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Build and test microservices applications with Azure Dev Spaces

Microsoft adds Kubernetes tools to Azure to help developers work with cloud native code. Here’s how to get started

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No blank checks: The value of cloud cost governance

Enterprises are running into cloud cost overruns because they have no idea of what public cloud services will cost month to month. Here’s how to solve that problem

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How to get real value from big data in the cloud

Cloud computing makes big data affordable, but few companies know how to actually take actual advantage of it

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The key to proactive multicloud cost management

Resource tagging can be useful, but it’s hardly an effective way to control cloud costs. Here’s how to do better

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Docker tutorial: Get started with Docker Hub

Learn how to use Docker’s container registry to find official images and host your own for public or private use

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Be smart about edge computing and cloud computing

Done right, edge computing and cloud computing provide a single symbiotic solution. They are not, and will never be, mutually exclusive

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GitHub vs. Bitbucket vs. GitLab: An epic battle for developer mindshare

GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab pile lots of poshy extras on top of Git. Which should you choose?

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Working with fog computing? You should know about these conferences

Now's the time to get a handle on all things fog-related. These conferences are a good first step to getting a clearer picture of fog, its current impact and where it’s headed.

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You can no longer afford to indulge cloud blockers

Very few cloud blockers are bad or stupid people. But they are bad for your company and have to change, accept, or leave

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4 essential features of modern low-code development platforms

How today’s low-code platforms go beyond rapid app dev to streamline the entire software development lifecycle

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Why accounting matters to your cloud computing plans

New accounting rules may not be on the cloud deployer’s Top 10 list these days, but they mean more than you think


What’s new in Kubernetes containers

Kubernetes 1.11 adds a new load-balancing method and provides custom resource definitions

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How to work with Azure WebJobs in C#

Take advantage of Azure WebJobs to run scheduled background tasks in the Microsoft Azure cloud

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YugaByte review: Planet-scale Cassandra and Redis

YugaByte DB combines distributed ACID transactions, multi-region deployment, and support for Cassandra and Redis APIs, with PostgreSQL on the way

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3 common machine learning mistakes to avoid

Enterprises keep making these three mistakes, wasting their money, reducing app performance, and getting bad results

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Container usage trends: An inside look based on active container deployments

Five findings to help put container usage trends in perspective

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Serverless cloud computing is the next big thing

Here’s why serverless computing is breaking out of the datacenter and becoming a key part of the pubic cloud.


Multicloud: the new monitoring silo

Enterprises are embracing cloud platforms, often having more than one provider to best suit the given application. But how to monitor across this hybrid environment?

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It’s not easy to move from a private cloud to a hybrid cloud

IT is often told that starting with a private cloud and then going hybrid is a straightforward, sensible strategy. But it’s not as easy as you’ve likely been told

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9 Splunk alternatives for log analysis

Splunk may be the most famous way to make sense of mass quantities of log data, but it is far from the only player around

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