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CNCF and Linux Foundation launch entry-level Kubernetes certification

The two foundations are launching their fourth Kubernetes certification, aimed at beginners and non-engineers interested in getting acquainted with the popular container orchestration technology.

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Google Cloud extends its reach with new Distributed Cloud options

The third-placed cloud vendor has announced a new set of options for customers that need to keep certain workloads in self-hosted environments or out at the edge.

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Amazon Honeycode review: No code has its limits

Amazon’s no-code app builder makes quick work of creating simple apps and integrations. Creating useful ones will require help from a programmer, a DBA, or IT.

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Which cloud database should you use?

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of today’s cloud database management systems.

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AI won’t save you from a move to cloud computing

Data center managers now cite staffing as a major issue, with AI-based solutions nowhere in sight. What does this mean for hybrid and multicloud growth?

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How to choose a cloud IoT platform

Your cloud IoT platform must monitor IoT endpoints and event streams, analyze data at the edge and in the cloud, and enable application development and deployment.

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The best way to go ‘all in’ on cloud

Banks are finally realizing that cloud offers a lot of benefits they can’t replicate in their own data centers. But lock-in with one vendor has its own risks.

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Technical debt will sink you

Short-term fixes and partially implemented systems have costs that can weigh on a company for years. This debt can also stifle innovation, resulting in lower long-term revenue.

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Quarkus: Get started with Kubernetes-native Java

Red Hat’s Quarkus is a full-stack, open-source Java framework designed for containers and cloud environments. See why it’s a worthy alternative to Spring.

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Is devops becoming a cloud-only sport?

Organizations that use devops within complex cloud deployments are more successful. A new report reveals the practices that differentiate elite performers.

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Jump into WebAssembly with Hippo

Deis Labs’ Hippo WebAssembly PaaS makes it easy to build and run portable WASM applications, whether they’re browser-hosted or standalone.

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Good cloud architects are generalists not specialists

Enterprises that focus on cloud architecture in the narrow may miss out on valuable solutions by not understanding all that technology has to offer.

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Lessons learned securing Kubernetes in the cloud

For any company exploring the potential of the cloud and Kubernetes, adopting infrastructure as code, security as code, and automation will be essential.

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How cloud-native apps and microservices impact the development process

Best practices such as code refactoring and using microservice design patterns help software developers working at high velocity.

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Review: Google Cloud Vertex AI irons out ML platform wrinkles

Vertex AI greatly improves the integration of Google Cloud’s AI/ML platform and AutoML services, combining a new unified API with very good modeling capabilities.

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GitHub Enterprise Cloud connects with Azure AD, Okta

GitHub’s Enterprise Managed Users service allow enterprises to manage GitHub team memberships and user access through their identity provider.

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How cloud computing impacts technology evolution

The progression to the cloud has allowed for experimentation, more mature services, and a distributed workforce.

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The 2021 Enterprise Architecture Awards

The 2021 Forrester and InfoWorld EA Awards contest winners focus on agility and enabling innovation.

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