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The state of microservices and cloud computing

Now is a good time to look at microservices, and if they're overused or underused


Cloud cost optimization during and after COVID-19

Take advantage of these four best practices to keep your public cloud spending in check on an ongoing basis


During COVID-19, wasting 30 percent of cloud spend is not OK

Cloud users expect COVID-19 will drive their cloud use higher, exacerbating the need to optimize cloud spend

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6 ways to be more secure in the cloud

If you rely on multiple or hybrid cloud environments to support business processes, you need to be as vigilant protecting data and applications as when they resided on premises.

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How the cloud will support colleges and universities post-pandemic

With in-person classes unlikely to resume in the fall, most institutions are pivoting to remote learning by leveraging public clouds

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13 ways Google Cloud beats AWS

From Firebase to sustained use discounts, let’s count the reasons Google Cloud might be a better choice

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The pros and cons of using a virtual private cloud

VPCs have been around for at least a decade, but consider both sides of the coin before using them

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Where to direct healthcare spending on cloud computing

As things return to normal, we could see new spending patterns in the stressed healthcare systems. Cloud computing can help fix weaknesses exposed by the pandemic

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How to choose a cloud IoT platform

Your cloud IoT platform must monitor IoT endpoints and event streams, analyze data at the edge and in the cloud, and enable application development and deployment

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The Internet of Things in 2020: More vital than ever

Just when we needed it most, the internet of things is delivering gobs of data and remote device control across almost every industry, from healthcare to agriculture.

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Prepare for the future of distributed cloud computing

With the new architecture, we’re certainly moving to complex distributed systems. Plan now to succeed

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Spell machine learning platform goes on-prem

An end-to-end machine learning platform designed for ease of use, Spell now offers incarnations for both public cloud and data center deployment

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11 tools that make Kubernetes better

Take advantage of these Kubernetes companions to simplify app definitions, migrate clusters, ease cloud deployments, and more

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IBM’s new CEO lays out his roadmap

At the virtual Think 2020 conference, CEO Arvind Krishna describes IBM's hybrid cloud ‘imperatives’

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Splunk Cloud comes to Google Cloud

Splunk’s cloud-based platform will provide natively integrated log analysis and metrics for Google Cloud Platform users

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Should you let a cloud maturity model judge you?

Cloud maturity models grade how an enterprise is progressing to the cloud, but these rankings don't show the whole picture

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Understanding Azure Edge Zones

Microsoft brings your network to Azure in an effort to reduce latency and support distributed applications that work across infrastructure on-premises, in edge data centers, and in Azure

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What is Google Cloud Anthos? Kubernetes everywhere

Google’s Anthos software promises a single, consistent way of managing Kubernetes workloads across on-prem and public cloud environments

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