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Developers, unite! Join the fight for code quality

Advocating for quality code isn’t always easy, because management doesn’t always care. But it’s the only way to build good things that deliver on their promise.

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Tibco's Spotfire 12.2 release adds streaming and data science tools

The latest iteration of Spotfire makes it an end-to-end data visualization and analytics platform combining data science, streaming and data management tools.

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Cloud computing is driving a new gig economy in tech

A quiet revolution is going to change the way cloud work gets done. After being laid off, many people are starting their own businesses as cloud pros for hire.

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The problem with development speed

Instead of focusing on output, think about increasing testing and research and being willing to scrap projects that don't seem likely to succeed.

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How to explain the machine learning life cycle to business execs

For data science teams to succeed, business leaders need to understand the importance of MLops, modelops, and the machine learning life cycle. Try these analogies and examples to cut through the jargon.

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IT career roadmap: Developer advocate

What does a developer advocate do and how can you become one? A MongoDB developer advocate shares his story and tips for success.

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Data Workshops for Ukraine: Learn a skill and support a cause

The two-hour workshops offer training in data visualization and analysis with R, Python, and SQL and cost just $20 or €20. Next up is ChatGPT in R.

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Companies can’t stop using open source

Even though open source can be more expensive than proprietary software, the time savings and ability to free up developers to innovate are worth it.

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Career paths for devops engineers and SREs

Engineers can use devops as a springboard to architecture, data science, provisioning, machine learning, security, and other fields that need experts.

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Forgotten cloud scaling tricks

Architecting for scalability will soon become a lost art. Most architects overlook autoscaling with predictive analytics, resource sharding, and cache invalidation.

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State of JavaScript: A conversation with Sacha Greif

The 'State of JavaScript' visionary discusses what he's learned from creating and maintaining this vital open source community resource.

The 2023 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables & Dashboards Bundle

Embrace and extend Excel for AI data prep

Combining machine learning and Excel can get you the data transformation you need while data scientists are scarce.

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ChatGPT and software development

How can developers use generative AI to write better code, increase productivity, and meet high user expectations?

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IT jobs in 2023: Look before you leap

Despite tech sector layoffs, the outlook is bright for developers on the job market. Here's why it pays to look before you leap in 2023.

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GitHub lays off 10% of workforce, plans to go fully remote to cut costs

The Microsoft-owned software development and version control service provider said the layoffs and the shift to remote work are designed to protect the short-term health of its business.

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How to get your computer science degree online

A BSCS might be good or even necessary for your career, and you could do it completely online. Look before you leap.

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IT career roadmap: Mobile app developer

Looking for an IT job for all seasons? The demand for mobile app developers is steady and growing.

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Where the tech jobs are

The tech industry may be cutting jobs left and right, but every industry needs technologists, from farm equipment and healthcare to retail and financial services.

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