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Oracle fortifies integration suite for mobile work

Oracle SOA Suite 12c now supports the JSON and REST formats, and updates FTP management

Oracle weaves Fabric for MySQL clustering

MySQL Fabric offers high availability and can scale out across multiple servers

Red Hat adds muscle to Docker container technology

Red Hat plans to incorporate advanced Linux tools such as systemd and SELinux into Docker

Tibco 6.0 moves outside the data center

Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6.0 can expose back-end applications for mobile clients outside the firewall

Red Hat brings SOA to the cloud

Red Hat's JBoss Fuse Service Works 6 provides a way to integrate systems using the best practices of service-oriented architectures

Prepare for the cloud data explosion

As core enterprise data disperses into the cloud, it will need industrial-strength integration platforms to keep it cleansed and synchronized

Oracle builds a bridge to with new adapter

The adapter allows organizations to synchronize and on-premises applications

Bossie Awards 2013: The best open source big data tools

InfoWorld's top picks in the expanding Hadoop ecosystem, the NoSQL universe, and beyond

Oracle equips WebLogic, Coherence for cloud use

WebLogic, Coherence, JDeveloper, and other Oracle products can now work seamlessly with the company's new Oracle 12c database

Software AG angles its messaging platform to speed delivery of big data

Nirvana Messaging, now called Universal Messaging, has been integrated with Software AG's Terracotta in-memory storage to handle large-scale enterprise messaging

Informatica hopes Vibe can be data integration's version of the JVM

Vibe, a 'virtual data machine,' will eventually run on small devices and sensors

Data migration is hard to do

Data munging and data migration come with big challenges -- and big rewards

Promised health records exchange faces rough road to reality

A hodgepodge of data standards and a fractured network means digital medical records simply aren't very portable

Powering real-time marketing with big data analytics

Data integration, columnar database solution enable marketing agency to crunch hundreds of terabytes, deliver 360-degree view of customers

The unpleasant truths about database-as-a-service

Real issues and problems will slow migration to this useful cloud technology, but less so if you're prepared

Facebook boosts Hadoop with scheduling muscle

Facebook's Corona will make better use of clusters than MapReduce does, the company claims

Deploying to a public cloud? Deal with data integration first

Data integration is usually an afterthought for companies moving to the cloud -- when it should be top of mind

Red Hat releases NoSQL database for enterprise Java

The Red Hat JBoss Data Grid can store large amounts of data in memory, to aid enterprise Java programs

SAP lays out cloud strategy post-SuccessFactors acquisition

The company will sell its SaaS products as a 'loosely coupled suite' and is set to announce a PaaS offering and cloud-based data integration service

Informatica adds developer edition to cloud data-integration platform

Informatica Cloud Developer Edition provides systems integrators, ISVs with a Java-based programming interface for creating connectors to cloud services

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