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AT&T and Verizon squeeze 'unlimited' data users

AT&T and Verizon would like nothing better than to push legacy unlimited data customers onto more expensive capped plans

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Trump’s FCC is set to gut net neutrality, privacy

Major changes are coming to telecom, in the form of more mergers, less competition, and other regulatory shifts

Campout at the FCC

FCC Chairman Wheeler to step down in January

Wheeler pushed for net neutrality rules and municipal broadband

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Say good-bye to net neutrality

The Open Internet now rests in the hands of a GOP that has been openly hostile to net neutrality rules

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Google Fiber claims a small victory amid a larger defeat

FCC refutes AT&T’s argument that pro-Google Fiber rules are invalid, but does little to shake the incumbent’s hold on the broadband market

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CenturyLink will acquire Level 3 Communications in $34B deal

The combined company will operate in more than 60 countries, giving CenturyLink's larger enterprise customers the benefits of a larger global presence

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FCC tells ISPs to get customer permission before sharing sensitive info

But the rules only apply to broadband providers, not to Google, Facebook, and other web-based companies

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Google Fiber puts expansion plans on hold to review strategy

The Alphabet unit is trimming staff in some locations as it considers using mainly wireless to provide high-speed Internet service

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You call that a fine? No wonder Comcast abuses you

This week, the company received ‘the biggest cable fine ever’ for overcharging customers, but that’s not saying much

FCC building in Washington

FCC to vote on strict privacy rules for ISPs in late October

The regulations would require ISPs to get customer permission to use and share browsing histories and other personal information

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Google Fiber confirms Webpass buy for wireless extensions to fiber network

Wireless approach is considered faster and less disruptive than fiber optic cable during construction

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Revenge of the broadband bullies

Pushback against municipal broadband and stalling tactics in granting access to utility poles keep incumbent ISPs safely entrenched

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4 reasons broadband data caps must die

Recent reports about wildly inaccurate usage meter readings bolster the case against cap overage fees

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5 more ways your ISP is screwing you

Not a cord cutter yet? Then you can probably relate to at least a few of these rip-offs

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FCC won't back down on broadband users' privacy

Broadband providers argue they have consumers' interests at heart as they continue their fight against regulation as common carriers

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Beware zero ratings, the new threat to Net neutrality

'Zero ratings' let users stream some sites without incurring bandwidth charges, but not others. So what happened to Net neutrality?

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Take that, ISPs: FCC declares war on data caps

Charter's merger with Time Warner is headed for approval -- but with a 7-year ban on usage-based pricing, interconnect fees, and antistreaming contract provisions

Verizon is offshoring jobs, records say

Verizon has been moving call center work overseas, and now IT jobs may be shifting as well

Kansas City, Missouri

Google to test innovative 3.5GHz wireless in Kansas City

Tests will last up to 18 months and use shared spectrum the FCC created last year

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5 ways your ISP is screwing you

These are only a few of the rip-offs committed by everyone's least favorite companies

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