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More evidence we’re in a multicloud world

Most companies are using multicloud, but only some of them planned for it. This lack of foresight and centralized coordination can kill a business.

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Mind the value at risk with cloud computing solutions

Risk is a fundamental trade-off for most cloud architecture choices. To optimize your technology, evaluate risk and balance the costs and value.

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How to become a cloud architecture generalist

Experience may be the best teacher, but here are a few good ways to speed up the process.

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The best way to go ‘all in’ on cloud

Banks are finally realizing that cloud offers a lot of benefits they can’t replicate in their own data centers. But lock-in with one vendor has its own risks.

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Good cloud architects are generalists not specialists

Enterprises that focus on cloud architecture in the narrow may miss out on valuable solutions by not understanding all that technology has to offer.

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What's your multicloud maturity level?

Too many enterprises have multicloud and don't even know it. Understand the patterns of multicloud adoption and which approach is the winner.

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What’s the real value of multicloud redundancy?

Many are seeking to duplicate systems with at least two hyperscalers, but in a lot of scenarios, it's an expensive solution that might not make financial sense.

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Cloud security and architecture teams need to communicate better

It’s a sure bet that containers and microservices will become new security vulnerabilities for cloud-native applications without discussions about best practices and standards.

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Don’t stop your migration!

Stopping your application or cloud migration too early can cause more harm than not migrating at all.

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Architects are focused on the wrong end of multicloud

Success with multicloud architecture is more about ongoing multicloud operations, not how optimized the design is.

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'Spreading the risk' using multicloud

While many industries worry about putting all their cloud eggs in one service provider’s basket, a less-understood value of multicloud is emerging.

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Meta or micro cloud architecture? You need both

Those who focus on cloud-native architecture (aka, architecture in the narrow) may miss the boat on some important decisions.

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Why the cloud is so complicated—an explanation, not an excuse

Many people now realize that cloud computing is more difficult and complicated than we originally thought. Trying to minimize complexity from the start will help you not get in over your head.

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Cloud database and cloud infrastructure people need to talk

Hoping to increase speed and agility, most people want to decouple databases and infrastructure in their cloud computing solutions. That's a bad idea.

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Could you survive a cloud architecture walkthrough?

Someone could soon show up at your office to spend weeks second-guessing your cloud technology and architecture choices. Here's how to deal with the findings.

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6 features your cloudops tool must have

A cloudops technology stack is easier to define than to design. Here are 6 capabilities to look for.

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5 key technologies for cloud architectures

Hybrid and multicloud architectures can be expensive and complex. These tools can facilitate provisioning, automation, and resiliency.


The wrong way to think about cloud computing

Moving workloads in and out of the cloud isn’t really possible—or a good idea.

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