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How to use indices and ranges in C# 8.0

Take advantage of indices and ranges in C# 8.0 to access elements or slices of a collection with simplicity and ease

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Visual Studio upgrade boosts debugging, mobile development

New features in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 include hot reload for Xamarin.Forms and debugging enhancements for C++ and multithreaded apps

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How to use the Kubernetes C# client library

Take advantage of the official .NET Kubernetes client and .NET or .NET Core to build your own Kubernetes tools


How to log data to SQL Server in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of the open source library Serilog to log your ASP.NET Core application’s data to SQL Server or another database target

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How to use asynchronous streams in C# 8.0

Take advantage of the ability to create and consume data streams asynchronously in C# 8.0 to improve the performance of your applications

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How to schedule jobs using Quartz.NET in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of a Quartz.NET hosted service to schedule background jobs in your ASP.NET Core application

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How to use ValueTuples in C#

Take advantage of ValueTuples to return multiple values from a method with better performance than Tuples

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How to use inversion of control in C#

Take advantage of the inversion of control pattern to loosely couple the components of your application and make them easier to test and maintain

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How to return data from ASP.NET Core Web API

Learn the three ways you can return data from your ASP.NET Core Web API action methods

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How to use pattern matching in C# 8.0

Take advantage of pattern matching improvements in C# 8.0 to write code that is more readable, maintainable, and efficient

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How to use lambda expressions in C#

Take advantage of lambda expressions in C# to add flexibility and power to the anonymous methods in your application

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How to use projections in C#

Take advantage of projections in C# to transform an object into a new form that has only the properties you need


Microsoft enables native mobile development with Blazor

Mobile Blazor Bindings allow developers to build native Android and iOS using C#, .NET, and web programming patterns

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How to format response data in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of FormatFilterAttribute in ASP.NET Core to format response data based on the request URL

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How to use the Flyweight design pattern in C#

Take advantage of the Flyweight design pattern to reduce memory consumption when working with many similar objects

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C takes Tiobe Index language of the year honors

The C programming language edged out C#, Python, and Swift with the largest increase in measured popularity year over year

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Microsoft’s C# 9.0 begins to take shape

Proposed capabilities for C# 9 include simplified parameter null validation, record types, and switch expressions

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How to perform async operations using Dapper

Take advantage of the async methods in Dapper to improve the scalability and performance of your ASP.NET Core applications

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