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A laptop user with magnifying lens examines binary data.

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Open source job security through recessions

Stay close to free software, either through companies that support open source projects or by contributing directly to project communities.

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Cloud complicates development, but GraphQL and supergraphs offer hope

Application development in the cloud is a complex mess of countless moving parts. GraphQL and supergraphs could make life a whole lot easier for developers.

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Devs For Ukraine to raise money for charities, NGOs operating in warzone

Eight organizations will receive the proceeds of an impromptu developer conference starting Monday April 25, aimed at providing relief for Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion.

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Unfettered developer freedom may be over

Carefully limiting choices (and complexity) lets developers focus on innovation and not worry about security and operations.

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If you build it, it will run

What makes great software? Doing the work, doing it well, and remembering that you're writing for people—not machines.

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Demand for software developers doubled in 2021

The latest report from tech hiring specialist Hired shows that interview requests for software engineers doubled in 2021, with remote roles accounting for a growing proportion of roles.

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Software development coaching dos and don’ts

Software development managers can support their most valuable asset—people—with these seven tips.

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How to manage software developers without micromanaging

Talented software developers bristle at the idea of being closely managed. Here are seven ways to align development teams and business objectives without making developers miserable.

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The best US cities for remote software developers

As more developers pull up stakes and move out of major hiring hubs like Seattle, San Francisco, and New York, a new set of US cities is emerging as remote-work hot spots.

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The 18 highest paying developer roles in 2021

Some developer jobs command higher salaries than others. Aiming high? See what you can expect to earn in these software developer roles.

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Building a toy social network with Python, Part 5: Deleting posts

In Part 5 of this ongoing series, we create a mechanism for deleting posts from the system, or in this case simply flagging them as deleted and hiding them from view, since simply deleting objects from the database can create...

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Are software developers important? Yes, very

Survey of senior IT decision makers suggests that most execs understand the importance of listening to developers and making them happy.

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Entry-level software developer? Learn React to get that first job

Go and Kotlin are also good bets for developers with just a few years of experience — not Java.

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Programming jobs for losers

You’ll need the right attitude and the right hard and soft skills to feel like a winner in your software development career.

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7 things to know before becoming a developer manager

Management is often seen as the natural next step for developers, but it’s a harder change than many people realize. Here, developer managers tell InfoWorld what they wish they had known before they made the shift.

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Black developers tell how the US tech industry could do better

Black developers have long been underrepresented in the US technology industry, but four share how that could change now that diversity is again top of mind.

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AI, machine learning, and deep learning deep dive

Download this 26-page in-depth guide to AI, machine learning, and deep learning for easy reading at your convenience

Get started with Angular

A step-by-step guide to installing the tools, creating an application, and getting up to speed with Angular components, directives, services, and routers

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