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CockroachDB gets database migration tool, as CockroachDB Serverless launches

The new migration tool, Molt, is expected to ease complexities arising out of database migration, while CockroachDB Serverless becomes generally available.

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Starburst’s new data products aim to ease cross-cloud analytics

Data product capabilities added to the Starburst Enterprise software are targeted at enhancing data management and security while being compliant with cross-border regulations.

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Oracle MySQL HeatWave comes to AWS

Oracle’s MySQL database service supporting mixed analytical, transaction processing, and machine learning workloads is now available on Amazon Web Services.

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Dremio Cloud review: A fast and flexible data lakehouse on AWS

Dremio Cloud leaps big data in a single bound with a fast SQL engine and optimizations that can accelerate queries dramatically. Plus it lets you use other engines on the same data.

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The cloud is coming for your mainframes

Moving off dead-end mainframes to the more nimble cloud is a slow process but one worth pursuing, one workload at a time.

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What devops needs to know about data governance

Industry leaders agree that data governance belongs to everyone in IT. Managing the privacy, security, and reliability of data impacts all aspects of the business.

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Teradata launches VantageCloud Lake for ad-hoc analytics

VantageCloud Lake edition comes with expanded ClearScape Analytics suite that supports in-database analytics for artificial intelligence and machine learning operations.

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Why Apache Iceberg will rule data in the cloud

Apache Iceberg is an open table format that offers scalability, usability, and performance advantages for very large data sets. Here are five reasons Iceberg is optimal for cloud data workloads.

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Alibaba's OceanBase distributed database aims at markets outside China

The distributed SQL-compatible database, which supports hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP), can run on low-specification machines such as Raspberry Pi, the company says.

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The cloud ate my database

Legacy database vendors are being swallowed by the developer-friendly combo of cloud and open source offered by new players.

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9 platforms that improve employee digital experiences

Boost productivity and job satisfaction with efficient workflows and helpful tools, such as no-code development, intelligent search, and customer data platforms.

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Review: Snowflake aces Python machine learning

Snowpark for Python gives data scientists a nice way to do DataFrame-style programming against the Snowflake data warehouse, including the ability to set up full-blown machine learning pipelines to run on a recurrent schedule.

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Partitioning for performance in a sharding database system

Partitioning can provide a number of benefits to a sharding system, including faster query execution. Let’s see how it works.

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Visualizing the Hacker News API with HCL and SQL

Use Steampipe and GitHub Actions to create a ‘dashboard as code’ for exploring thousands of Hacker News stories, right up to the current hour.

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Why database design choices matter to developers

Rather than punt database design decisions to a cloud service or third-party provider, understand what you want to achieve and how best to deliver on that goal.


3 data quality metrics dataops should prioritize

Data-driven decisions require data that is trustworthy, available, and timely. Upping the dataops game is a worthwhile way to offer business leaders reliable insights.

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Why do businesses suck at using data?

Few enterprises can effectively leverage their data inside or outside of the cloud, and a new study says that's still the case. It's time to make a plan.

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Oracle partners with Microsoft to launch database service for Azure

Oracle Database Service for Azure gives Microsoft Azure customers direct access to Oracle databases residing in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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