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When your cloud project is over budget

What do you do now? How do you keep your job? There are a few things that could save the project and your career.

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When open source cloud development doesn't play nice

In addition to integration and intellectual property challenges, companies may not have the technical expertise to customize or secure open source software.

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Why we need both cloud architects and cloud engineers

AI-based design and development is exciting but it doesn't replace sound, solid architecture and engineering in building and deploying cloud-based solutions.

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When your cloud finops system rats you out to your boss

The time is coming when poor IT design and decisions will be outed by finops automation and artificial intelligence. Are you ready to defend yourself?

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Even with repatriation cost savings, the value of cloud computing is still strong

2023 might be the year of repatriation, but more challenging architectural decisions need to be made besides what saves a few cloud dollars.

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The risks of low-code and no-code development in cloud architecture

These prebuilt components simplify development and offer flexibility and speed, but watch out for scalability, security, and integration problems.

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A comeback for private clouds

Enterprises facing high cloud costs are taking a more balanced look at where workloads should reside and considering repatriation to a cloud in their own data center.

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Adding generative AI systems may change your cloud architecture

From data availability and security to model selection and monitoring, adding generative AI means re-examining your cloud architecture.

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What happens when finops finds bad cloud architecture?

Finops practices and tools can spot inefficiencies and opportunities to optimize. Here's what to do when you find waste in cloud deployments.

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The digital divide, rural businesses, and cloud computing

Rural businesses lack easy access to high-speed internet and thus cloud-based resources, causing vast disadvantages that affect the overall economy.

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Centralized cloud security is now a must-have

Cloud security is largely siloed by cloud provider. Enterprises are demanding strategic approaches for complex distributed multicloud deployments.

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The looming battle over where generative AI systems will run

Putting AI on cloud versus on-premises systems may seem like a simple decision, but it's much more complex (and potentially expensive).

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How to tell if your cloud finops program is working

A solid finops process can keep the CFO's team happy and everyone out of jail. Too many enterprises lack a formal program, and it's time to get on board.

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You can’t run away from technical debt

Like student loans and credit card balances, technical debt is holding you back or even killing your business. Unfortunately, the cloud can't always save you.

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Cloud may be overpriced compared to on-premises systems

Cloud was the go-to choice for the past five years, but we could see traditional systems become more viable. Savvy architects consider all the options.

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The downsides of microservices architecture

Microservices came in with a great deal of momentum a few years ago, but now we’re seeing their drawbacks for applications on cloud platforms.

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How to value cloud computing services

As the costs for cloud services continue to rise, companies need to determine if the business value of those services is worth the price tag.

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Downsides to using cloud autoscaling systems

Too many IT shops just accept that autoscaling systems are right for them, at least until the massive cloud bill arrives.

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