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Production system troubleshooting 101: it’s not always about technical knowledge

Sometimes, the ability to suspend assumptions and ego are far more critical than specific technical knowledge to solve issues in production

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Testing centers of excellence for agile: obsolete or opportunity?

Are testing centers of excellence (TCoEs) holding us back, or can they help us move forward?

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Software testing practices to live by

Notice I don’t say "best" software testing practices

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Jenkins tutorial: Get started with Jenkins continuous delivery

How to use Jenkins Blue Ocean and NPM to create a CICD pipeline for a Node.js and React application

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Transforming legacy quality assurance teams

Ensure the foundations are in place before jumping straight to automation

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What is Jenkins? The CI server explained

Jenkins offers a simple way to set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment for almost any combination of languages and source code repositories

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Break through agile velocity plateaus

By reinventing testing, you not only better align your quality process with agile and other digital transformation initiatives. You also unlock a stealth strategy to surge ahead of your competitors

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Legacy QA in the devops age: reskill them or release them?

As devops becomes more mainstream, are your legacy teams and processes holding you back from fully making the transition?

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How to diagnose cloud performance issues

Follow these five steps to detect root causes of poor cloud performance

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Be on the lookout for broken airline IT systems this holiday travel season

As we eat our turkey this Thanksgiving, let’s cross our fingers for the 2017 holiday season—usually, brittle systems fail during peak volumes

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The agile transformation and test automation

As teams learn and adapt to agile, customized implementations in the process will further impact the industry

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Mozilla squashes Firebug in favor of native Firefox debugger

The Firefox browser’s Firefox Developer Tools is how developers should test web applications and HTML issues instead

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Testing with the InMemory provider in Entity Framework

How to use the InMemory provider in Entity Framework Core to test your methods without hitting the database or using fakes and mocks

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Maturing devops practices: what you don’t yet know

Why is it so hard for organizations to succeed in the journey to devops?

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Iroh brings dynamic code analysis to JavaScript

Open source testing tool collects runtime data to reveal how JavaScript code behaves during execution

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What’s new in JUnit 5 for Java testing

JUnit 5 offers a foundation for testing frameworks on the JVM as well as a new programming model

React - an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces

The best JavaScript testing tools for React

How to choose the right test runner, test framework, assertion libraries, and add-on tools for your React project

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How to write performance tests using NBench

Take advantage of NBench to analyze code throughput, memory allocations, and GC overhead in your .NET application

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