editor.

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5 great libraries for profiling Python code

Get deep insight into where your Python app is slow with these profiling utilities

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Visual Studio Code adds extension troubleshooting

Latest monthly update to Microsoft’s open source code editor features an extension bisect feature that uses a binary search algorithm to quickly identify an extension causing trouble.

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4 handy uses for Visual Studio Code — aside from coding

Take advantage of these VS Code extensions to browse databases, work with APIs, track your productivity, and message teammates without leaving the code editor.

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Microsoft addresses Visual Studio extension woes

New Visual Studio extensions model would make APIs easier to discover and extensions easier to write

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What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.50

Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code monthly. Keep track of the latest new features and improvements in this changelog

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Microsoft Visual Studio beefs up support for C language

C11 and C17 become supported C language versions starting with Visual Studio 2019 16.8 Preview 3

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Visual Studio Codespaces is moving to GitHub

Microsoft is moving Visual Studio Codespaces into GitHub Codespaces to simplify the developer experience

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Microsoft Visual Studio gains Angular editing smarts

The Angular Language Service for Visual Studio extension provides code autocompletions, error checking, quick info, and navigation inside Angular templates

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How to package Python apps with BeeWare Briefcase

Take advantage of BeeWare Briefcase to make Python programs that are a snap to deploy and easy to redistribute

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Microsoft unveils Pylance, its new Python extension for Visual Studio Code

Pylance works with the existing Microsoft Python extension to bring faster type checking and program analysis to Python devs

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Apple introduces new-look Xcode 12 IDE

Redesigned development environment allows developers can build for both Apple silicon and Intel systems

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BlueJ and Greenfoot: The best IDEs to learn Java

You want to get started programming Java, but you don’t want the tools to get in the way? Try these clean, simple, and friendly Java IDEs

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How to use PyInstaller to create Python executables

Take advantage of PyInstaller to package up your Python app into a standalone executable for easy distribution

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Kite brings its AI-powered code completion to JavaScript

Originally for Python only, Kite has added a JavaScript-trained machine learning model to its add-on for popular code editors and IDEs

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