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Angular 16 to improve server-side rendering

Runtime performance and asynchronous activities also due for attention in planned upgrade to the popular web framework.

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Wasmer 3.0 revamps API, memory management

Server-side WebAssembly runtime also simplifies the way engines work, enables running WAPM packages from the CLI, and supports creating native executables for any platform.

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ML.NET 2.0 enhances text classification

Upgrade to Microsoft’s machine learning framework for .NET improves model building for text classification, introduces a sentence similarity API, and adds more AutoML capabilities.

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Angular 15 arrives with standalone APIs

The new standalone APIs, now graduated from developer preview, allow Angular developers to build applications without using NgModules.

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6 state management techniques for ASP.NET Core MVC

You have a number of different ways to store and retrieve data between requests in ASP.NET Core MVC applications. Here’s how to take advantage of them.

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The best new features in Next.js 13

Next.js 13 brings a slew of new features, including the new Turbopack bundler, support for React Server Components, and more. Let's get started with Next.js 13.

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Deno stabilizes NPM compatibility

With Deno 1.28, developers now can import more than 1.3 million NPM modules, as well as run NPM scripts and CLIs and execute NPM packages with subcommands.


How to work with logging in EF Core 7

Learn how you can use Entity Framework Core to log data to the console, SQL Server, and other log targets when working with ASP.NET Core 7 applications.

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Inside Microsoft’s cloud-first .NET 7 release

November means it’s time for a new .NET release. What’s in .NET 7 for the cloud and for containers? Cross-platform support and cloud-native functionality.

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Microsoft .NET 7 makes its official debut

Now available in a production release, .NET 7 brings performance enhancements, a new version of C#, container and cloud-native tooling, and sweeping improvements to .NET MAUI and other .NET libraries and frameworks.

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How to use the in, out, and ref keywords in .NET Core

Take advantage of the in, out, and ref keywords to pass parameters to your C# methods in .NET and make your code more readable and maintainable.

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Microsoft Java introduces compiler optimization

Microsoft Build for OpenJDK adds an experimental compiler optimization that promotes scalar replacement of objects involved in object allocation merges, easing garbage collection and improving performance.

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Why Wasm is the future of cloud computing

Whether on the server or on the edge, Wasm lets you create custom logic that runs much closer to the data than it could before. And you can do it securely, efficiently, and with greater flexibility.

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Deno runtime backs inlay hints for coding

The latest Deno runtime automatically pulls in TypeScript types via NPM, and it updates to the V8 10.8 JavaScript engine.

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Oracle aligns GraalVM development with Java development

Oracle aims to broaden the adoption of GraalVM by eliminating differences in release schedules, development processes, and features between GraalVM and Java.


Vaadin CEO: Developers are the architects of the future

Vaadin’s Steven Grandchamp explains why every company needs to listen to its software developers.

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How to use BitArray in .NET 7

Take advantage of the BitArray class in .NET 7 to perform bitwise operations on your data for improved performance.

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Next.js 13 hones routing, layouts, rendering

Latest upgrade to Vercel’s React framework for building web apps also debuts an ‘extremely fast’ Rust-based bundler called Turbopack.

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