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woman faces multi cultural diversity

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WebAssembly gets its own IDE

The WebAssembly Studio beta helps developers get up to speed on the portable code format

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Containers are eating the world

To fully take advantage of the agility that containers bring, teams must retool their software delivery workflow


15 Java frameworks that give developers a boost

Java development frameworks can help developers get an application up and running faster, offering code reuse and eliminating the task of building boilerplate code

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What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft regularly updates Visual Studio Code. Keep track of the updates’ key capabilities in this changelog

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Why you need service virtualization in your development and QA environments

If you're not already using this technology, it would be a great goal for 2018 to further support budget reductions, decreased time to market and devops

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25 simple tools for building mobile apps fast

Low-code and no-code development tools give business users and developers a fast track to mobile app success

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Dispelling 5 myths of low-code app development

Low-code platforms offer tools for both the business and IT to collaborate and build valuable enterprise apps at speed, while maintaining control over the entire application life cycle

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Nginx debuts app server for microservices

It has also upgraded its Nginx Plus application server and announced a new control plane

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What is GitHub? More than Git version control in the cloud

GitHub is the host with the most for open source projects and programmers who want to share and collaborate on code. Here’s why

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What’s new in Google’s Android Studio 3.1

Google’s development suite for mobile apps adds improvements for C++ and Kotlin coders and for SQLite database users

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How to make on-call work for your product engineering team

When your on-call process requires its own on-call, it’s time to start automating away

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A different drumbeat: using Kanban for devops to smooth out your scrum cycles

That multiweek cycle that suits the dev team isn’t always a great fit for devops

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The transformation of IT operations management driven by hybrid IT

In a hybrid IT world, we cannot ignore either the foundation that got us to this point or the future that will only exist if we can keep pace with competitors.

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Multimachine deployment comes to Visual Studio Team Services

Deployment Groups lets software deployments be orchestrated across multiple servers

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Eliminating alert fatigue: a devops secret

Alert fatigue is a common plague among devops organization. To eliminate it requires the right tools and techniques and managers have to make sure the processes thresholds are correct

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What’s new in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.7

The beta Version 15.7 provides full support for C++ 17, as well as IntelliSense support for XAML and better support of TypeScript

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Agile testing in regulated industries

Agile testing principles—such as BDD—align stakeholders around software quality and compliance

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How progressive web applications (PWAs) are revolutionizing user experience

PWAs are unquestionably the latest chapter of web development, and the possibilities for businesses are extensive. Developers and testers need to be prepared

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