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Google AI project apes memory, programs (sort of) like a human

DeepMind researchers' Neural Turing Machines attempt to emulate the brain's short-term memory

Ask Watson or Siri: Artificial intelligence is as elusive as ever's expert on AI assesses the state of machine smarts at O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop World

How to build a great data science team

Select the mix of skills right for your data analytics business goals

Tibco going up against Oracle, IBM and Adobe with new customer engagement platform

Tibco Engage seeks to go beyond mere customer loyalty programs

IBM Watson now answers your questions before you ask

Watson Discovery Advisor has been upgraded to seek out hidden relations in data

Big data: There's signal in that noise

When the data you capture and crunch is large and disorderly, interesting bits may come along for the ride. Don't squeeze the life out of it -- explore it

Hadoop gets real

Here's how four IT leaders managed to bring Hadoop systems from the sandbox into production

TPC takes the measure of big data systems

The fresh TPCx-HS benchmark could provide an apples-to-apples comparison of commercial Hadoop systems

5 big data projects that could change your life

Real-world big data projects that are already paying rewards

Databricks takes on Google streaming analysis with Spark

Databricks Cloud will provide Spark-based streaming analysis as a service

Google service analyzes live streaming data

Google Cloud Dataflow can analyze both streaming and batched data with the same programming models

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison wades into the in-memory database wars

Oracle's in-memory option takes advantage of the core platform's maturity, according to an executive

R data manipulation tricks at your fingertips

Excel tips and tricks for manipulating dates, and for getting data into the format you need, are also ready for your R pleasure

Microsoft's new toolset brings analytics to 'ambient intelligence'

The new Azure ISS service targets the growing amount of machine data, and Microsoft has updated its data warehouse software for Hadoop as well

10 big data startups to watch

These startups are helping big data live up to its potential in areas such as marketing, pharmaceutical research, and cyber security

LucidWorks preps Solr stack as Splunk killer

LucidWorks' SiLK combines the LogStash log engine with the highly scalable Lucene search engine

Government open data proves a treasure trove for savvy businesses

Hoping to capitalize on free government information, IT leaders are discovering the value -- and vexation -- of converting terabytes of data into new revenue streams

Logstash steps up as Splunk's latest challenger

Elasticsearch's open source log management tool now sports faster installation, better docs, and improved integration with Puppet

New Relic debuts Splunk-style analytics for software

New Relic Insights allows developers to harvest real-time statistics about running apps and crunch the results in its cloud

Internet of things presents both technical and ethical questions

Chamberlain's garage door opener lets users monitor and control their garage doors via mobile phones. It's convenient, but what happens to the data collected?

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