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Stack of legal documents with compliance and regulatory stamp

Nine digit regulation

Why GDPR is a wake up call for security professionals

chatbots chatbot bot

What's all the chatter about chatbots

Chatbots get a lot of hype, but they also have risks and limitations. To make the most of them, focus on their most helpful capabilities, provide careful oversight and pay close attention to customer response.

Stack of legal documents with compliance and regulatory stamp

Twistlock 2.0 brings compliance controls to Docker containers

Third-party container security tool can now help organizations enforce HIPAA or PCI rules on containerized apps

deep thinking ai artificial intelligence

5 risky suppliers to watch using cognitive computing

Unforeseen supply chain problems can cripple or destroy a business. Here are five risky suppliers to watch for in 2017.

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The worst enterprise architecture anti-pattern of them all

Architecture is not a very effective discipline. There are many reasons this is the case, but one is key: the way organisations generally try to govern their organisation-as-a-whole architectural goals. This happens in ways that lead...

artificial intelligence brain circuitry circuits electronics

Bots will change workplace research sooner than you think

Three sectors ripe for transformation with bot technology include Compliance, Medicine and Human Resources

Stack of legal documents with compliance and regulatory stamp

Managing compliance is easier in the cloud

Rules and standards change, requiring constant IT effort to maintain compliance. Why not let the cloud take on that hassle instead?

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3 simple steps to compliance in the cloud

You need more than a strategy; you need the knowledge and the tools to bake in compliance

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