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Easing into Windows Server containers in AKS

Azure’s Kubernetes Service now supports Windows Server containers. Here’s how to get started

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The case for “stepping stone” private clouds

Proprietary public cloud analogs that work on premises have been around for a year now. Here’s what we’ve learned 

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Why your cloudops staff is quitting

The cloudops turnover is very high in some companies. Here are the typical reasons and how you can fix it

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Microsoft unveils full-stack web templates for Visual Studio Code

Wizard-driven Web Template Studio extension for VS Code speeds creation of web apps with React, Node, and Azure services

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10 Kubernetes distributions leading the container revolution

Kubernetes and containers are changing how applications are built, deployed, and managed. These distros are leading the charge

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GitHub launches GitHub Package Registry

GitHub Package Registry allows developers to publish private or a public packages alongside their source code

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Why you likely don’t need an internal cloud broker

With the rise of multicloud, internal cloud brokering seems like a slam dunk, yet enterprises report several problems


Amazon Neptune review: A scalable graph database for OLTP

Amazon’s graph database service offers ACID properties, immediate consistency, and auto-scaling storage for billions of relationships

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Cloud for health care: Avoid these 2 pain points

Even the health care vertical is all about the cloud these days. I prescribe two ways to keep your systems in good shape

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A new wave of Azure services lifts Kubernetes and Cosmos DB

As always, Microsoft Build sees a myriad of announcements. What’s important and relevant for anyone building apps on Azure?

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Do we need to care about cloud performance?

Many think performance problems don’t exist in the cloud, but they do. Deal with them the same way you did before cloud

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Balance tactical with strategic when thinking cloud

A crisis of bad or nonexistent planning has led to cloud systems that are underoptimized and overly expensive


Microsoft smartens up Azure Cognitive Services

Decision services based on reinforcement learning and other machine learning enhancements are coming to the Azure cloud

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Docker Enterprise 3.0 integrates secure Kubernetes stack

Docker Enterprise 3.0 arrives in beta with locked-down Kubernetes and single-package deployment for multi-container apps

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How Kubernetes can reduce cloud complexity

Kubernetes is overused for security and infrastructure but underused for automation. Those who need it most don't realize its potential

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Writing server-side code in Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft brings stored procedures and triggers to cloud-scale storage with an integrated JavaScript API

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2 reasons enterprises should look at Google Stadia

Google's new cloud-based gaming platform has something to offer enterprise IT

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22 open-source tools that make Kubernetes better

Take advantage of these Kubernetes companions to simplify app definitions, enhance monitoring, ease cloud deployments, and more

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