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Career roadmap: Head of engineering

Head of engineering is both a visionary role and a highly skilled and experienced technical leader. Here's how one software engineer worked his way from graduate school to the top spot.

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How enterprises can overcome the growing cloud skills shortage

The skills needed to implement and manage cloud services differ substantially from those needed for on-premises applications. This has created a major hurdle for businesses needing to innovate.

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Cloud complicates development, but GraphQL and supergraphs offer hope

Application development in the cloud is a complex mess of countless moving parts. GraphQL and supergraphs could make life a whole lot easier for developers.

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As data science goes mainstream, so does its language

Python may be the second choice to R, but its popularity and ease of use positions it to dominate data science.

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Career roadmap: Data engineer

A combination of education, on-the-job training, and a certificate in data science paved the way from health sciences to data engineering.

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CNCF launches ethics in open source training course

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has developed a new certification for developers looking to better incorporate ethical-first thinking into their open source software design.

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Top technologists have job options: 5 tips for retention

IT leaders suggest getting to know each employee personally and customizing opportunities for flexibility, growth, and wellness.

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How developers are starting to prioritize wellness at work

New data from Stack Overflow has found that despite many employers encouraging employee wellness, not all software developers are following their advice.

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Career roadmap: Machine learning scientist

Data scientists and machine learning scientists have similar roles, but a machine learning scientist specializes in researching and implementing complex algorithms.

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9 home office essentials for developers who WFH

Working from home is here to stay, so why not build the hackatorium of your dreams?

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Devs For Ukraine to raise money for charities, NGOs operating in warzone

Eight organizations will receive the proceeds of an impromptu developer conference starting Monday April 25, aimed at providing relief for Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion.

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3 strategies for enterprise cloud finops

Set up a cloud business office, automate where possible, and provide visibility into your cloud agreements.

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Why developers are joining the Great Resignation

Research from Salesforce's Mulesoft found that 93% of enterprises are struggling to retain skilled developers.

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Unfettered developer freedom may be over

Carefully limiting choices (and complexity) lets developers focus on innovation and not worry about security and operations.

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Career roadmap: Machine learning engineer

As organizations worldwide adopt machine learning across virtually every industry, the demand for machine learning engineers is on the rise.

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Optimize your cloud career

Fine-tune your career satisfaction with positions that offer appreciation, growth opportunities, work flexibility, and money, too.

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If you build it, it will run

What makes great software? Doing the work, doing it well, and remembering that you're writing for people—not machines.

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Demand for software developers doubled in 2021

The latest report from tech hiring specialist Hired shows that interview requests for software engineers doubled in 2021, with remote roles accounting for a growing proportion of roles.

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