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GCC 13 compiler collection backs C++ 23, Go 1.18

Highlights of the major GCC release include support for C 23 and C++ 23 features and full support of Go 1.18 user packages, but not generic programming.

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C rival Zig language cracks Tiobe index top 50

Systems programming language that aims to replace C makes the Tiobe index top 50 for the first time. The Google-led Carbon language, an alternative to C++, ranked 168th.

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Meet Zig: The modern alternative to C

Zig is an up-and-coming systems-oriented language that could one day replace C. Here's what you need to know about Zig.

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C++ 23 language standard declared feature-complete

Forthcoming update of C++ will include a standard library module named std. Attention of the ISO C++ Committee now turns to C++ 26.

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Docker, Maven lead the way in packages

The JFrog Software report also listed NPM JavaScript among the leaders while Rust Cargo showed impressive growth.

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C++ still shining in language popularity index

The language grew nearly 6% year over year in Tiobe's index and ranks fifth on PYPL's popularity index.

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C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup defends its safety

US National Security Agency recommends using memory safe programming languages instead of C/C++ when possible, because hackers frequently exploit memory issues.

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Conan 2.0 revamps C/C++ package manager

Major upgrade due in February features a cleaner syntax, a new public Python API, new build system integrations, and a new graph model that better represents the relations between packages.

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C++ wins programming language of the year award

Tiobe recognized C++ as the programming language with the biggest gain in popularity in 2022. C and Python were the runners-up.

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Visual Studio 2022 adds C++ atomics

Version 17.5 Preview 2 brings a wide range of improvements to the IDE including an experimental implementation of C11 atomics in MSVC.

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C++ overtakes Java in language popularity index

Java ranked fourth in the December 2022 Tiobe index of programming language popularity, the lowest Java has ranked in the history of the index.

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Swift language plans for 2023 emphasize concurrency and generics

Builders of the Apple-developed Swift language intend to also move the language forward in C++ interoperability and add a Swift parser.

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Beyond C++: The promise of Rust, Carbon, and Cppfront

There's light on the horizon for C/C++ developers looking for a change. Rust, Carbon, and Cppfront are all promising alternatives to the legacy languages programmers love to hate.

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12 top-notch libraries for C++ programming

C++ developers look to these libraries for help building Windows apps, mobile apps, machine learning and scientific apps, and more.

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Should C/C++ be deprecated in favor of Rust?

Microsoft executive says it’s time to retire the C and C++ programming languages and use Rust instead.

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Why the C programming language still rules

The C language has been a programming staple for decades. Here’s how it stacks up against C++, Java, C#, Go, Rust, Python, and the newest kid on the block—Carbon.

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Cppfront project aims to modernize C++

Cppfront is an experimental compiler for an alternate C++ syntax that would make the venerable programming language ‘10x simpler, safer, and more toolable.’

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Async C++ framework aims for easier microservices

Userver, currently in beta, promises to solve the problem of efficient I/O interactions transparently for C++ developers.

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