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Planning / strategy / management  >  Nurturing growth / scale / expansion

AWS simplifies data management, analytics with new services

A major theme at re:Invent 2022 was Amazon's efforts to ease data management, as AWS announced new ETL capabilities and features for collaboration, searching and cataloging.

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Amazon Omics aims to optimize biological data analysis at scale

The bioinformatics service, made generally available at AWS re:Invent, is designed to help researchers and scientists store and accelerate analysis of genomic and other related biological data types for precision medicine.

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AWS Lambda kickstarts Java functions

AWS Lambda SnapStart cuts Java startup times by initializing Java functions ahead of time and caching a snapshot of the initialized execution environment.

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AWS Glue upgrades Spark engines, backs Ray framework

Serverless data integration service in the Amazon cloud also adds support for built-in Pandas APIs and the Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, and Delta Lake formats.

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AWS SimSpace Weaver tackles large-scale spatial simulations

The new managed compute service allows enterprises to run complex, 3D simulations with more than a million objects, AWS said at re:Invent.

Planning / strategy / management  >  Nurturing growth / scale / expansion

Starburst Galaxy gets data discoverability updates

At AWS re:Invent 2022, the company also announced support for AWS Lake Formation via Starburst Enterprise suite to help joint customers implement data mesh architecture.

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Make 2023 the year of cloud computing optimization

It’s the week of AWS re:Invent and time for end-of-the-year cloud planning. Hopefully, we’ll see a shift in thinking toward making more effective use of cloud computing.

AWS re:Invent

What AWS customers really care about

Amazon Web Services may disappoint die-hard proponents of open source, multicloud, and serverless. But it’s open enough, multicloud enough, and serverless enough for customers.

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5 operations every cloud architect should automate

If there’s one defining characteristic of the cloud, or one characteristic that distinguishes the cloud from the traditional data center, it’s automation. Take advantage of it.

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Integrating Web3 technologies with Azure Devops

Microsoft’s Azure incubation team is experimenting with blockchain technologies. Can the company make them ready for the enterprise?

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What's coming for cloud computing in 2023

Next year may change the cloud world as enterprises face lower budgets and a demand for ROI. It's time for planning and strategy to become the dominant trend.

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How to beat the Kubernetes skills shortage

While Kubernetes container management is key to digital transformation, Kubernetes talent is in short supply. Follow these 4 strategies of successful companies to fill the gap.

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What open source gets wrong with Mastodon

The open source alternative to Twitter is forgetting the customer experience in its rush to make a political statement about decentralization.

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What to do in a cloud computing recession

Whether we're in a definite cloud spending downturn or not, strategically using periods of uncertainty can prepare the business for the future.

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Alteryx updates its Designer Cloud UI, adds data lakehouse support

The data engineering cloud platform, acquired as part of the Trifacta buyout early this year, has been updated to offer a more Alteryx-like UI experience.

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How to identify and solve web-scale problems

The storied history of web-scale problems offers lessons for operators of increasingly complex IT environments.

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SAP Build wields low-code for business apps, workflow automation

Cloud-based visual low-code and no-code development environment allows non-developers to create web apps, mobile apps, and automated business processes by dragging and dropping pre-built components.

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TigerGraph Cloud adds graph analytics, machine learning tools

The updated graph database-as-a-service (DBaaS) will come with visual analytics and machine learning tools, made accessible via the TigerGraph Suite.

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