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'Spreading the risk' using multicloud

While many industries worry about putting all their cloud eggs in one service provider’s basket, a less-understood value of multicloud is emerging.

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Meta or micro cloud architecture? You need both

Those who focus on cloud-native architecture (aka, architecture in the narrow) may miss the boat on some important decisions.

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Why the cloud is so complicated—an explanation, not an excuse

Many people now realize that cloud computing is more difficult and complicated than we originally thought. Trying to minimize complexity from the start will help you not get in over your head.

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Cloud database and cloud infrastructure people need to talk

Hoping to increase speed and agility, most people want to decouple databases and infrastructure in their cloud computing solutions. That's a bad idea.

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Could you survive a cloud architecture walkthrough?

Someone could soon show up at your office to spend weeks second-guessing your cloud technology and architecture choices. Here's how to deal with the findings.

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6 features your cloudops tool must have

A cloudops technology stack is easier to define than to design. Here are 6 capabilities to look for.

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5 key technologies for cloud architectures

Hybrid and multicloud architectures can be expensive and complex. These tools can facilitate provisioning, automation, and resiliency.


The wrong way to think about cloud computing

Moving workloads in and out of the cloud isn’t really possible—or a good idea.

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3 signs of an overengineered enterprise cloud solution

Overloaded and overcomplicated cloud solutions are 2021’s silent epidemic.

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What is Azure Confidential Ledger?

Work with confidential data in a cryptographically secure space, using Intel’s SGX instruction set to enhance the isolation between tenants.

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Complexity is the biggest threat to cloud success and security

Just when we thought cloud computing could take a post-pandemic victory lap, we now face the largest challenge to date.

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Finding shareable solution patterns in cloud architecture

Want to stop reinventing the wheel? Find patterns of solutions that can be repeated in multiple projects.

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What ‘cross-cloud’ architects need to know

As the cloud computing space evolves, the necessary skills do, too. Understanding multiple clouds, security, and governance are the tip of the iceberg.

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Defining ‘value’ with cloud architecture

How bicycle repair illustrates the concept of value. Understanding value in cloud architecture could mean the difference between success and failure.

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Is cloud architecture binary or analog?

We are getting better at cloud architecture, and some hope it can be boiled down to a set of preprogrammed processes. But designing an optimized system is still mostly an art.

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3 cloud architecture mistakes we all make, but shouldn’t

Are we getting good at cloud architecture, or do we still have a lot to learn?

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Pulling devops and multicloud together

Multicloud is more than just additional deployment platforms. Making devops work effectively with multicloud is trickier than many people think.

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3 multicloud architecture mistakes

Lots of enterprises think their cloud architecture is optimized, but most are way off their objective. Here are three ways it may be falling short.

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Our cloud complexity bias may be hurting business

Most cloud architects favor the more complex solution over the simpler one. Let’s consider why and look for a better way.

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How to pick cloud dev tools and infrastructure

We’re becoming dependent on more dev tools and technology to complete cloud migration or development projects. Let’s reduce the risk of choosing the wrong ones and avoid failure.

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