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data analytics

How edge analytics will drive smarter computing

Tapping edge computing and IoT devices for real-time analytics holds great promise, but designing analytical models for edge deployment presents a challenge.

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Cloud adoption in a post-COVID world

Many thought that COVID-19 would cause the Great Cloud Slowdown; instead, the opposite happened. What will cloud adoption look like when the masks come off?

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Looking into the post-2020 future of Big Tech

A strong showing during the pandemic leaves Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft poised for continued growth and increased regulatory scrutiny.

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Understanding GraphQL engine implementations

Among the many ways of implementing a GraphQL engine, only one approach offers the same performance, scalability, and ACID guarantees as the underlying database.

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MongoDB Atlas unveils multicloud cluster support

MongoDB Atlas database-as-a-service now allows distributed MongoDB databases to span the Amazon, Google, and Microsoft clouds

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Build custom models with Azure Machine Learning Designer

Now anyone can be a model designer with assistive tooling and a new automated ML development service. All you need is data.

cloud migration

How to manage cloud migration remotely

These days, everyone on the cloud migration team is dispersed all over the city or country. This presents some challenges, but I see more opportunities.

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How to make the most of the AWS free tier

10 tips for stretching Amazon’s free services to the limit and keeping your cloud bill near zero.

From AI to cloud-native – is your organisation future-ready?

3 unexpected predictions for cloud computing next year

It's clear that cloud computing will continue to grow, but here are three less-obvious aspects to keep on your radar.

edge cloud

Getting started with Azure SQL Edge

Microsoft scaled down its flagship database, squeezing it into 500MB and running it on edge hardware.

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A foolproof way to understand cloud optimization

Once your cloud architecture works, it’s time to optimize it for efficiency and cost. An audit will reveal how much value it adds to the business.

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No, you don’t have to run like Google

Just because Google, Amazon, or Facebook does it doesn’t mean you should. Here are four ‘best practices’ of the hyperscalers you have permission to ignore.

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Static versus dynamic cloud migration

Many plan to use the same tools from one cloud migration project to the next. A command and control center might give different advice.

ibm cloud native

IBM set to spin-off managed service business to focus on hybrid cloud

IBM plans to dedicate itself to hybrid cloud, AI, quantum computing, and mainframe technologies, and is breaking out its $19B Managed Infrastructure Services group in order to do so.

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Survey finds cloud complexity increases challenges

Convoluted cloud solutions are a big reason cloud implementations don’t work as hoped.

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Hybrid cloud is where the action is

Enterprises should be more concerned with getting their hybrid cloud strategy right than worrying about multicloud.

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The best open source software of 2020

InfoWorld picks the year’s best open source software for software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning

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3 cloud architecture secrets your cloud provider won’t tell you

You may think you know everything about the proper configuration of a cloud computing solution, but cloud providers are keeping a few things to themselves.

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