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operations aligns with business

How BDD can improve business-developer alignment

Developers, testers, product managers, business managers, and users often have different viewpoints on what makes great software. This can lead to bottlenecks and unnecessary rework, which adds cost and frustrates those in charge....

collaboration at a table with people and tools

Driving innovation by increasing developer collaboration

Working together to achieve company goals can often be one of the biggest challenges while writing software

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Tech Talk: The coding benefits of serverless computing

The panel talks about serverless systems, which spin up a snippet of code that runs on demand to perform a business operation. It's a step toward a more developer-friendly approach to code development.

supply chain

Building a model of the software supply chain

As enterprises struggle to deliver software efficiently at scale, you can look to supply chain thinking to help control complexity

social media notifications

Scaling notifications through a platform approach

As engineers, our job is to automate away repetition. Even as a product-focused team, we’re always looking for places to streamline processes and simplify tasks

devops programmer computer

3 predictions for devsecops in 2018

The year 2018 will bring the start of some real change for devsecops in the enterprise

citizen developers

How Salesforce supports citizen development

Application development is like raising a child: It takes a village, with each member contributing their specialty at the best time and in the appropriate context

3 people in lab coats testing balloon QA

Break through agile velocity plateaus

By reinventing testing, you not only better align your quality process with agile and other digital transformation initiatives. You also unlock a stealth strategy to surge ahead of your competitors

Get started with Twilio’s Programmable Voice API to build an IVR system

A quick guide for building an interactive voice response (IVR) system for your customers with Twilio, Node.js, and Express

pokemongo raidbattles lead

Forget Pokémon Go: Why you should build for the enterprise

Hint: it's all about the path to monetization

puzzle tower / growth / achievement / risk / balance

The key to scaling your organization is knowledge sharing

How to create a culture that makes information accessible to developers

not a bot

Salesforce Community with custom objects in a flow

Puzzling out all the different permissions involved to provide various functionalities is made easier, thanks in part to the active SFDC user community

binary clouds

REST or SOAP in a cloud-native environment

There are plenty of discussions and comparisons of API architectures using REST versus SOAP. But which is a better approach when building cloud native services and applications?

crisis management meeting

The ideal agile workspace

Software may be eating the world, but it hasn’t eaten the office—yet

racing speed cheetah chase binary

4 sources of latency and how to avoid them

Even Google and Amazon can’t process data instantly—here’s how to combat latency in your real-time application

Rust Language

The Rust language: Developing safer software

Get up to speed quickly on newcomer Rust, designed to create fast, system-level software. This two-minute animated explainer shows how Rust bypasses the vexing programming issues of memory and management.

chatbots chatbot bot

Before you build your bot: what it takes to make a successful chatbot

In an ever-expanding sea of chatbots, how do you stand out from the crowd?

2 token authentication locks

Getting started with Twilio account security using Node.js and MongoDB

A guide to adding two-factor authentication (2FA) to your applications.

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