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JFrog adds ML model management to devsecops platform

JFrog unveiled a number of new platform capabilities including static application security testing and anti-tampering and compliance checks for software releases.

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How to get a handle on shadow AI

By allowing the use of AI tools proven to be safe, but requiring them to be used within explicit guidelines, you can alleviate both employee frustration and organizational risk.

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The lost art of cloud application engineering

AI-driven coding is now in wide use, but we may not know all the risks of using it until the damage has been done. Think security problems and code that wastes resources.

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A new hope for software security

From package signing to SBOMs to new developer toolchains, the pieces for securing the software supply chain are starting to come together.

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JFrog Curation blocks malicious open source software packages

DevSecOps system validates incoming software packages against JFrog’s security research library to establish a repository of trustworthy components for software developers to use.

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Golang vulnerability checker flags Go vulnerabilities

Govulncheck is a command-line utility that uses the Go vulnerability database to identify known vulnerabilities in Go source code and Go binaries.

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GitLab Dedicated offers single-tenant, SaaS-based devsecops

Service hosted and managed by GitLab is geared to users with strict compliance requirements such as isolation, data residency, and private networking.

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7 key features for Kubernetes and container security

Uptycs combines threat detection for Kubernetes and container runtimes, along with automated registry scanning and Kubernetes hardening checks. Here are the highlights.

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AppMap: A map to reduce developer toil

Open-source AppMap brings runtime code analysis into the developer’s code editor, providing the feedback needed to address performance and security issues during development and reduce code rework.

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How to reduce your devops tool sprawl

After a decade of software development and operations teams embracing every ‘right tool for the job,’ it’s time to start tool consolidation efforts. Here’s where to start.

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Sigstore: Roots of trust for software artifacts

Sigstore has become the default software signing method for everything from Kubernetes to NPM, Maven, and PyPi, verifying the integrity of more than a million open source packages.

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A practical guide to React Native authentication

Using React Native authentication to verify user identities is a relatively painless and straightforward process that not only protects your company’s data and your user’s privacy, but also improves the user experience.

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Google launches dependency API and curated package repository with security metadata

With the two new services, Google aims to help minimize risk from malicious code in the software supply chain.

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Snyk bolsters developer security with fresh devsecop, cloud capabilities

Snyk aims to boost security support for developers across their software supply chains with coding, cloud and devsecops enhancements.

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Splunk adds new security and observability features

New security and observability features will be added to Splunk Mission Control and its Observability Cloud to identify threats and incidents more efficiently, the company said.

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Cybersecurity startup Oligo debuts with new application security tech

An Israeli startup targets open source code vulnerabilities with advanced agentless filtering technology.

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How multicloud changes devops

More clouds, more complexity, more challenges. Now’s the time to prepare for the impact multicloud will have on your devops teams.

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C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup defends its safety

US National Security Agency recommends using memory safe programming languages instead of C/C++ when possible, because hackers frequently exploit memory issues.

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