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How to become a transformative enterprise in the cloud

Guardian Life shows why cloud computing isn’t a technology problem solved by moving workloads out of private data centers and into public clouds

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The path to cloud security goes through integration

Making your cloud more secure is about talking to other security systems more than tossing technology at the problem

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Software licensing: The blind spot in public cloud costs

Software licensing costs can be significantly higher for cloud instances than on-prem servers, or favor one cloud over others

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Docker, Microsoft unveil deployment standard for cloud-native applications

Cloud-Native Application Bundles project offers a standard way to define complex, containerized applications for a variety of environments

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Don’t go overboard at the edge in edge computing

In many cases, centralized control in the cloud makes more sense than trying to do everything at the edge

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What’s new in AWS Lambda

Lambda Layers provides code management and Lambda Runtime API provides custom runtime selection

AWS re:Invent

Don’t let AWS Re:Invent blind you to your real cloud needs

All vendor trade shows focus on the vendors’ self-interest, not yours. Don’t get distracted by the shiny new objects, but instead use the shows to explore solutions to your actual needs

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AWS adds blockchain and time-series databases

With three major functional upgrades to existing databases as well, the full complement of purpose-built AWS databases is now 15

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How to avoid Cyber Monday stress in your cloud systems

Some enterprises found that their cloud platforms didn’t scale infinitely as expected during the crush demand of Cyber Monday. Here’s how to prepare for next time

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Why Google Cloud’s new boss will fail like the old boss

The Google culture doesn’t care about enterprise, and replacing one seasoned enterprise exec with another won’t change that fact

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11 ways AWS beats Azure and Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have their advantages, but they don’t match the breadth and depth of the Amazon cloud

Java vs. Go

3 tips for negotiating with your public cloud providers

It’s the end of the year and time to renew public cloud contracts. Here’s how to get the biggest discount from your public cloud provider

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7 container security tools to lock down Docker and Kubernetes

These extra-strength tools bring monitoring, auditing, runtime defenses, and policy-based controls to containers in development and production

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How to avoid the coming cloud integration panic

The need to have on-premises systems talk to public cloud systems is becoming critical. But so few enterprises are prepared

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Sorry, Linux. Kubernetes is now the OS that matters

Linux is just plumbing. The real OS—the real value—is with Kubernetes

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Cloud security: The essential checklist

Are you trying to figure out security for your cloud deployment? You need these five types of security features in place

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Fix your data before you move it to the cloud

In cloud migrations, I’m often taken back how the data that was bad on-premises is worse in the cloud

Recognition of the best cloud network.

12 ways Azure beats AWS

From Visual Studio integration to Ethereum blockchain support, you have at least a dozen reasons to choose Azure over AWS

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