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IBM Cloud Q&A: Kubernetes takes center stage

As IBM’s Think conference commences, general manager Jim Comfort explains how Kubernetes and container portability are central to IBM’s cloud strategy and Red Hat acquisition

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How to use Azure Data Explorer for large-scale data analysis

Microsoft’s tool for querying terabytes of data finally arrives for everyone to use

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Why IBM/Red Hat just might become a cloud powerhouse

AWS clearly leads the cloud pack among CIOs, and Microsoft has earned the No. 2 spot. But it’s not Google who could be No. 3.

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Why cloud computing suddenly seems so hard and expensive

Enterprises are struggling with cost overruns, hiring, and security concerns, all problems that are easily overcome—and reflect a mature view of the cloud

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The top 3 serverless problems and how to solve them

Follow these tips to eliminate noncompute bottlenecks, avoid provider throttling and queueing, and keep your serverless functions responsive

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Get started with PostgreSQL on Azure

Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Citus Data is Azure’s path to further enhancing its PostgreSQL database implementation

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The cloud’s weakest security links aren’t where you're looking

In all security, your weakest link is your biggest vulnerability. Cloud security is no different

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Review: Azure Machine Learning challenges Amazon SageMaker

Microsoft Azure’s plush, Python-based environment covers the full machine learning and deep learning development cycle

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3 ways the cloud and data centers work well together

Both private data centers and public clouds continue to grow, and getting them to work and play well together will be a challenge

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InfoWorld’s 2019 Technology of the Year Award winners

InfoWorld editors and reviewers recognize the year’s best software development, cloud computing, big data analytics, and machine learning tools

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Serverless computing’s dark side: less portability for your apps

Getting it done fast often trumps making sure your code is portable across platforms. Serverless computing can push you even further from portability

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Knative may be the serverless computing standard you need

The proliferation of serverless platforms has raised a very real specter of siloes and lockin for early adopters

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It’s time to kick your ERP system to the curb and go SaaS

It’s much easier and lower-risk today to move data, processes, and customizations to the cloud—and end the headaches legacy ERP

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Ockam SDK taps blockchain-based identity services for IoT

Ockam SDK allows developers to link IoT devices to the company’s public blockchain network for identity and trust services

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CoreDNS joins Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy

The plug-in powered DNS server for Kubernetes becomes the fourth open source project to reach graduation status under the CNCF

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What is Istio? The Kubernetes service mesh explained

Learn how Google’s Istio open source project conquers the complexities of managing the networks used to connect microservices

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2 big mistakes to avoid in edge computing

Enterprises are rightfully interested in edge computing, but too often lack a good architectural approach and old-fashioned pragmatism

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Thinking about blockchain? Do it in the cloud

Many enterprises have shelved blockchain efforts because it’s so complex to build and manage. Using the cloud solves those issues

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