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Understanding Flatcar Container Linux

Kinvolk’s Flatcar is Microsoft’s latest Linux. What is it and what should you use it for?

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Will JavaScript containers overtake Linux containers?

Node.js and Deno creator Ryan Dahl believes the majority of web services might be simplified by using JavaScript containers, rather than Linux containers.

What is quantum computing?

What is quantum computing? Its evolution, uses cases and how to access it

You may have heard of quantum computing, but what is it, and what problems can it solve? Plus, what makes quantum computing different from classical computing, and how can enterprises access and harness the technology? Serdar...

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Why public clouds lead with renewables

As enterprises work on their green cred, cloud providers step up to provide more green power. Doing good for the planet also comes with doing well in the market.

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5G is important to cloud computing (but not that important)

It’s a good time to understand how 5G impacts cloud computing. Specific use cases will benefit the most, but for many, it won't make much difference.

Microsoft launches Azure VMs powered by new Ampere Altra Arm-based chips

The new virtual machines can deliver up to 50% better price-performance than comparable x86 processors, according to Microsoft.

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Where edge computing breaks down: Operations

As edge computing becomes more widespread, many are experiencing unexpected operational challenges.

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What is Git? Version control for collaborative programming

Invented for Linux kernel development, Git version control now powers millions of projects across the globe. You can use it with or without GitHub.

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Azure Percept: A machine learning quick starter

No code meets artificial intelligence in a ready-to-deploy smart edge device.

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The truth about VDI and cloud computing

Enterprises are looking to VDI to make secure remote work possible, hopefully without sacrificing productivity, cost, and security.

IoT | Internet of Things  >  A web of connected devices.

Overcoming the IoT interoperability hurdle

As IoT extends into every facet of our lives, the big challenge will be delivering data solutions that are interoperable with legacy, current, and future systems.

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The top edge computing providers are the public clouds

The tech press predicted that edge computing would displace cloud computing, but public cloud powerhouses deliver much of today’s edge computing.

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Enterprise data centers won’t really go away

Recent survey data indicates that cloud will push traditional enterprise data centers into extinction. However, extinction events are rarely that simple.

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Is Amazon Alexa a success?

Alexa does a lot of things but arguably doesn’t do many of them well. Perhaps a better approach would be to go deep instead of broad.

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Cloud numbers don’t add up

Everybody says they're into cloud, but total IT spending on cloud is still just at 6%. What gives?

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How CentOS changes the cloud Linux game

As Red Hat sunsets CentOS 8 at the end of 2021, users are considering their options.

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The cloud as supercomputer

Using the cloud to link widely distributed compute instances as a virtual supercomputer opens new possibilities to those without deep pockets.

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What is Kubernetes? Your next application platform

By abstracting away management complexities, Kubernetes unlocks the potential of containers

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