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What’s the Go language really good for?

Famous for easy concurrency, Go has become the language of countless cloud-native projects. Here’s everything you should know about Google’s hit programming language.

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Visual Studio vs. Visual Studio Code: How to choose

Choosing between Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio may depend as much on your work style as on the language support and features you need. Here’s how to decide.

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The best ORMs for database-powered Python apps

Need help choosing the best Python ORM for your projects? Here's what you need to know about SQLAlchemy, PonyORM, Django ORM, Peewee, SQLObject, and Tortoise ORM.

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GitHub Copilot Chat is coming to GitHub

GitHub Copilot Chat will be generally available in December. And GitHub will be integrating the AI assistant directly into the GitHub platform.

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Microsoft .NET 8 enhances ID management

.NET 8 aims to simplify identity management and login for single-page applications and Blazor web apps.

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OpenAI DevDay: 3 new tools to build LLM-powered apps

Among the news from OpenAI's first developer conference, here are three products or platforms that might pique your interest for a generative AI project — plus one new open-source alternative in response.

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Deno 1.38 features HTML documentation, hot module replacement

The latest updates enhance documentation and client-side navigation in Deno and the Fresh web framework.

Uno Platform updates to 5.0

A new release of Uno in advance of .NET 8 adds support for MVUX and C#-based markup.

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Visual Studio Code update emphasizes audio cues, Activity Bar

The upgrade also cites Python coding via extension and says goodbye to Windows 32 support.

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JetBrains' Kotlin Multiplatform is now stable

Designed to simplify cross-platform development, Kotlin Multiplatform 1.9.20 stable release features a stabilized API and improved interoperability with Objective-C and Swift.

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Snowflake to add developer tools to Snowpark, plans cost management feature

The cost management feature, which is still in private preview, is expected to help enterprises optimize their expenditure on Snowflake.

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Possible Java streams enhancement

Operations would be more flexible and expansive under the proposal by the OpenJDK community.

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What AI won’t replace in your programming

Generative AI is great at handling tedium and finding errors, but the expertise and intuition of programmers will always be essential.

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Oracle unveils Java development extension for Visual Studio Code

Oracle said that its Oracle Java Platform extension would support current JDK releases and the next upcoming JDK version.

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Review: 7 Python IDEs compared

What's the best IDE for Python? Here's how IDLE, Komodo, PyCharm, PyDev, Microsoft's Python and Python Tools extensions for Visual Studio Code, and Spyder stack up.

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JetBrains unveils tool for creating technical documentation

Writerside provides a Git UI, an integrated build tool, automated tests, and live previews to help create technical docs, API references, and developer guides.

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Visual Studio Code bolsters command search

A new section in VS Code’s Command Palette search results lists similar commands. September release also introduces support for DWARF debugging of WebAssembly.

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Report finds few open source projects actively maintained

Sonatype’s annual software supply chain analysis finds open source project maintenance in decline, while 1 in 8 open source downloads have a known risk.

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