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6 security best practices for cloud-native applications

Building secure, resilient, and scalable cloud-native applications requires a new set of best practices that diverge from traditional application development. Start with these six.

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Everyone in cloud computing is scurrying to find a genAI strategy

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon just concluded with another land grab for generative AI. What does this mean for the enterprise?

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Red Hat Linux revs streamline container management

Expanded Podman capabilities in RHEL 9.3 and forthcoming RHEL 8.9 allow users to automate the configuration of container networks, health checks, and secrets and use Quadlet container definitions.

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Open source is still the future of enterprise IT

Open source projects continue to point the way for enterprise infrastructure, with eBPF, Cilium, Tetragon, and OpenTelemetry playing major roles.

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Oracle Helidon 4 Java microservices framework stresses virtual threads

Significantly higher performance is anticipated from the open source cloud-native set of libraries.

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Lightbend Akka platform unifies cloud, edge dev

Programming model featured to eliminate complexity and high latency and run anywhere.

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Red Hat Quarkus Java stack spruces up the dev UI

The Red Hat build of Quarkus 3.2 features an enriched UI for Java development and the new Pact tool for contract-based testing.

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Microsoft’s Radius and the future of cloud-native development

Build, manage, and deploy Kubernetes applications using infrastructure-as-code techniques, with separation of concerns and dependency graphs.

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CloudBees readies cloud-native devsecops platform

CloudBees platform built on Tekton boasts feature flagging, value stream management, CI/CD pipeline orchestration, and GitHub Actions-like workflow automation.

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Microsoft introduces cloud-native application platform

The open source Radius platform allows developers and operators to collaborate on delivering and managing cloud-native apps across public clouds and private infrastructure.

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What is Kubernetes? Your next application platform

Kubernetes automates container-based application deployment, management, scaling, and more. Here's everything you need to know about Kubernetes.

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Docker ties up with Neo4j, LangChain, and Ollama to launch Gen AI Stack

Gen AI Stack, which also comes with a built-in assistant, is expected to accelerate developer tasks within Docker.

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Is a serverless database right for your workload?

The serverless database model can be a great solution for unpredictable workloads and a number of other scenarios. Just don’t view it as the end all be all.

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Oracle unveils GraalOS for serverless Java

GraalOS builds on GraalVM Native Image and promises minimal cold start, transparent suspend and resume, and no-cost idle.

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Eclipse enterprise Java gathers steam, MicroProfile slips

Eclipse survey of enterprise Java developers shows Jakarta EE use on the rise, MicroProfile losing ground to Spring, and Kubernetes and microservices to be the top community priorities.

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What ChatGPT doesn’t say about Kubernetes in production

Generative AI is already proving helpful across many relatively basic use cases, but how does it hold up when tasked with more technical guidance?

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How to build a microservice in ASP.NET Core

A microservices architecture can help you build applications that are flexible, scalable, and easy to maintain. Here’s how to get started with microservices in ASP.NET Core.

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What’s next for observability?

Today’s systems are exposing more of their underlying complexity to operators. These are the most exciting new developments along the journey of taming that complexity.

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