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What’s new in Apache Cassandra 4.1

Cassandra 4.1 makes the distributed database built for internet companies easier to configure and manage for new users, and delivers new storage, network encryption, and authentication options. ACID transactions are on the way.

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Dremio adds new Apache Iceberg features to its data lakehouse

The new features include the ability to copy data and roll back changes in Apache Iceberg tables.

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Next-gen data engines transform metadata performance

New data engine architectures such as Speedb boost metadata performance, reduce latency, accelerate search time, and optimize CPU consumption. Here’s how.

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EDB’s Postgres Distributed 5.0 boosts availability, performance

The distributed version of the open source, object-relational database system is available as an add-on, dubbed EDB Extreme High Availability, for EDB Enterprise and Standard plans, the company said.

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Google makes AlloyDB for PostgreSQL available in 16 new regions

The PostgreSQL-compatible, fully managed database-as-a-service will come with a new feature called cross-region replication, which is currently in private preview.

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Optimizing metadata performance for web-scale applications

Data engines such as RocksDB are playing an increasingly important role in preventing metadata-access bottlenecks that may impact the performance of large-scale systems. Here’s what you need to know.

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EnterpriseDB adds Transparent Data Encryption to PostgreSQL

The new Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) feature will be shipped along with the company’s enterprise version of its database.

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How Aerospike Document Database supports real-time applications

Document databases offer a wonderfully flexible data model that often leads to scaling and performance issues. Here’s how Aerospike overcomes these challenges.

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DataStax launches Astra Block to support Web3 applications

Astra Block, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, will be available as part of the company’s Astra DB NoSQL database-as-a-service.

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The role of the database in edge computing

Edge computing is about distributing data storage and processing. A next-gen, edge-ready database is key to keeping data consistent and in sync across the cloud, edge, and client tiers.

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5 key new features in SingleStoreDB 8.0

The latest release of the unified database for transactional and analytical processing brings real-time analytics for JSON data, Wasm support, dynamic scaling, and security and UX improvements.

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Privacera connects to Dremio’s data lakehouse to aid data governance

The integration of open-source based Privacera into Dremio’s data lakehouse is designed to allow joint customer enterprises to manage and organize secure data access.

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Couchbase’s managed Capella database now on Microsoft Azure

Capella, earlier known as Couchbase Cloud, is already available on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

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Compactor: A hidden engine of database performance

The compactor handles critical post-ingestion and pre-query workloads in the background on a separate server, enabling low latency for data ingestion and high performance for queries.

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Aerospike adds connector for Elasticsearch to run full-text queries

Elasticsearch, which is an Apache’s Lucene library-based search engine, can be used to run full-text search queries on JSON documents via a web interface.

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DataStax acquires machine learning services firm Kaskada

Seattle-based Kaskada claims to be the first company to train machines using event-based data and real-time data being fed from streaming sources.

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Developing applications that never delete

Updates and deletes remove history that is often desirable to keep. It is not only possible but practical to write a database application that preserves that history.

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Using deduplication for eventually consistent transactions

Deduplication is an effective alternative to transactions for eventually consistent use cases of a distributed database. Here’s why.

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