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React - an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces

How to use React functional components

Gain a thorough understanding of React’s new component style and learn to use the hooks API to write simpler and more elegant React code.

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Google’s Go language could add generics later this year

A proposal to add generic programming to Go using type parameters is the latest attempt to add a long-sought capability that would make the language easier to use.

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6 neat tricks for Visual Studio Code

From simple shortcuts to expert-level configuration changes, turn to these power tips to get the most out of Microsoft’s open source programming editor.

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Angular 12 looks to improve deployment integrations

Better error messages, distribution of Ivy libraries to NPM also on the drawing board for the web development framework.

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Vno brings Vue to Deno

Third-party Deno module compiles and bundles Vue components in a Deno runtime, overcoming issues of unfamiliarity and incompatibiity.

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How to use security headers in ASP.NET Core MVC 5

Take advantage of security headers in ASP.NET Core MVC 5 to protect your website against cross-site scripting, code injection, clickjacking, and other attacks.

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How to mandate agility in software development, operations, and data science

Spoiler alert! The honest answer is that you can’t mandate agility, but you can achieve it through consensus by focusing on the benefits.

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The most valuable software developer skills to get hired now

We identify some of the hot areas where software developers can focus their attention to better stand out from the crowd in a challenging job market.

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Tokio Rust runtime reaches 1.0 status

Asynchronous runtime for Rust programming language provides building blocks for developing fast and reliable networking applications.

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Microsoft .NET JSON serializer could get faster startup

Improved throughput and reduced application size are also on the drawing board for the System.Text.Json serializer.

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Server-side WebAssembly runtime reaches GA status

Promising faster compilation and production-ready performance, Wasmer 1.0 allows universal binaries compiled from native code to run in lightweight containers on multiple host platforms.

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How to find and fix performance problems in PHP applications

With Sentry Performance Monitoring for PHP, developers can quickly identify performance issues with PHP-based applications and view end-to-end traces to pinpoint issues and surface related errors.

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How agile development teams use value streams

Value stream mapping can help IT align projects with business impact and set priorities.

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What’s new in Rust 1.49

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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How to merge data in Python using Pandas merge

Use the popular Pandas library for data manipulation and analysis to read data from two files and join them into a single dataset.

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PyCharm Python IDE backs Apple Silicon

Latest upgrade to the JetBrains IDE for Python development brings support for new Mac hardware and fixes multiple bugs.

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Python edges C++ for Tiobe’s programming language of the year

Tiobe index of programming language popularity identified Python and C++ as the languages with the greatest increases in popularity in 2020.

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Ruby 3 brings parallel execution

Major Ruby update introduces an experimental feature called Ractor that promises thread-safe parallel execution

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