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Researchers warn of malicious Visual Studio Code extensions

Attackers could easily spoof popular Visual Studio Code extensions and trick developers into downloading them, Aqua Nautilus researchers report.

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Easier documentation with GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages lets you manage content exactly the same way you manage code, pushing from content development branches to main to publish new content. It’s a great way to ensure that code and documentation are delivered side by side.

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Conan 2.0 revamps C/C++ package manager

Major upgrade due in February features a cleaner syntax, a new public Python API, new build system integrations, and a new graph model that better represents the relations between packages.

Love vs hate.

5 reasons developers love GraphQL, and 5 reasons they hate it

Developers tend to love GraphQL for API development and querying, or they hate it. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly of this REST alternative on the rise.

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What is Cython? Python at the speed of C

A superset of Python that compiles to C, Cython combines the ease of Python with the speed of native code. Here's a quick guide to making the most of Cython in your Python programs.

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SpiderLightning: Making WebAssembly cloud applications portable

Inside one of the technologies that powers Azure Kubernetes Service’s WebAssembly support, and promises to make applications portable across clouds and other hosts.

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Tools to manage SLOs and error budgets

Feature flags, reliable alerts, and dashboards help site reliability engineers maintain performance while operating within the devops life cycle.

Developers work together to review lines of code in an office workspace.

Visual Studio 2022 adds C++ atomics

Version 17.5 Preview 2 brings a wide range of improvements to the IDE including an experimental implementation of C11 atomics in MSVC.

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Introducing Cadl: Microsoft’s concise API design language

With Cadl, you can write a 500-line OpenAPI definition in 50 lines of code. It’s a logical way for architects and developers to construct and constrain APIs.

3 tiny Kubernetes distributions for compact container management

Small is beautiful, and it could be just the antidote you need for Kubernetes' sprawl. Here are three popular, miniaturized Kubernetes distros for managing containers at scale.

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Open source security fought back in 2022

One year after the Log4j disaster, open source community efforts and new developer toolchains are addressing the challenges of software supply chain security.

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Visual Studio Code 1.74 boosts remote development

November 2022 release of the code editor previews a remote tunneling capability that allows developers to securely connect to their VS Code machine from any device anywhere.

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GitHub Copilot for Business plans unveiled

GitHub’s AI-based coding assistant is now available for businesses at a monthly cost of $19 per user.

Tools + toolbelt in a binary environment.

Review: Appsmith shines for low-code development on a budget

Appsmith presents a full palette of low-code development features in an accessible drag-and-drop environment. It shines as a free, open source option, with extra bells and whistles available for a price.

Javaworld > JVM / JDK / JRE explainer series > Java Runtime Environment > monitoring + configuration

What is the JRE? Introduction to the Java Runtime Environment

The JRE creates the JVM and ensures dependencies are available to your Java programs. It plays a vital role in devops and cloud configurations.

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7 dos and don’ts for working with offshore agile teams

Tools are helpful, but they can’t replace trust and appreciation. Follow these expert tips to better connect with your team members an ocean away.

Rust language

Rust tutorial: Get started with the Rust language

Here's how to get your feet wet with Rust, from using Rust’s toolchain to creating projects, working with third-party code, managing libraries, and more.

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The best new features in Next.js 13

Next.js 13 brings a slew of new features, including the new Turbopack bundler, support for React Server Components, and more. Let's get started with Next.js 13.

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