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Malicious hackers are weaponizing generative AI

The powerful capabilities of ChatGPT are being used against enterprise systems. Malicious packages and AI hallucinations are a few of the growing threats.

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Disaster recovery in the cloud

Underestimate the complexity and cost of cloud computing backup and recovery and you risk missing data and lost customers. Here’s what to do.

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Don't overlook attack surface management

As cloud computing becomes a scarier place given the rise in threats, it’s time to focus on the basics of ASM that safeguard cloud applications and data.

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3 overlooked cloud security attack vectors

Enterprises are putting their sensitive data in the cloud, but both sides are responsible for security. Be sure your cloud provider is aware of these threats.

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Snyk bolsters developer security with fresh devsecop, cloud capabilities

Snyk aims to boost security support for developers across their software supply chains with coding, cloud and devsecops enhancements.

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Observability will transform cloud security

Cloud security threats are increasing in both frequency and intensity. We need better visibility into potential threats and proactive approaches to addressing risk.

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Cloud trends 2023: Cost management surpasses security as top priority

Flexera’s annual survey of cloud decision-makers tracks the top priorities and challenges of cloud-using companies, and the latest trends in the public, private, and multicloud market. Here are the highlights of the 2023 report.

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3 reasons not to repatriate cloud-based apps and data sets

A close examination of specific business needs may reveal that staying in the cloud is the best choice for most applications and workloads.

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How Steampipe enables KPIs as code

CMD Solutions built tools for continuous controls assurance by using open-source Steampipe to define information security performance metrics as SQL statements.

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Complexity is the enemy of cloud security

Cloud security and IT security in general often overlook complexity. It’s not taught in security courses, and most experts don’t consider it in risk analytics.

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Cloud computing gets back to basics

Recent trends show a return to cloud fundamentals, such as data, development, deployment, and security, rather than chasing what’s new and cool.

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AWS' Inspector offers vulnerability management for Lambda serverless functions

AWS announces new cybersecurity features in Amazon Inspector and Amazon Macie at AWS Re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas.

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What observability means for cloud operations

When you look at your operations data, do you know what you’re seeing? Observability can help you gain more insights from complex cloud deployments.

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Cloud architects are afraid of automation

Automation is one of the greatest gifts to cloud architecture, operations, security, and finops. Yet, many architects still are reluctant to use it. What's so scary?

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Qualys previews TotalCloud FlexScan for multicloud security management

Agentless security management system aims to simplify vulnerability management for security teams and developers in cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

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3 primo cloud computing jobs in 2023

The cloud boom and its resulting issues are boosting the pay and prestige of certain roles. Here's what it takes to be an architect, operations engineer, or security engineer.

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Why you’re getting cloud security wrong

New data shows that many enterprises are not approaching cloud security correctly, and it’s going to lead to unpleasant consequences.

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It’s time to prioritize SaaS security

Did our focus on IaaS security come at the expense of SaaS security? Know what to guard against, especially excessive user permissions and misconfigured UIs, APIs, and integrations.

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