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12 run diagnostic test

10 hottest IT jobs primary

Redefining software testing in the era of microservices and AI

Software testing and software testing vendors will need to fundamentally rethink and reshape their approach, given the new paradigms of programming and software development

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Agile developers test, but aren’t testers

What’s the difference between a developer, a tester, and a software development engineer in test (SDET)?

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5 ways to implement a continuous testing plan for responsive web design

Ensuring superior user experience, regardless of the platform they’re using, can be make-or-break for brands

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Users review test data management tools

Developers and IT pros report the pros and cons of CA Test Data Manager, Informatica Test Data Management, and IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management

12 run diagnostic test

Getting started with test automation: It’s not just about the tools

Making a test automation culture work well does depend upon alignment between people, process, and technology


Users review service virtualization tools

Developers and IT pros weigh in on service virtualization offerings from CA, IBM, Micro Focus, Parasoft, and SmartBear Software

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Capacity alone won't assure good cloud performance

Will your cloud-based workload support 100,000 concurrent users? The only way to find out is through performance testing

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Production system troubleshooting 101: it’s not always about technical knowledge

Sometimes, the ability to suspend assumptions and ego are far more critical than specific technical knowledge to solve issues in production

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Testing centers of excellence for agile: obsolete or opportunity?

Are testing centers of excellence (TCoEs) holding us back, or can they help us move forward?

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Software testing practices to live by

Notice I don’t say "best" software testing practices

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Jenkins tutorial: Get started with Jenkins continuous delivery

How to use Jenkins Blue Ocean and NPM to create a CICD pipeline for a Node.js and React application

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Transforming legacy quality assurance teams

Ensure the foundations are in place before jumping straight to automation

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What is Jenkins? The CI server explained

Jenkins offers a simple way to set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment for almost any combination of languages and source code repositories

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Break through agile velocity plateaus

By reinventing testing, you not only better align your quality process with agile and other digital transformation initiatives. You also unlock a stealth strategy to surge ahead of your competitors

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Legacy QA in the devops age: reskill them or release them?

As devops becomes more mainstream, are your legacy teams and processes holding you back from fully making the transition?

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How to diagnose cloud performance issues

Follow these five steps to detect root causes of poor cloud performance

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Be on the lookout for broken airline IT systems this holiday travel season

As we eat our turkey this Thanksgiving, let’s cross our fingers for the 2017 holiday season—usually, brittle systems fail during peak volumes

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The agile transformation and test automation

As teams learn and adapt to agile, customized implementations in the process will further impact the industry

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