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Red Hat puts Podman container management on the desktop

Open-source GUI tool allows developers to create, deploy, and manage containers running locally or in remote Kubernetes clusters.

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Cloud-based IT operations are on the rise

You chose on-premises systems behind a firewall for security. Don’t look now; cloud-based systems may carry out those operations on the firewall's other side.

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KAN: A Kubernetes edge environment for computer vision

Microsoft’s open-source KubeAI Application Nucleus is a low-touch, Kubernetes-based system for building and running machine learning applications for edge devices.

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Kubernetes costs less, but less than what?

Sure, compared to traditional IT, Kubernetes is great, but not much will beat public cloud in the long run.

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Component-based development has been a long time coming

The ability to build systems out of reusable and interchangeable parts has been growing for the past 30 years. We are finally getting there with cloud. Expect big changes in the near future.

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Kubernetes cost management for the real world

How much will Kubernetes cost to run? That question has become much easier to answer for Azure Kubernetes Service, thanks to OpenCost integration.

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How to get started with event-driven microservices

Event-driven microservices are an excellent way to deliver both historical and new data to all of the systems and teams that need it, but they come with additional overhead and management requirements. Start small.

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Designing user management for machine-to-machine interactions

Machines are users, too, and you will have to treat them like users to ensure that the services they use are available, fast, scalable, and secure. Here’s how.

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Cosmonic WebAssembly PaaS connects with Kubernetes

Cosmonic has launched an open beta of its platform as a service for WebAssembly developers and added Kubernetes integration to the platform.

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7 keys to controlling serverless cloud costs

The CNCF 2022 Annual Cloud Native Survey reports a significant bump in serverless adoption. Enterprise cloud cost optimization practices must keep up to keep cloud spending in check.

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5 steps to bringing Kubernetes costs in line

Spending on Kubernetes and container-related infrastructure has soared in the past two years. Follow these steps to eliminate the guesswork and waste.

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Heroku's Adam Wiggins on making computers better

The Heroku co-founder is an advocate for bringing out the best in computers, but he's not shy about what's not working in the tech industry today.

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Oracle Helidon taps virtual threads for ‘pure performance’

Version 4.0.0 of Oracle’s Java microservices framework introduces a web server based on virtual threads, which promise both outstanding performance and simpler programming.

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Oracle’s Container Engine for Kubernetes to offer managed virtual nodes

The addition of virtual nodes to Oracle’s Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) will let enterprises run their development operations without having to manage infrastructure.

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Docker’s bad week

Instead of focusing on the poorly communicated decision to sunset Free Teams, look at the company’s overall direction to focus on what developers want.

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Docker sunsets Free Team subscriptions, roiling open source projects

Docker users with a legacy Free Team organization subscription have been told they have one month to convert to a paid tier or risk losing access to their data.

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How eBPF unlocks cloud native innovation

By allowing Linux kernel capabilities to be extended without changing kernel source code, eBPF is bringing faster innovation, more efficient networking, and greater performance and scalability to the cloud native stack.

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Ballerina: A programming language for the cloud

Ballerina was designed to simplify the development of distributed microservices by making it easier to integrate APIs. For C, C++, C#, and Java programmers, much will feel familiar.

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