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Fix your data before you move it to the cloud

In cloud migrations, I’m often taken back how the data that was bad on-premises is worse in the cloud

Recognition of the best cloud network.

12 ways the Azure cloud beats AWS

From Visual Studio integration to Ethereum blockchain support, you have at least a dozen reasons to choose Azure over AWS

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Don’t make your cloud migration a house of cards

If you have a cruddy applications design or overall architecture and relocate it the cloud, you end up with cruddy IT assets that are now in the cloud

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YotaScale puts predictive analytics into cloud ops

Now working on AWS, the platform provides insights into cloud deployments

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8 great tools that make Docker better

From bringing GUIs to Docker tools to using Docker to streamline development and testing, these eight projects help float Docker’s boat

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A decade of Azure: It’s time to go back to the future

One of the advantages of a hyperscale cloud platform like Azure is that it can support many development models

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How to get your company to handle the cloud truth

Technology is easy, culture is hard. That’s why culture change is often the most significant barrier to cloud adoption

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The ‘born in the cloud’ advantage is real, but not absolute

Now that the cloud is more than ten years old, there are a bunch of companies that know nothing else. How much does that help them, and could it hurt them?

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Managed Kubernetes: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

Which managed Kubernetes service should you choose? Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Google Kubernetes Engine compared

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15 tools to tame Kubernetes deployments

Take advantage of these third-party projects to simplify Kubernetes app definitions, enhance the CLI and monitoring, and ease cloud deployments

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What IBM-Red Hat means to the cloud and developers

By buying Red Hat, IBM just bought itself a clue in hybrid cloud computing. And it just might work

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How to deal with big cloud acquisitions

More big cloud computing deals are coming, so enterprises need to understand how to think about them when picking technology

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How the cloud is driving the enterprise database

Public cloud vendors building services that capture more and more enterprise data, potentially prophesying decades of self-inflicted enterprise lockin

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How the cloud has made you more secure

While many still believe that the cloud is less secure, the reality is that your data is safer now due to the cloud—and the cloud has changed the security game for all types of systems

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11 ways Google Cloud beats AWS

From Firebase to sustained use discounts, let’s count the reasons why Google Cloud might be a better choice

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The forced march to cloud computing

The shift in innovation continues to flow to public clouds, and IT is discovering that it doesn’t really have a choice but to join the forced march there

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Devops is mandatory for multicloud deployments

Don’t move to devops or the cloud unless you plan on doing both

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Steel yourself for the cloud hangover

Naïveté and inadequate planning have made many large enterprises unhappy about the cloud deployments and the ROI they’ve gained. But this too will pass

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How to secure your Azure network

Connected virtual machines need the same kind of security and network management tools as your own data center

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7 cloud services to ease machine learning

Build, train, tune, and deploy machine learning and deep learning models in these end-to-end machine learning clouds

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