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Bringing observability to the modern data stack

Acceldata Data Observability Platform gives enterprises visibility into the reliability, performance, and usage of data platforms, helping to ensure data quality while controlling costs.

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Databricks acquires AI-centric Okera to aid data governance in LLMs

Databricks intends to integrate Okera’s capabilities with its own data governance layer inside its lakehouse offering, dubbed Unity Catalog.

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6 ways to avoid and reduce data debt

Data debt can be just as bad as tech debt, causing security and trust problems if it isn’t addressed throughout the data pipeline.

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Snowflake to acquire LeapYear to boost data clean room abilities

The San Francisco-based startup will bolster Snowflake's ability to offer secure data collaboration among customer enterprises.

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Privacera connects to Dremio’s data lakehouse to aid data governance

The integration of open-source based Privacera into Dremio’s data lakehouse is designed to allow joint customer enterprises to manage and organize secure data access.

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Alation’s Connected Sheets brings data governance to spreadsheets

Connected Sheets, which can be accessed via the company’s Data Catalog, can be used to import or feed governed data from various sources into spreadsheets including Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

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Starburst’s new data products aim to ease cross-cloud analytics

Data product capabilities added to the Starburst Enterprise software are targeted at enhancing data management and security while being compliant with cross-border regulations.

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What devops needs to know about data governance

Industry leaders agree that data governance belongs to everyone in IT. Managing the privacy, security, and reliability of data impacts all aspects of the business.

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Databricks adds data governance, marketplace features

The data marketplace and other features are expected to accelerate data engineering tasks with an option for data monetization down the road, Databricks said.

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Snowflake switches gears, from data warehouse to application cloud

With its new Native Application Framework, Snowflake offers developers the ability to build and run applications on a common cloud-based data platform and leverage its Data Marketplace to monetize those apps.

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Microsoft unifies large-scale data management under Purview framework

The new “Microsoft Purview” brings company’s large organization-focused data management tools under one roof, and includes a host of new features.

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Is distributed data realistic?

Data everywhere may be the future of cloud-native and edge computing deployments, but the possibilities come with expense and management issues.

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Why governance is critical to cloud success

Governance can save you from bankruptcy after a data breach or keep day-to-day costs from spinning out of control. It pays to understand it.

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Best practices for developing governable AI

Focus on these engineering best practices to build high-quality models that can be governed effectively.

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Get your cloud data right the first time

All cloud migration projects must deal with how data is used by cloud and non-cloud applications and humans. These 3 pragmatic tips should get you beyond the confusion.

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AI, machine learning, and deep learning deep dive

Download this 26-page in-depth guide to AI, machine learning, and deep learning for easy reading at your convenience

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