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What you need to know about Azure Notebooks

Microsoft has built an analytic playground with open-source Jupyter Notebooks in its cloud

wireless mobile network - internet of things edge [IoT] - edge computing

No, edge computing will not replace cloud computing

Edge computing is simply about pushing some of the cloud’s processing and storage out near to the devices that produce and consume the data

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New year, new terms: multicloud is here

Examining the cloud technology options for an enterprise in 2018

network monitoring concept

Who needs monitoring in a serverless world?

Here’s to embracing the serverless world, and adapting to the new paradigm of monitoring.

container technology

Cloud portability: Why you’ll never really get there

Many cloud technology providers will talk about portability as if it’s a given, suggesting the use of technology such as containers. If only it were that simple

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Shift your Java applications into containers with Jelastic PaaS

Use Jelastic's container-based PaaS to ease the migration of your VM-based Java applications into modern container clusters

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Docker tutorial: Get started with Docker

Docker has revolutionized how applications are deployed. Follow this step-by-step guide from installing Docker to building a Docker container for the Apache web server

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What’s new in AWS Lambda: Go and .Net Core support

The Google and Microsoft languages join Java, Python, JavaScript Node.js, and C# on the serverless computing platform

cloud analytics

3 tips for getting started with cloud-of-things analytics

By adopting a few practical steps, organizations can take advantage of the complex, ever-changing world of the cloud of things

scottevest market

How to get your own apps into the Azure Marketplace

The Azure Marketplace is more than a place to get SaaS apps—you can deliver your own apps through it as well

Hacking stealing password data

Why you should not worry about cross-tenant cloud attacks

The truth is that the defenses against attacks by other cloud users are strong, and there are much likelier risks you should be focused on instead

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AWS cloud services guide: The right tools for the job

Here are the most common uses for the cloud and which Amazon Web Services components you need for them

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Don’t fall for the ‘pluggable cloud’ siren call

As enterprises build more and more multicloud environments, they want the ability to plug and unplug clouds as needed. But it doesn’t work that way

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Why we’re still talking about TCO, but for the cloud

The bottom line for cloud TCO is that it’s not about cloud at all. It’s about your business and the applications your business depends on to stay competitive

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Better cloud management through cloud resource tagging

How to improve cloud governance and cloud cost management by implementing a global tagging policy

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Lack of cloud skills and training begin to take a toll

Companies have lost real revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise: on average, about 5 percent of total global revenue

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Why Microsoft’s Cosmos DB may displace AWS’s cloud databases

Cosmos DB’s all-in-one-approach seems to be what developers really want, rather than an array of specific tools like AWS DynamoDB, Redshift, and Aurora

iot security

Enterprise IoT threatens to undermine cloud and IT security

We finally just got cloud security right, and now we're screwing it up with new thermostats and copiers that make all that good security worthless

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NectarJS to offer JavaScript compilation-as-a-service

Web developers could become low-level programmers if the NectarJS service, now in alpha release, delivers as promised

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CockroachDB review: A scale-out SQL database built for survival

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database built on top of a transactional and consistent key-value store that can withstand datacenter failures

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