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Cloud-based app suite takes aim at e-discovery speed and cost

Kroll Ontrack says will make the time-consuming legal process more efficient

IBM says SEC is investigating how it reports cloud revenues

IBM says it has provided 'consistently accurate' information

Microsoft's cloud licensing sets up a compliance nightmare

Beware! Running Microsoft software in the cloud is a confusing mess with serious pitfalls

The ticking time bomb known as cloud forensics

We must address the issue of when and how your cloud data can be seized by police and government agents

Update: HP's Autonomy acquisition under investigation in the UK

The U.S. Justice Department is already investigating Hewlett-Packard's controversial acquisition

EU punished Microsoft for its history, not its crime

The real reason the EU fined Microsoft (a relatively small sum) at all: Because the company is a scofflaw

When is your data not your data? When it's in the cloud

With Verizon's aid, police arrest a man for storing illegal porn in the cloud, which raises questions about how much privacy cloud users can expect

E.U. to Microsoft: Brother, can you spare a dime?

European Commission's itty-bitty fine on Microsoft skirts real need: Holding crooked execs responsible for their actions

Tech groups question new do-not-track bill

The new legislation would require all online companies to honor do-not-track requests

IT certifications can't measure capability

Governments want to define professionalism through certifications -- rather than community reputation built on real work

HP faces shareholder revolt over Autonomy purchase

CtW Investment Group wants the removal of two long-standing directors and independent auditor Ernst & Young

Why you should sign the phone-unlocking petition right now

A lot of silly reporting has inadvertently trivialized an important proposal for roaming rights on your smartphone

13 IT security myths debunked

Security pros warn about believing everything you hear about malware, zero-day attacks, compliance, and more

The iPad revolution is coming to a hospital near you

Despite what fearmongers say, iPads not only satisfy HIPAA rules but may be the best tool for doctors and nurses

Lynch declares innocence in open letter to HP board, HP fires back

The public war of words comes after HP said it would take a multibillion writedown due to alleged accounting fraud by Autonomy

The race toward compliance is 'not optimal'

More security managers find themselves running compliance programs rather than performing security and risk management

Download the PCI Compliance Deep Dive Report

The PCI security standard protects customers and businesses from eating the cost of financial crime related to credit card transactions. Here's how to ensure proper PCI implementation

Ad industry to Web: Trust us, we're lying

You say you don't want dozens of obscure companies recording every website you visit. What are you -- a commie?

Good IT architecture means knowing when to take control

How much of your IT architecture should you manage centrally? The answer depends on your organization's maturity

Why the GPL licensing cops are the good guys

GPL enforcement by Software Freedom Conservancy puts electronics makers on notice, leaves business users untouched

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