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Is Amazon Alexa a success?

Alexa does a lot of things but arguably doesn’t do many of them well. Perhaps a better approach would be to go deep instead of broad.

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How no-code, reusable AI will bridge the AI divide

The ability to reuse pre-built AI solutions and components, and customize them without coding, will finally allow AI solutions to be created without requiring scarce AI talent or costly IT resources.

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How digital twins improve physical systems

This emerging technology merges the physical and digital worlds in ways that have the potential to transform many industries.

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New Relic expands enterprise full-stack observability to include MLOps

New Relic has updated its full-stack analysis and observability platform, One, to allow data scientists and machine learning engineers to import data from different systems, monitor ML application performance and retrain models.

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Best practices for developing governable AI

Focus on these engineering best practices to build high-quality models that can be governed effectively.

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Review: Document parsing in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Amazon Textract, Azure Form Recognizer, and Google Document AI can parse your unstructured documents and produce structured information for all kinds of digital transformation use cases.

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AWS updates databases, AI and serverless offerings at re:Invent

At re:Invent this week, AWS unveiled updates to database, machine learning and serverless offerings designed to reduce complexity and cost.

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AWS brings no-code to Amazon SageMaker machine learning

Amazon SageMaker Canvas provides a visual interface for preparing data and training models, no programming or machine learning expertise required.

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UNESCO launches global standard for AI ethics

Standard aims to provide AI with a strong ethical basis that will not only protect but also promote human rights and human dignity.

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How the public clouds are innovating on AI

Companies without the resources to develop in-house machine learning models are turning to the big cloud providers.

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Why AI investments fail to deliver

The success or failure of AI initiatives has more to do with people than with technology. If you want to put AI into practice in a way that improves business outcomes, you must avoid these 6 mistakes.

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How to automate QA testing of SaaS and low-code applications

IT can still test without access to underlying source code. Use agile acceptance testing, address the business logic, and adopt test platforms with machine learning.

Hands of robot and human touch amid a virtual network of circuits and binary code.

Review: GitHub Copilot preview gives me hope

The Copilot technical preview doesn’t always generate good, correct, or even running code, but it’s still somewhat useful. Future versions could be real time-savers.

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Oracle bolsters cloud infrastructure with suite of AI tools

Oracle's new services aim to enable developers and data scientists to apply artificial intelligence to varied enterprise scenarios in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

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The high cost of data science toil

Data science toil saps agility and prevents organizations from scaling data science efforts efficiently and sustainably. Here’s how to avoid it.

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GitHub Copilot adds Neovim, JetBrains IDE support

GitHub also announced Copilot support for multiline code completions in languages such as Java, C, C++, and C#.

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Google Cloud tools aim to ease machine-learning, cross-cloud analytics

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is offering new dedicated data and machine learning (ML) tools designed to clear up data inefficiencies and ease application development for enterprises.

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The best open source software of 2021

InfoWorld’s 2021 Bossie Awards recognize the year’s best open source software for software development, devops, data analytics, and machine learning.

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