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Snowflake updates target generative AI demand from enterprises

While Snowpark Container Services and an Nvidia partnership will help enterprises manage large language models, Streamlit and Git updates are squarely aimed at easing developers’ tasks.

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3 downsides of generative AI for cloud operations

No one doubts the power of AI, but enterprises must realize it can also lead to deploying too many applications, scaling problems, and cost overruns.

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Multicloud deployments don't have to be so complicated

If you haven't learned yet, multicloud isn't something you can wing. Now the enterprises that didn't make solid plans in the first place need real solutions.

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What's missing in your cloud optimization projects

The cool kids are into cloud optimization these days, saving money and making deployments much more efficient. Here are a few trends you should know.

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5 priorities that cut cloud costs and improve IT ops

With infrastructure as code, virtual desktop infrastructure, and a proactive approach to incident management, you can help keep cloud costs reasonable.

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Cloud trends 2023: Cost management surpasses security as top priority

Flexera’s annual survey of cloud decision-makers tracks the top priorities and challenges of cloud-using companies, and the latest trends in the public, private, and multicloud market. Here are the highlights of the 2023 report.

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When finops costs you more in the end

Cloud finops can save you tons of money on cloud spending and return more value to the business. Unfortunately, mistakes are costing companies big time.

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The good and bad of 'zero-touch' cloud operations

We’re getting closer to true zero-touch cloud operations, or so we keep hearing. Take a clear-eyed look at the advantages and disadvantages before jumping in.

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The fundamentals of Kubernetes cost management

Kubernetes cost management is about more than numbers. Culture and collaboration help bring together the expertise for you to achieve Kubernetes cost savings.

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The best way to pursue cloud sustainability

Making your cloud deployment cost-efficient kills two birds with one stone: It saves money and helps your sustainability goals.

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The exploding multicloud management market

The past few years saw the proliferation of multiclouds and tools to manage them. Now it's time to update your strategy to maximize multicloud ROI.

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Make 2023 the year of cloud computing optimization

It’s the week of AWS re:Invent and time for end-of-the-year cloud planning. Hopefully, we’ll see a shift in thinking toward making more effective use of cloud computing.

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What's coming for cloud computing in 2023

Next year may change the cloud world as enterprises face lower budgets and a demand for ROI. It's time for planning and strategy to become the dominant trend.

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What to do in a cloud computing recession

Whether we're in a definite cloud spending downturn or not, strategically using periods of uncertainty can prepare the business for the future.

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What observability means for cloud operations

When you look at your operations data, do you know what you’re seeing? Observability can help you gain more insights from complex cloud deployments.

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Cloud architects are afraid of automation

Automation is one of the greatest gifts to cloud architecture, operations, security, and finops. Yet, many architects still are reluctant to use it. What's so scary?

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The cloud is downturn-proof—maybe

So far, cloud spending is durable through economic turmoil. However, it won’t last forever, especially for enterprises that are not seeing ROI because of poor planning.

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Lift-and-shift cloud migrations are dying

Enterprises have found smarter ways to move workloads to the public cloud. Systems that are better optimized make the most of cloud computing.

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