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16 technology winners and losers, post-COVID

The coronavirus crisis has shaken up business as usual, with some IT strategies and tools rising to the occasion and others in line for a rethink or tough recovery post-pandemic.

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TypeScript 4.2 tunes tuple types

Now available as a production release, TypeScript 4.2 loosens restrictions on rest elements in tuple types and improves type alias preservation.

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Android 12 developer preview bolsters privacy, user experience

Developers can play with new capabilities in security, privacy, media transcoding, rich content insertion, audio, and more.

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Review: AWS AI and Machine Learning stacks up, and up

Amazon Web Services provides an impressively broad and deep set of machine learning and AI services, rivaling Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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Unleash the power of Python regular expressions

How to use the regular expression functions provided by the ‘re’ library to match, search, and replace text in your Python programs.

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3 kinds of bias in AI models — and how we can address them

A biased AI model must have learned a biased relationship between its inputs and outputs. We can fix that.

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Introducing Microsoft .NET 6

Microsoft is unveiling its road map for the next major release of .NET, along with a first preview download.

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Are software developers important? Yes, very

Survey of senior IT decision makers suggests that most execs understand the importance of listening to developers and making them happy.

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Scala 3 moves to release candidate stage

Type parameters, syntax get attention in planned upgrade to the popular functional language for JVM and JavaScript runtimes.

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The real value of open source in the cloud

It’s a mistake to believe that running open source in the cloud will protect you from vendor lock-in. But open source certainly offers freedom and independence to developers.

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How to use LazyCache in ASP.NET Core MVC 5

Take advantage of LazyCache to improve the performance and scalability of your ASP.NET 5 Core applications in heavy load scenarios.

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The Linux Foundation adds 7 projects to combat racial injustice

Two new projects are being opened up to the wider open source community, five existing projects move from IBM to the Linux Foundation, and 20 other projects are being considered.

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

“Do More with R” video tutorials

Search for R video tutorials by task, topic, or package. Most videos are shorter than 10 minutes

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Microsoft unveils first .NET 6 preview

Multi-platform App UI support for Android and iOS are among the list of enhancements in the unified development platform.

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Google introduces API for faster Kotlin builds

Currently in alpha, Kotlin Symbol Processing is an API for building lightweight compiler plug-ins in Kotlin.

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3 ways to get into reinforcement learning

Whether you like theoretical study or want to get your hands dirty, plenty of reinforcement learning resources are out there.

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Observability: What IT should know as the technology heats up

As modern software systems become more and more complex, gaining observability into how applications perform and what makes them fail is quickly climbing up the priority list.

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What is observability? Software monitoring on steroids

Observability is an increasingly vital consideration for software engineers looking to build better, more stable applications. Here is everything you need to know about observability.

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Go 1.16 arrives with library, runtime enhancements

Forthcoming update to the Google-created open source programming language also introduces support for Apple Silicon.

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Swift for TensorFlow project shuts down

Google pulls the plug on effort to integrate the Swift language and TensorFlow machine learning library, while citing multiple achievements.

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