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'Spreading the risk' using multicloud

While many industries worry about putting all their cloud eggs in one service provider’s basket, a less-understood value of multicloud is emerging.

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Cloud costs not optimized? That’s on you

If your company's public cloud computing bills are out of control, it's time to establish some controls.

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6 features your cloudops tool must have

A cloudops technology stack is easier to define than to design. Here are 6 capabilities to look for.

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How enterprises are bringing pandemic-driven cloud costs under control

Cloud costs can’t continue to grow out of line with revenue. Here are the key tools and finops principles to right-size your cloud environment and software development approaches.

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5 key technologies for cloud architectures

Hybrid and multicloud architectures can be expensive and complex. These tools can facilitate provisioning, automation, and resiliency.

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Are cloud-native ops tools right for multicloud?

The hyperscalers now offer multicloud ops tools. Cloud-native tools sound good in theory, but here are a few other things to keep in mind.

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The great cloud computing surge

Driven in part by the pandemic, cloud computing adoption has reached new heights. These five articles take a close look at the implications.

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Complexity is the biggest threat to cloud success and security

Just when we thought cloud computing could take a post-pandemic victory lap, we now face the largest challenge to date.

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Is it possible to automate all of cloud operations?

As automation gets better and humans withdraw from the process, we could achieve almost 100% automation of cloudops and secops in just a few short years.

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What ‘cross-cloud’ architects need to know

As the cloud computing space evolves, the necessary skills do, too. Understanding multiple clouds, security, and governance are the tip of the iceberg.

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What is discovery and dependency mapping?

DDM powers the configuration management database for multicloud, infrastructure changes, and frequent application changes.

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Cloud overspending spotlights the need for cost governance

The pandemic has spiked cloud spending, and enterprises are unhappy with their bills. Best practices are emerging to get costs under control.

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How to make better technology investments

6 steps IT departments can take to identify IT spend and optimize reinvestments in digital transformation initiatives.

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The cloud is now mission-critical

A new study finds what most of us already knew, but we may not be acting accordingly. Essential infrastructure requires essential attention to detail.

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2 mistakes that will kill your multicloud project

Multicloud is the way to go these days, but remember that it's a complex, distributed architecture that most are getting wrong.

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The multicloud challenge: Building the future everywhere

At a time when procuring on-prem infrastructure and personnel seems more daunting than ever, organizations are increasingly turning to multiple clouds to provide just the array of functionality they need.

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Why you’re doing cloudops wrong

Now that operational best practices for cloud computing are well known, why do mistakes keep piling up?

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5 ways to avoid cloud waste

A big reason why we all use clouds these days is to save money from running our own server rooms and data centers. But, if you don't use clouds correctly, you can still lose money. Here's how to avoid those costly mistakes.

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