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A network of clouds with binary code.
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Working with Azure Managed Instance for Cassandra

Use open-source tools to build big data systems that bridge on premises and cloud.

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DataStax offers serverless, NoSQL Astra DB across multiple regions, clouds

DataStax's move to make its Astra DB database as a service (DBaaS) available in multiple public cloud regions globally helps set it apart from other serverless offerings.

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Put business logic in the application, not the database

Reduce your dependency on scarce database resources to facilitate easier scaling.

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PlanetScale review: Horizontally scalable MySQL in the cloud

Vitess-powered PlanetScale scales to hold as much data as you need, but is currently limited to a single cluster.

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What is a data warehouse? The source of business intelligence

Enterprise data warehouses are comprehensive structured data stores designed for analysis. They often serve as the data sources for BI systems and machine learning.

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Oracle accelerates MySQL HeatWave queries with machine learning

MySQL Autopilot uses advanced machine learning techniques to accelerate HeatWave query performance and scalability in Oracle Cloud’s MySQL Database Service.

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The long, long reigns of popular databases

Database popularity rises and falls over decades, not years. The databases that developers are interested in trying today may permeate the enterprises of the future.

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How to screw up data migration to the cloud

Many enterprises move their data problems to the cloud. Invest the time and money to clean up your data so that it can be more valuable to the business.

A network of clouds with binary code.

How to choose a cloud database

Transactional cloud databases come in all shapes and sizes, from simple key-value stores to planet-scale distributed relational databases. Here’s how to choose the right cloud database for your application.

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Cloud database and cloud infrastructure people need to talk

Hoping to increase speed and agility, most people want to decouple databases and infrastructure in their cloud computing solutions. That's a bad idea.

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An introduction to time series forecasting

Time series forecasts are used to predict a future value or a classification at a particular point in time. Here’s a brief overview of their common uses and how they are developed.

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Unifying streaming and stored data

The next frontier for data processing is a new platform capable of delivering insights, actions, and value the instant data is born.

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MongoDB goes serverless with latest Atlas release

The NoSQL database specialist is making its managed Atlas service available on a serverless basis, and has announced a host of updates to version 5.0 of its core product.

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Getting started with time series analysis

Time series analysis involves identifying attributes of your time series data, such as trend and seasonality, by measuring statistical properties.

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The problem with sharding

Early scaling decisions can come back to haunt you. Follow these tips to ensure that data sharding actually helps, rather than hinders, the scalability of your application.

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What is MongoDB? A quick guide for developers

MongoDB is a leading NoSQL solution that delivers on the promise of flexible-schema data stores, offering developers a faster, easier, and more natural way of building applications.

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Rethinking data architectures for a cloud world

An open, services-oriented approach has clear advantages for building modular and scalable applications. We should take the same approach to our data.

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Gaia-X: Will the European data cloud fail?

The basic services for Gaia-X have been defined. But the project is only making slow progress, and the critical voices are getting louder.

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