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Easier documentation with GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages lets you manage content exactly the same way you manage code, pushing from content development branches to main to publish new content. It’s a great way to ensure that code and documentation are delivered side by side.

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How to install Python the smart way

Learn how to get Python up and running on Windows, macOS, or Linux—and avoid the biggest pitfalls along the way.

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Compactor: A hidden engine of database performance

The compactor handles critical post-ingestion and pre-query workloads in the background on a separate server, enabling low latency for data ingestion and high performance for queries.

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Aerospike adds connector for Elasticsearch to run full-text queries

Elasticsearch, which is an Apache’s Lucene library-based search engine, can be used to run full-text search queries on JSON documents via a web interface.

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What kind of future will AI bring enterprise IT?

Think of artificial intelligence as a useful tool to help a company take small steps forward, rather than something to supplant people.

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Architecting for SaaSification

The day is coming when companies will be loose combinations of software services with loose coalitions of people delivering on digital promises. Are you ready?

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JavaScript, Java, and Python skills top demand

And demand for TypeScript, Swift, Scala, Kotlin, and Go skills all exceed supply, according to CodinGame-CoderPad tech hiring report.

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Lists and people on Mastodon

When viewing the people you follow on Mastodon, it’s helpful to know which lists (if any) you’ve assigned them to. Here's how you can do that with SQL and Steampipe.

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Kotlin 1.8.0 adds recursive copy, delete for directories

Latest upgrade to the Kotlin programming language adds support for Java 19 and introduces experimental functions for the JVM to recursively copy or delete directory content.

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Interest in React, Angular, and Vue is waning

State of JavaScript 2022 survey of developers finds highest levels of interest in the Svelte, Solid, and Qwik frameworks and the Vite build tool.

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How to use OpenAPI in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of the built-in support for OpenAPI in ASP.NET Core to automatically document your HTTP endpoints. Minimal APIs are supported too.

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Using JavaScript and forms

Of all the hats JavaScript can wear, its form-processing features are among the most sought and used. Learn how to use JavaScript for form processing, validation, and more.

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Conan 2.0 revamps C/C++ package manager

Major upgrade due in February features a cleaner syntax, a new public Python API, new build system integrations, and a new graph model that better represents the relations between packages.

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Create your own Mastodon UX

A dashboard+feed reader built with SQL gives you an easy and natural way to consume as much, or as little, Mastodon activity as you like.

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Developing applications that never delete

Updates and deletes remove history that is often desirable to keep. It is not only possible but practical to write a database application that preserves that history.

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Plunge into Python with 'Python Crash Course 3rd Edition'

This updated version of the respected beginner's guide to Python gives newcomers a whirlwind tour of Python 3.9—from object-oriented programming basics to examples involving data analysis, web development, and more.

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Java class data sharing upgrade would boost startup times

OpenJDK plan would improve support for archived Java heap objects in class data sharing, aligning with the Project Leyden effort to improve startup performance.

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Developer experience will take center stage in 2023

Retaining engineering talent will be a top priority in the coming year. And traditional developer productivity management approaches will be kicked to the curb.

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5 ways devops can reduce energy consumption

Move forward on sustainability goals by gathering usage data and making smart decisions about cloud and automation.

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5 reasons developers love GraphQL, and 5 reasons they hate it

Developers tend to love GraphQL for API development and querying, or they hate it. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly of this REST alternative on the rise.

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