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A new kind of old-school testing

Like unit testing, modern integration testing offers a way of testing complicated software interactions.

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Maybe cloud migration needs more than six Rs

The six Rs are a common part of cloud migration plans. However, perhaps it’s time to pay more attention to what each workload specifically needs.

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Kubernetes adoption up, serverless down, developer survey says

‘State of Cloud Native Development’ report finds the number of developers using Kubernetes increased 67% in 12 months.

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Get started with Minikube

Learn how to run Kubernetes on the desktop, or as a Docker Desktop replacement, with a stripped-down version of the container orchestration platform for developer use.

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Meeting the challenges of multi-cluster Kubernetes

The difficulties and challenges of running Kubernetes multiply as you scale. Here are four things we’ll need to manage multi-cluster orchestration.

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Cloud numbers don’t add up

Everybody says they're into cloud, but total IT spending on cloud is still just at 6%. What gives?

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Securing the Kubernetes software supply chain

Microsoft’s Ratify proposal adds a verification workflow to Kubernetes container deployment.

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The true value of serverless computing

Serverless computing just turned seven. Let’s examine when, where, and what to use it for today.

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Integrate security into CI/CD with the Trivy scanner

Open source Trivy plugs into the software build process and scans container images and infrastructure-as-code files for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

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A cure for complexity in software development

Although microservice architectures create larger and more complex applications, they simplify work for rank-and-file developers.

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AWS updates databases, AI and serverless offerings at re:Invent

At re:Invent this week, AWS unveiled updates to database, machine learning and serverless offerings designed to reduce complexity and cost.

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Weaveworks launches first enterprise Gitops platform

Weave GitOps Enterprise aims to automate continuous application delivery and Kubernetes operations tasks at enterprise scale.

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The race to secure Kubernetes at run time

A new wave of startups is looking to help developers secure their containerized applications after they go into production. Is this the future of application security?


Docker really did change the world

Developers quickly understood the value of containers for building cloud-native applications, and that the Docker command-line tool was better than all of the bells and whistles they got with PaaS.

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Abstracting public clouds down to common services

Containers go beyond the hype to move enterprises forward with cloud-native applications. Abstracting services with them could commoditize public clouds.


Microsoft’s Kubernetes for the rest of us

Azure Container Apps is a serverless Kubernetes service that manages scaling for you. Just bring your application’s containers, ready to run.

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All your serverless are belong to us

Despite the marketing claims, there’s always some vendor lock-in at play, but customers are choosing serverless for other reasons.

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The RED method: A new strategy for monitoring microservices

By using the RED metrics—rate, error, and duration—you can get a solid understanding of how your services are performing for end-users.

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