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Will Google Cloud ever win over enterprises?

The No. 3 cloud vendor continues its attempts to attract more enterprise customers and grow market share amid stiff competition from AWS and Azure. Can Google do it? Maybe not.

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The lack of cloud skills is hindering cloud progress

The cloud skills shortage is killing enterprises that want to move to new technology quickly. Here are a few creative ways to deal with this issue.

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DataStax offers serverless, NoSQL Astra DB across multiple regions, clouds

DataStax's move to make its Astra DB database as a service (DBaaS) available in multiple public cloud regions globally helps set it apart from other serverless offerings.

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Understanding WAGI, the WebAssembly Gateway Interface

One of the oldest web development techniques is back, ready to power a new generation of edge hardware and services.

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What to do when you hit the cloudops wall

Many enterprises are now migrating the more difficult applications and data sets to the cloud. Once they attempt to operationalize these workloads, it’s clear that some things should have been fixed before.

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Machine learning is moving beyond the hype

Today, companies across every industry are deploying millions of machine learning models across multiple lines of business. Soon every enterprise will take part.

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30 top SaaS companies for business

These leading SaaS providers offer IT management, business management, marketing, productivity, collaboration, and other applications from the cloud.

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How to get a maxed-out cloud budget

Effective cloud leaders know how to sell cloud to executives and boards, even if they don’t understand all the minutiae. Leverage your cloud skills to get the budget you need.

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Why devops teams should eliminate SLAs

SLAs are for lawyers. Service level objectives not only introduce finer-grained reliability metrics, but also put that telemetry data into the context of user happiness.

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The lines between private data centers and public clouds are blurring

Public clouds are changing the way we look at IT, no matter if you’re using cloud computing or not.

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Understanding Azure Virtual Networks

Azure’s built-in software-defined network tools are key to delivering cloud-native applications securely.

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How Docker broke in half

The game changing container company is a shell of its former self. What happened to one of the hottest enterprise technology businesses of the cloud era?

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Open source is selfish

Companies don't support open source for purely altruistic reasons. They expect a return on their investment.

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Cloud security and architecture teams need to communicate better

It’s a sure bet that containers and microservices will become new security vulnerabilities for cloud-native applications without discussions about best practices and standards.

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VMware’s new Tanzu platform aims to unify Kubernetes development

The beta release of TAP promises to abstract the complexity of Kubernetes for enterprise developers at all stages of their cloud-native journey.

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PlanetScale review: Horizontally scalable MySQL in the cloud

Vitess-powered PlanetScale scales to hold as much data as you need, but is currently limited to a single cluster.

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Docker Desktop is no longer free for enterprise users

Docker is changing its pricing plans, ending free Docker Desktop use for larger business customers and replacing its Free plan with a Personal plan.

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Making the case for the intelligent edge

Let’s look at reasons to push core AI processes out of the centralized public cloud to the edge.

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