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green mesh rope network connections

ibm cloud native

OPA: A general-purpose policy engine for cloud-native

Open Policy Agent simplifies authorization policy creation and enforcement for distributed applications, Kubernetes, microservices, and much more

Multiple individual cloud instances / cloud deployments

CIO Think Tank: Setting the multi-cloud agenda

How can enterprises handle the complexity of multiple clouds — and reap unprecedented benefits? In a series of virtual roundtables, 30 IT leaders articulated the challenges and delivered insightful recommendations.

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Presenting the Azure Well-Architected Framework

Start using cloud-native applications on Azure with design patterns and best practices

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Cloud tech certifications count more than degrees now

Learning is prioritizing tactical over strategic for cloud-based skills

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The new edge in edge computing

The Linux Foundation says networking, edge computing will overtake cloud computing by 2025. Why? And, exactly what will this new edge-based computing world look like?

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When hybrid multicloud has technical advantages

Just deploy your new application, microservice, or machine learning model to the public cloud? Well, maybe not so fast

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COVID-19 leads to shocking cloud computing bills

With the rapid expansion of public cloud services to support a newly remote workforce, many enterprises are looking to cut some costs

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Migrating to cloud native requires seeing shades of gray

We’ve been pushing cloud native in terms of refactoring applications that are moving to the cloud, but the reality is not black and white

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Introducing Microsoft’s Dataflex low-code data platform

The latest member of the Power Platform family of tools brings business data into Teams collaborations


What is CaaS? Simpler container management

Containers-as-a-service (CaaS) platforms make it easier for developers to deploy Docker containers and assemble them into applications, most often enlisting Kubernetes for the job

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6 ways Alibaba Cloud challenges AWS, Azure, and GCP

From storage and network innovations to eye-popping AI solutions, Alibaba offers a number of advantages over the leading cloud rivals

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What comes after Kubernetes?

Kubernetes solves only half the problem of modernizing applications. The next stage will be filling the gap between Kubernetes and applications

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Next.js builder Vercel spruces up edge network

Vercel has made performance and ease-of-use enhancements to its cloud platform and CDN for static sites

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Multicloud is not really about clouds anymore

Multicloud is less about what’s in the individual clouds, and more about the technologies that sit above and between

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When to use a fog computing node

Fog nodes are the new ‘cool kid’ components for edge computing. However, we risk overusing them if we don’t understand their true purpose at the edge


Getting started with Azure Arc and Kubernetes

Azure brings GitOps to Kubernetes at scale with a preview of its new application operations platform

distributed / decentralized cloud network connections

How to manage contracts in a multi-cloud environment

One management challenge of a multi-cloud environment is how to handle all the contracts that come with using multiple providers and services.

database data center futuristic technology

Beyond NoSQL: The case for distributed SQL

What if the main problem with relational databases was the back end and not the front end?

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