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Data centers can learn sustainability from the cloud

Most of the proposed solutions for green data centers need improvement. It’s time to be more invasive and take a few lessons from cloud multitenancy

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Why a cloud computing degree makes sense

Cloud computing degrees are popping up everywhere. The good news is that most people can earn these degrees debt free

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Kubernetes is bringing ’multicloud 2.0’

As our thinking evolves around multicloud, we could be moving into a new, ‘open’ era

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What’s new in Kubernetes 1.16

Kubernetes 1.16 brings the general availability of Custom Resource Definitions and improvements to volume management, metrics, and Windows support

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Oracle woos Red Hat users with Autonomous Linux

Oracle Autonomous Linux is patched, updated, and tuned automatically, but only in the Oracle Cloud

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Using HashiCorp Consul on Azure Kubernetes Service

Microsoft’s new Azure Managed Applications service lets HashiCorp bring its service mesh to Azure

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A fight is brewing over edge computing

Edge computing is becoming an important part of the cloud, but a battle looms over who is responsible for edge devices in the enterprise

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Improve cloud performance with these 3 tips

Cloud systems too slow? Before you provision more resources, try these engineering fixes

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Coming to grips with Microsoft’s P#

Microsoft’s tools for building reliable distributed applications are beginning to gain traction

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'Cloud only' policies are as bad as 'no cloud' ones

IT tends to shift from one extreme to the other. Emerging technologies can be beneficial, but across-the-board restrictions can result in bad platform decisions

Cloud Security

Cloud security: Inside the shared responsibility model

The Capital One security fiasco has underlined that securing the cloud is both a complicated technology and contractual problem.

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It's time for cloud management with automated fixes

Systems that inform you of problems but don't fix them are really only halfway managed

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Snowflake review: A data warehouse made better in the cloud

A fast, no-fuss data warehouse as a service, Snowflake scales dynamically to give you the performance you need exactly when you need it

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Settling the edge computing vs. cloud computing debate

The press is attempting to pit edge computing against cloud computing, but the two will never be mutually exclusive

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Tiny clouds taking on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

A baker’s dozen of boutique clouds challenging the big three on speed, cost, flexibility, and even on-prem and hybrid cloud options

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What multicloud really costs

The trend is using plural public clouds, but it’s helpful to stop and see how much you’ll really have to pay

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How Qubole addresses Apache Spark challenges

The Qubole Data Platform brings streamlined configuration, auto-scaling, cost management, and performance optimizations to Spark-as-a-service

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7 open-source tools that make AWS Lambda better

Love the simplicity of function-as-a-service but hate the setup process? Look to these projects to ease AWS Lambda deployments

legacy skills

Learn to love legacy systems

'Traditional systems' serve a purpose, and they may be more important to your cloud computing future than you think

Pacific Ocean Waves

VMware vSphere goes Kubernetes native

A re-architecture of vSphere with a Kubernetes control plane, Project Pacific looks like Kubernetes to developers and vSphere to admins

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