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Couchbase’s managed Capella database now on Microsoft Azure

Capella, earlier known as Couchbase Cloud, is already available on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

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Mastodon tooters also tweet

How many people in your Mastodon feed also tweeted today? The answer can be found using my favorite kind of Steampipe query.

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Compactor: A hidden engine of database performance

The compactor handles critical post-ingestion and pre-query workloads in the background on a separate server, enabling low latency for data ingestion and high performance for queries.

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Aerospike adds connector for Elasticsearch to run full-text queries

Elasticsearch, which is an Apache’s Lucene library-based search engine, can be used to run full-text search queries on JSON documents via a web interface.

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Lists and people on Mastodon

When viewing the people you follow on Mastodon, it’s helpful to know which lists (if any) you’ve assigned them to. Here's how you can do that with SQL and Steampipe.

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DataStax acquires machine learning services firm Kaskada

Seattle-based Kaskada claims to be the first company to train machines using event-based data and real-time data being fed from streaming sources.

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Create your own Mastodon UX

A dashboard+feed reader built with SQL gives you an easy and natural way to consume as much, or as little, Mastodon activity as you like.

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Developing applications that never delete

Updates and deletes remove history that is often desirable to keep. It is not only possible but practical to write a database application that preserves that history.

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2023 is all about analytics

Getting your data to tell you what you don’t know requires analytics. And analytics requires cloud.

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A Bloomberg terminal for Mastodon

Our brains are built to take in a lot of information at a glance, and if it’s organized well we can do that very effectively. Applying filters helps.

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Browsing the fediverse

Steampipe’s SQLification of the Mastodon API is a handy way to track activity in the fediverse. Use it to do Mastodon analytics, find interesting people, and more.

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Using deduplication for eventually consistent transactions

Deduplication is an effective alternative to transactions for eventually consistent use cases of a distributed database. Here’s why.

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Build a Mastodon dashboard with Steampipe

Using Steampipe to build a dashboard that combines queries of the Mastodon search API and the joys of RSS-powered integration.

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3 cloud architecture best practices for industry clouds

As enterprises seek industry clouds to boost their overall cloud ROI, they should architect with integration and security in mind and not limit their choices to one provider.

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How Steampipe enables KPIs as code

CMD Solutions built tools for continuous controls assurance by using open-source Steampipe to define information security performance metrics as SQL statements.

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10 databases supporting in-database machine learning

While approaches and capabilities differ, all of these databases allow you to build machine learning models right where your data resides.

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Time series forecasting with ARMA and InfluxDB

Autoregressive moving average models have a number of advantages including simplicity. Here’s how to use an ARMA model with InfluxDB.

NASA SLS / Space Launch System booster separation [artist concept, updated 2013-09-13]

Time series forecasting with XGBoost and InfluxDB

XGBoost is a popular open source machine learning library that can be used to solve all kinds of prediction problems. Here’s how to use XGBoost with InfluxDB.

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