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Cloud is going to take time

Cloud spend will need to grow many more years before it becomes even a meaningful fraction of total IT spending

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5 ways to avoid cloud waste

A big reason why we all use clouds these days is to save money from running our own server rooms and data centers. But, if you don't use clouds correctly, you can still lose money. Here's how to avoid those costly mistakes.

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Why you should look beyond the big 3 cloud providers

There are appealing enterprise options beyond AWS, Azure, and GCP, but buyer beware — not just any cloud service qualifies

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Gitpod open-sources cloud IDE platform

Gitpod applies CI/CD to development environments, allowing them to be maintained as code

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Cloud migration gets harder

Now that we’ve migrated the easy stuff, the level of difficulty is increasing—but it still needs to be done

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2021: The year of the great enterprise disconnect

Next year enterprise cloud usage will become completely virtual and disconnected from centralized infrastructure. Here’s how to be ready

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6 tips for rapidly scaling applications

How to address dramatic usage increases during COVID-19 or to start planning for growth in the post-pandemic recovery

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Cloudops tool integration is more important than the tools themselves

Focus on the features and functions of cloud operations and monitoring tools and you could miss the much larger advantage


Review: AWS Bottlerocket vs. Google Container-Optimized OS

Container-Optimized OS offers tremendous advantages for container workloads on Google Cloud Platform, but Bottlerocket is a better choice everywhere else

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A reference architecture for multicloud

Complexity is the order of the day for multicloud. Here's my vision of how all the pieces fit together

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2 cloud architecture problems are still unsolved

If you think we’ve figured out all cloud design problems, you’d be wrong. Edge devices and multicloud security are still sticking points

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Understanding Microsoft’s Open Service Mesh

Microsoft has announced its open source service mesh implementation. What does it mean for Kubernetes on Azure?

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How to choose a cloud machine learning platform

12 capabilities every cloud machine learning platform should provide to support the complete machine learning lifecycle

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Microsoft breaks ranks with its own service mesh

As controversy rages over the governance of Google's Istio service mesh, Microsoft has seen an opportunity to offer a simple and truly open alternative

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OPA: A general-purpose policy engine for cloud-native

Open Policy Agent simplifies authorization policy creation and enforcement for distributed applications, Kubernetes, microservices, and much more

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CIO Think Tank: Setting the multi-cloud agenda

How can enterprises handle the complexity of multiple clouds — and reap unprecedented benefits? In a series of virtual roundtables, 30 IT leaders articulated the challenges and delivered insightful recommendations.

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Cloud tech certifications count more than degrees now

Learning is prioritizing tactical over strategic for cloud-based skills

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Presenting the Azure Well-Architected Framework

Start using cloud-native applications on Azure with design patterns and best practices

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The new edge in edge computing

The Linux Foundation says networking, edge computing will overtake cloud computing by 2025. Why? And, exactly what will this new edge-based computing world look like?

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When hybrid multicloud has technical advantages

Just deploy your new application, microservice, or machine learning model to the public cloud? Well, maybe not so fast

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