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What’s new in C++ 20: modules, concepts, and coroutines

Many C++ 20 features already are in experimental or production use

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What’s new in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017

Highlights in Visual Studio 15.9 include improvements for Universal Windows Platform development and C++ debugging

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Revised proposal could solve longstanding C++ bugs

Prominent C++ developer Herb Sutter has proposed eliminating many dangling and null reference bugs in C++

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Zapcc high-speed C++ compiler now open source

Zapcc bests Clang in compilation, its creator says

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GCC 8 Gnu compiler arrives: Here’s what’s new

The Gnu Compiler Collection platform gets upgrades for diagnostics and C++

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Introduction to metaprogramming in C++

This book excerpt from “C++ Templates, Second Edition” explains how to get more functional, more efficient, and more easily maintained code where user-defined computation happens at translation time

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