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Snowflake acquires Neeva to add generative AI-based search to Data Cloud

Neeva, which uses large language models to offer an AI-based search experience, is latest company to be picked up in Snowflake's acquisition spree.

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DataStax taps ThirdAI to bring generative AI to its database offerings

The partnership will see the Apache Cassandra-based database take advantage of ThirdAI’s Bolt technology to achieve better AI training performance on CPUs.

Yugabyte adds multiregion Kubernetes support to YugabyteDB 2.18

The new updates include a new intelligent performance advisor that optimizes indexes, queries, and schema for the self-managed, database-as-a-service Yugabyte Anywhere.

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Why Microsoft is combining all its data analytics products into Fabric

The integration of its existing products such as Synapse and Power BI will help enterprises combine workloads while reducing IT integration overhead, complexity and costs.

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CockroachDB now supports Microsoft Azure, multiregion deployments

With the addition of support for Microsoft Azure, CockroachDB will now support all three major public cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, the company said.

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How to explain data meshes, fabrics, and clouds

Empowering data-driven organizations requires the right tools and practices—and a boss who gets it. Here's how to explain critical data concepts to your CEO.

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Understand the 3 major approaches to data migration

Application-based, file-based, and block-based migration all have their own merits and use cases. Choosing the right solution starts with understanding their differences.

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Informatica integrates ClaireGPT, AI copilot to augment its IDMC offering

IDMC is a suite that sits on top of enterprise databases and manages data from various data sources by ingesting, cataloging, and applying data governance rules.

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DataStax’s new LunaML to support Kaskada deployment

Kaskada, acquired by DataStax in January, offers an open-source based unified events processing engine aimed at helping enterprises build real-time machine learning applications.

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Databricks acquires AI-centric Okera to aid data governance in LLMs

Databricks intends to integrate Okera’s capabilities with its own data governance layer inside its lakehouse offering, dubbed Unity Catalog.

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How Oracle is taking on AWS, Snowflake with Autonomous Data Warehouse updates

The updates include a 75% cut in storage pricing, a new low-code Data Studio, and adoption of Databricks’ open source Delta Sharing protocol and Apache Iceberg.

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Kinetica taps ChatGPT for natural language SQL database queries

Natural language queries made to the database are routed through ChatGPT's API to produce a SQL query syntax that can be run to generate results, Kinetica says.

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Optimize Apache Kafka by understanding consumer groups

Getting the most out of any Apache Kafka event streaming deployment requires a thorough understanding of Kafka consumer groups. Here’s what you need to know.

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Create a free data dictionary with R

Have data sets scattered all over the place? Pull them into a single, robust catalog with the pointblank R package and a Quarto document.

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How to get started with event-driven microservices

Event-driven microservices are an excellent way to deliver both historical and new data to all of the systems and teams that need it, but they come with additional overhead and management requirements. Start small.

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EnterpriseDB to offer new Oracle to Postgres migration service

The new migration service will ensure faster migration while providing a “zero risk” guarantee that allows enterprises to not pay for the entire cost of migration if expectations are not met, the company said.

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After job cuts, MariaDB faces uncertain financial future

In addition to laying off 26 staffers out of its 340-strong workforce in February, the company warns that revenue won't be enough to support operations for the next 12 months, and is looking for financing.

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IBM acquires SaaS-based PrestoDB provider Ahana

IBM’s will join the Presto Foundation and aid in the development of PrestoDB.

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