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How to improve CI/CD with shift-left testing

Automated testing earlier in the development cycle can improve QA and reduce delays

WiGait uses wireless signals to continuously measure a person's walking speed.

What is CI/CD? Continuous integration and continuous delivery explained

The CI/CD pipeline is one of the best practices for devops teams to implement, for delivering code changes more frequently and reliably

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4 Python test frameworks to crush your bugs

There’s more than one way to write, run, and maintain unit tests for your Python apps. These are four of the best

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10 trusty JavaScript test tools

From simple test runners to complete testing frameworks, look to these proven tools to keep your JavaScript free of bugs

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Measure the quality of your .Net code with NDepend

Take advantage of the powerful static code analysis tool to identify and understand issues in your .Net application’s code

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How to validate data, analytics, and data visualizations

Application testing often ignores one crucial set of tests that is critical for any application processing or presenting data, analytics, or data visualizations

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AI, machine learning, and deep learning deep dive

Download this 26-page in-depth guide to AI, machine learning, and deep learning for easy reading at your convenience

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How to bypass security in integration tests in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of fake authentication/authorization checks to simplify integration tests in ASP.Net Core

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Maximize ROI with MVP

The problem with acronyms like “ROI and “MVP” is that we sometimes forget what they really mean

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For agile testing, fail fast with test impact analysis

Test impact analysis is a change-based testing practice that rapidly exposes issues in new/modified code

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Cloud-native devops won’t work without test automation

Now that devops and cloud computing are in full swing, you need to get better at test automation—otherwise, neither the cloud nor devops will scale

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3 biggest roadblocks to continuous testing

Agile teams know that they should be practicing continuous testing—but the vast majority are not. Here are the top three reasons why

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Software security: There’s more to it than bug-bounty programs

Take full advantage of white-hat hackers to help you secure your code. And still do all the other security stuff you should do before you release your code

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Making continuous testing work for your organization

5 best practices for continuous testing in a devops environment

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6 usability testing methods that will improve your software

Go beyond standard QA testing to ensure that your software product accomplishes your business goals

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How to align test automation with agile and devops

Along with CI/CD’s continuous integration and continuous development, you need continuous testing

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The future of load testing is BLU

A new 'lean' approach to load testing gives agile developers and testers fast feedback on performance—without all the hassles traditionally associated with performance testing.


Test automation comes of age

Testing teams will significantly expand test automation efforts over the next year. Here are the biggest challenges they’ll face

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