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AI, IoT, and the hybrid cloud: the triumvirate of IT’s future

The only way to build for this technological union is with a hybrid multi-cloud platform. But what does that look like?

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AI and quantum computing: technology that's fueling innovation and solving future problems

Far from being all about who'll be first to prove its value, it seems to be more about solving real world problems for future generations in hopes of a better world

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Artificial intelligence is poised to change the face of video surveillance

Now that AI is at its peak, how will it change video surveillance technology?

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Intro to robotic process automation

An overview of robotic process automation (RPA): what it is, its different types and the evolution and current adoption of RPA

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Is AI going to save the home security industry?

With the increasing crime rates in today's world, it's not a surprise that homeowners are paying closer attention to home security. How can AI improve the quality of our home security systems?

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11 open source tools to make the most of machine learning

Tap the predictive power of machine learning with these diverse, easy-to-implement libraries and frameworks

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How microtasking is fueling a surge in AI growth for self-driving vehicles

Self-driving cars have been the talk of the automotive industry for years, but we're feeling the push now more than ever. Is microtasking the secret to developing mainstream self-driving vehicles?

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When AI takes our jobs, only developers stand a chance

AI, robots, and other automation could put most of humanity on the dole as the jobs evaporate. But these careers could keep you comfortably employed

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Bossie Awards 2017: The best machine learning tools

InfoWorld picks the best open source software for machine learning and deep learning

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How to recognize (and avoid) ‘AI washing’

With all the upsides resulting from the trend toward using powerful datasets to generate new value, come some clear downsides

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The benefits and dangers of AI in personal finance

They say that money is the root of all evil, but can computers become evil, too? How will the age of artificial intelligence change how we handle our personal finances?

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6 machine learning projects to automate machine learning

Tweaking machine learning algorithms and models won't always be for experts only, thanks to these cutting-edge projects

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How cloud serves as the foundation of AI

As companies migrate to and run operations in the cloud, leaders are looking to the next horizon: innovating from the cloud with AI

When big data meets innovation: cognitive platforms

Why we need learned logic as the new layer in the application architecture

Why AI will make people in your organization even more important

According to recent reports, A.I. could actually increase the need for human resources

AI has met a fork in the road; which path will dominate?

While pure AI, or open API, will soon allow robots to become more human-like, pragmatic AI is alive and well today and driving true business transformation

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Letting go: trusting AI to do its thing while humans do theirs

Early adopters of enterprise AI are quickly realizing that part of the unwritten contract between man and machine is that man will surrender control of data-related tasks and decision-making to AI

artificial intelligence / machine learning / worker replacement

Could AI ever fully replace human customer service?

A.I. is becoming more advanced and many industries are starting to adapt it. When it comes to customer service, does A.I. pose a threat to human workers? How efficient can it be in handling customer concerns?


The next big challenge in building the data-driven economy

While connected devices are driving up data production, many businesses are still using outdated file transfer software, such as FTP, to move vast amounts of data between locations

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

Venturing into machine learning? These open source tools do the heavy lifting for you

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