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5 approaches to lower enterprise technology costs

Lowering IT spending while delivering digital transformation only appears to be a paradox. Here are five ways to support both demands

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The intangibles of picking a public cloud: the board of directors' viewpoint

While cloud costs are crucial to a healthy EBITDA, these costs will be insignificant if topline growth is stalled or a future funding event is impacted

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Behavioral factors driving cloud economics

Insights from behavioral economics can help you manage the challenges associated with cloud computing and digital transformation

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The intangibles of picking a public cloud

A CIO's viewpoint of the costs and capabilities that can make or break a favorable outcome

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The secret to ensuring your software project stays on budget

Some best practices for incorporating communication at all stages of software development

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Comparing public and private cloud costs

Cloud computing costs can accelerate for several reasons. A key question: When does the public cloud become more costly than the private? That threshold seems to be dropping

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