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Microsoft Dev Box due this summer

Azure-hosted service allows developers to spin up project-specific Windows-based workstations on demand, with support for custom images and configuration-as-code capabilities.

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DataStax taps ThirdAI to bring generative AI to its database offerings

The partnership will see the Apache Cassandra-based database take advantage of ThirdAI’s Bolt technology to achieve better AI training performance on CPUs.

Yugabyte adds multiregion Kubernetes support to YugabyteDB 2.18

The new updates include a new intelligent performance advisor that optimizes indexes, queries, and schema for the self-managed, database-as-a-service Yugabyte Anywhere.

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Microsoft integrates Nvidia’s AI Enterprise Suite with Azure Machine Learning

The integration of Nvidia’s software suite will further help enterprises build, deploy, and manage applications based on large language models.

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Red Hat puts Podman container management on the desktop

Open-source GUI tool allows developers to create, deploy, and manage containers running locally or in remote Kubernetes clusters.

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Cloud-based IT operations are on the rise

You chose on-premises systems behind a firewall for security. Don’t look now; cloud-based systems may carry out those operations on the firewall's other side.

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KAN: A Kubernetes edge environment for computer vision

Microsoft’s open-source KubeAI Application Nucleus is a low-touch, Kubernetes-based system for building and running machine learning applications for edge devices.

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Are multiyear cloud agreements a good idea?

Discounts or better service may come with big strings attached. Losing the ability to chase innovations or adjust to market changes may not be worth it.

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Smart packaging with IoT goes beyond better tracking

Smarter boxes and a data-driven approach to product delivery create new opportunities for improving both products and customer engagement. Here’s how to seize them.

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InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards 2023 Nominations Now Open

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2023 5:00PM ET

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Don't overlook attack surface management

As cloud computing becomes a scarier place given the rise in threats, it’s time to focus on the basics of ASM that safeguard cloud applications and data.

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Kubernetes costs less, but less than what?

Sure, compared to traditional IT, Kubernetes is great, but not much will beat public cloud in the long run.

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How to explain data meshes, fabrics, and clouds

Empowering data-driven organizations requires the right tools and practices—and a boss who gets it. Here's how to explain critical data concepts to your CEO.

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How finops affects cloud usage and repatriation

Seeing spending in real time might increase or decrease cloud utilization for enterprises. In what cases will finops recommend a return to traditional systems?

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Google unveils PaLM 2 AI language model

The next-generation large language model boasts advanced multilingual, code generation, and reasoning capabilities, and is already being used in Bard and other Google AI tools.


Google’s Duet AI to take on Amazon CodeWhisperer, GitHub Copilot

The new generative AI engine aims to help developers code, and offers assistance to administrators, cloud operators, data engineers, and security professionals for daily tasks.


Google’s Vertex AI machine learning platform gets generative AI tools

The new updates to Google Cloud’s machine learning service will help the company square up against rivals such as Microsoft, AWS and IBM.

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Solving the SBOM crisis with WebAssembly components

The Wasm component model addresses supply chain vulnerabilities by allowing the most up-to-date versions of imported libraries to be attached at runtime—enabling platforms to automate common application maintenance.

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