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Amazon Honeycode lets non-developers build apps

Amazon’s no-code tool lets users build mobile and web apps via a spreadsheet paradigm

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What’s new in Angular 10

Major upgrade of the popular Google-created web framework is now available as a production release

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MLflow is now a Linux Foundation project

Databricks framework for managing machine learning projects will go to an open governance model

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AI is now a C-suite imperative

Survey from Appen finds that C-level involvement in AI initiatives has jumped significantly

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GitHub’s Super Linter is ‘one linter to rule them all’

Super Linter is a GitHub Action that lets you automate linting for any GitHub repo, supporting some 20 programming languages

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Python may get pattern matching syntax

A proposal under consideration by Python’s development team would finally bring pattern matching statements to the language

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3 steps to a Python async overhaul

How to speed up an existing Python program by reworking it to run concurrently using async

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How PagerDuty helps customer service and IT teams improve responses

PagerDuty uses machine learning to anticipate issues and dramatically accelerate responses, so problems are addressed before they impact customers

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Apple introduces new-look Xcode 12 IDE

Redesigned development environment allows developers can build for both Apple silicon and Intel systems

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RedisRaft brings strong data consistency to Redis clusters

An in-the-works Redis module from Redis Labs gives the popular in-memory store a strong consistency option

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Working with Teams in the Microsoft Graph

Create and manage collaborative teams with code

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Jamstack: The static website revolution upending web development

Jamstack combines modern devops-inspired development philosophies with old-school static HTML pages to allow developers to build fast websites faster

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Apple preps developers for Apple silicon transition

Apple’s Universal App Quick Start Program helps developers update their apps for Macs with Apple silicon

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Redis 6: A high-speed database, cache, and message broker

Redis is a powerful blend of speed, resilience, scalability, and flexibility, and Redis Enterprise takes it even further

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How to use API versioning in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of API versioning in ASP.NET Core to manage the impact of changes to your APIs on your clients

2016 digital transformation

Digital transformation shifts into overdrive

Companies that let developers choose the technology, while executives chart bold goals, will navigate the change best

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Bootstrap 5.0 alpha arrives, sans jQuery

Update to the mobile-first website framework promises lighter file sizes and faster page loading

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ECMAScript 2020 spec for JavaScript approved

The latest standard for JavaScript, ECMAScript 2020 introduces new features for module loading, precision integers, and strings

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3 ways to apply agile to data science and dataops

Take an agile approach to dashboards, machine learning models, cleansing data sources, and data governance

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How to implement observability with Elasticsearch

3 steps for planning an observable Java application deployment and how to implement it with Elastic Observability

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