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Oracle open-sources Java machine learning library

Tribuo offers tools for building and deploying classification, clustering, and regression models in Java, along with interfaces to TensorFlow, XGBoost, and ONNX

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JDK 15: The new features in Java 15

Just-arrived update to standard Java features text blocks, hidden classes, the Z Garbage Collector, and previews of pattern matching and records


Understanding development with the Fluid Framework

Microsoft’s Fluid Framework promises latency-free collaboration. How does it work?

A virtual face, constructed of binary code.

What are deepfakes? AI that deceives

Deepfakes extend the idea of video compositing with deep learning to make someone appear to say or do something they didn’t really say or do

Bridging skills gap

Kubernetes and cloud portability — it’s complicated

Kubernetes doesn’t offer the magical application portability you might expect, but something better


How to benchmark C# code using BenchmarkDotNet

Take advantage of this lightweight, open source benchmarking library to transform your methods into benchmarks and track their performance

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Visual Studio Codespaces is moving to GitHub

Microsoft is moving Visual Studio Codespaces into GitHub Codespaces to simplify the developer experience

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What TikTok teaches enterprises about tech entanglement

Our infrastructure, apps, and data must be designed in a way that makes them portable and flexible enough to be separated cleanly if needed

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C++ 20 receives final technical approval

C++ language upgrade featuring modules and coroutines is set to be released before the end of the year

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Simplify agile, devops, and ITSM with Jira automations

Automating integrations, repeat tasks, or multistep workflows can improve productivity and data quality

11 reporting incidents alert red flag attention

How to use assertions in Java

Use Java assertions to document program correctness and more quickly test and debug your programs

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Angular roadmap embraces security, simplicity

Upgrade plan for the popular framework features trusted native types, stricter typing for reactive forms, debugging and performance profiling tools, and more

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What is quantum computing? Solutions to impossible problems

Quantum computing has great promise to solve problems that are too hard for classical computers to solve in reasonable amounts of time, but they are not yet practical


Linux is still the standard

Linux not only paved the way for open source success, but has shaped how open source communities operate

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Using OPA to safeguard Kubernetes

Open Policy Agent addresses Kubernetes authorization challenges with a full toolkit for integrating declarative policies into any number of application and infrastructure components

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What’s new in Angular 10.1

First point release of Angular 10 offers fixes and enhancements to address performance regressions, core and router bugs, and more

data blocks / code encryption Deno module registry leverages blockchain module registry aims to defeat malicious and broken modules through permanent immutable storage

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Microsoft flexes Bicep to strengthen ARM

Azure gets a new infrastructure as code language that can help deploy and manage complex architectures

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Will work from home be permanent? Many developers like the idea

The pandemic forced almost everyone in tech to work from home. That accelerated the trend of allowing developers to eschew expensive tech hubs and work wherever they like.


How to use fluent interfaces and method chaining in C#

Take advantage of fluent interfaces and method chaining to make your code simple, readable, and understandable

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