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Smart cities need the cloud—and vice versa

New data from IDC shows that smart cities are exploding, and the cloud is driving most of that growth

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If it’s microservices vs. megaclouds, who wins?

In the battle between microservices and megaclouds, digital leaders need to assess which model will truly help them become industry leaders

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Don’t get surprised by the cloud’s data-egress fees

Moving your data out of a public cloud, even for normal transactions, costs you real money for every gigabyte. Here’s how to minimize the price

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8 critical items to selecting a cloud provider

Significant due diligence process is required to ensure selection of the best cloud service for your business needs

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Is the cloud the key to democratizing AI?

How cloud services are springing up to offer AI to companies that may otherwise lack the skills

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12 Kubernetes distributions leading the container revolution

Kubernetes and containers are changing how applications are built, deployed, and managed. These distros are leading the charge


What’s new in Kubernetes containers

The latest Kubernetes update pushes new storage features into beta and debuts an automated process for managing project issue life cycles

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HCI? HC why?

If you're looking at changing the way you deliver your IT infrastructure with a more automated, simplified delivery mechanism, try looking at this new breed of HCI.

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Skip containers and do serverless computing instead

Container technologies like Docker are very powerful, but require talent you can’t get. Serverless computing provides the same benefits—with talent you can actually get

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Why IoT security should keep you up at night

Recent data shows that although cloud computing security is still a priority, IoT security is not

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Serverless in the cloud: AWS vs. Google Cloud vs. Microsoft Azure

With AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Microsoft Azure Functions, a little bit of business logic can go a very long way

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The best way to adopt the cloud: Short sprints vs. big bang

Large companies and government agencies do better with short tactical cloud computing projects, versus the larger, more strategic projects

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Fog computing: an intelligent move for (artificially) intelligent startups

Once all the minor kinks are ironed out, the myriad benefits offered by cloud computing will burst the door open for AI startups

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What IT needs to know about cloud economics: behavioral factors

Insights from behavioral economics can help you manage the challenges associated with cloud computing and digital transformation


Azure Service Fabric: What you need to know

Microsoft has open-sourced one of Azure’s foundational services. But what is Service Fabric and how can you use it?

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You need an ‘I’ve been hacked’ plan for your cloud

A recent study shows that most companies are ill-prepared for cyber attacks on their cloud and on-premises systems

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AWS is Intimidating—but not in the way you think it is

No, not its size and growth, but its offerings and pricing. Thankfully, there is an alternative

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AWS Lambda tutorial: Get started with serverless computing

12 steps to building an application in the Amazon cloud, without breaking a sweat or a budget

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The key question for your cloud computing strategy

Some enterprises focus on aggressive use of cloud, while others are passive. Are you channeling the right “cloud spirit animal” for your business?

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What’s new in Apache Spark? Low-latency streaming and Kubernetes

Continuous processing and native Kubernetes support in Apache Spark 2.3 spell the end for micro-batching and Hadoop

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