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Kubernetes as a service simplifies public and private cloud management

With Platform9's Managed Kubernetes, enterprises can run Kubernetes without having to learn the intricacies of deploying and managing the software

Docker 1.13 cleans up container management, but Mac issues remain

Latest version of the container software adds management, cleanup, and logging tools, but the MacOS edition still demands workarounds

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New framework uses Kubernetes to deliver serverless app architecture

Still in the early stages, the Fission framework turns any Kubernetes cluster into a system for delivering lambda architecture or serverless applications

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Kubernetes tool saves eBay from its OpenStack woes

TessMaster has helped eBay make containers its preferred code deployment method -- and speaks volumes about OpenStack's future role there

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'Hackable' hypervisor provides lightweight virtualization for Windows and Linux

Open source hypervisor KSM was built to be tiny and light, with uses ranging from a software sandbox to a complement to containerization

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2016: When Linux containers became mainstream

After making a splash with IT, container technology faced its next big mission: Become truly useful, not merely a gimmick. Here's how that unfolded

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'Boring' Docker emphasizes stability over new features

Docker will spin off the containerd core component as an independently governed project to promote a more open and predictable container infrastructure

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Kubernetes 1.5 comes to Windows Server 2016

If Docker does Windows, why can't Kubernetes, too? And so now it does -- but its uptake is tied to the Windows Server upgrade cycle

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Docker for AWS: Who's it really for?

With several Docker solutions already running on Amazon's cloud, why pick the newly released Docker for AWS? Depends on whether you're a Docker maven or an AWS master

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Canonical offers direct Docker support to Ubuntu users

Already have a Canonical support contract? Docker saves you a step by using Ubuntu's app delivery tech

Kubernetes comes to Azure Container Service at last

Microsoft's cloud container service now comes with support for Kubernetes, and in time will become part of Azure's infrastructure set to be open-sourced

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CoreOS Operators let you run apps at scale with Kubernetes

Even apps that aren't particularly suited to scaling can be brought into Kubernetes' world, but some assembly is required

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Apache Mesos users focus on big data, containers

A survey of users of the orchestration framework shows that they primarily deploy containers and big data apps, especially Spark

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Kubernetes 1.4 makes container orchestration bigger -- and simpler

The new version of Google's container-orchestration system adds cross-cloud and state-management features, while also simplifying setup

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Docker for Windows Server is a win-win for Microsoft and Docker

Microsoft continues to expand its efforts to work with open source by having Docker run out of the box on Windows Server

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New Red Hat project looks a lot like a Docker fork

The new OCID project places a variant of the Docker runtime directly into Kubernetes

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Bossie Awards 2016: The best open source datacenter and cloud software

InfoWorld's top picks of the year in open source platforms, infrastructure, management, and orchestration tools

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A 'boring' Docker fork could solve some problems -- and create others

Docker's tendency to move too fast and break too much has disgruntled many, but a separately maintained fork might create its own problems

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VMware dresses up Docker for the enterprise

VMware reworks Docker to add enterprises conveniences like user accounts managed through Active Directory and role-based access controls for Docker-hosted projects

38 productivity-enhancing Android apps for the enterprise

CrossOver for Android promises Windows app compatibility, but only on Intel

Long-awaited Windows emulation app for Android is finally available for early beta testing, but with no support for ARM devices, its audience is likely to be small

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