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Complexity leads to cloud outages. Here’s the proof

Complexity is a natural byproduct of a highly heterogeneous and distributed architecture. Now we better understand its impact.

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Repatriating data and applications from the cloud

As hardware prices continue to plunge, some applications and data could return to enterprise data centers. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

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Multicloud complexity is a major operational challenge

Multicloud is everywhere, but the complexity, risks, and costs are becoming big concerns. Your best bet is to plan carefully and fix problems before you migrate.

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Cloud architecture by committee is always a bad idea

'Design by committee' is a pejorative term and a punchline for many jokes, but it’s still seeing a comeback, and that’s scary.

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Thoughtworks weighs in on multicloud

Multicloud requires a lot of specialized work to be successful, but there’s really no alternative.

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Add security to Azure applications with Azure WAF

Microsoft’s latest updates to Azure’s Web Application Firewall make it an essential component of cloud architectures.

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How to build changeable cloud solutions

The agility and speed to market that cloud computing offers don't just happen. Systems need to be architected to easily accommodate change.

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The biggest multicloud mistake people are making

To optimize your multicloud architecture, know what your business specifically needs, and avoid the trap of 'vendor think.'

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Why we multicloud

As so many enterprises move to multicloud, the debate continues about its validity as an architectural solution, especially regarding complexity and lock-in.

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Approach cloud architecture from the outside in

New best practices support defining cloud solutions from the outside in to take advantage of the strengths of cloud computing.

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The complex layers of cloud computing sustainability

Interest is growing in cloud computing’s ability to reduce carbon, but the ‘green cloud’ argument is not as clear as many believe.

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So you want to change cloud providers

Online posts might make it sound worthwhile to chase credits, but look at all the factors before switching tracks to a new cloud.

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Managing the complexity of cloud strategies

When choosing between multicloud, polycloud, and sky computing, you must first understand the costs and benefits of your choices.

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Why governance is critical to cloud success

Governance can save you from bankruptcy after a data breach or keep day-to-day costs from spinning out of control. It pays to understand it.

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What happened to performance engineering in the cloud?

Instead of tossing money at performance issues, take a second look at how to manage and optimize cloud computing performance.

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Why many enterprises waste money in the cloud

Enterprise cloud projects pour unnecessary amounts of cash down the drain. Here are a few causes and some tips to avoid waste.

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How Trade Ledger switched to microservices for its cloud-based software

The Australian lending software-as-a-service provider shares lessons learned in using a microservices architecture to build its cloud application.


One significant cost of multicloud

All the time your developers spend figuring out the ins and outs of different clouds is time they can’t spend solving business problems.

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