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Collaboration software is on the move in 2019

The year started off with a bang for several companies that make collaboration software. Here's what's been going on with Microsoft Teams, G Suite and others since the start of 2019.


Mingis on Tech: All about the world of collaboration software

Given the changes in how work gets done these days – in remote offices, by workers on the go, at global companies with employees scattered around the world – collaboration is more important than ever. Here's a look at where things...

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How to make on-call work for your product engineering team

When your on-call process requires its own on-call, it’s time to start automating away

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How to use Microsoft’s Active Card in your chat apps

Information cards step outside the traditional chat format, to display formatted text and images, and even add interactions

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GitHub tutorial: Get started with GitHub

Every developer should be on GitHub. Follow these steps to create a repository, push commits, merge pull requests, and clone and fork other repos

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How to use Microsoft Teams for chatops

Microsoft’s latest update to Teams adds new ways of linking chat to your apps and services via the Bot Framework

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