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A child practices handwriting the alphabet.

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Identity, trust, and their role in modern applications

Identity, trust, and trust sharing are indispensable to our belief in the validity of the services we interact with on the internet.

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How to use Python's "all" and "any" built-ins

Python's "all" and "any" keywords let you test if all, or any, elements in some collection satisfy some condition. This video shows you how to use this efficient and powerful built-in, and make sense of its potentially unexpected...

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Uno Platform advances WebAssembly support

Multi-platform UI toolkit for .NET enables WebAssembly threads and exceptions ahead of official .NET 7 support.

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What is Flutter? Mobile app development for Android, iOS, and more

Flutter lets you build compiled, cross-platform mobile, desktop, and web applications from a single codebase. Get started with Flutter and its easy-to-use programming language, Dart.

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What’s new in Rust 1.62

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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Choosing your Java IDE

Which Java IDE is best? Compare IntelliJ IDEA , Eclipse, and NetBeans for features, usability, and compatibility with your favorite tools and frameworks.

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The best new features in .NET 6

Microsoft .NET 6 marks a new era of developing performant, modern-day applications for web, cloud, desktop, and mobile devices. Here’s what’s new.

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C# language specification approved

The sixth edition of the C# language specification allows for more openness and community participation in changes to the language, Microsoft said.

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How to deploy with Vercel and MongoDB Atlas without even trying

You can now deploy your web app to Vercel and have it automatically use a MongoDB Atlas cluster as the data store. Here’s how.


Ecma unveils more permissive JavaScript license

Proposed by Mozilla, the alternative license for the JavaScript specification allows for forks, aligning with the W3C software license covering HTML and CSS.

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Using Azure Communication Services for email

Microsoft’s Azure multichannel communications APIs get support for email.

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9 Deno runtime projects to watch

The Deno ecosystem is taking root, with a host of tools and services to challenge Node.js. Here are nine projects leveraging Deno for web development, serverless edge hosting, and more.

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Memory management in Rust, Part 1: Ownership

Rust's memory management model uses a concept called "ownership", where a given object in memory can only be handled by a single variable at a time, and the programmer must be explicit about how ownership is held and transferred. This...

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Yugabyte adds Voyager migration service to its 2.15 database update

With the latest update, the company claims it is the first and only distributed SQL database to offer all three PostgreSQL isolation levels.

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7 key new features in SingleStoreDB

SingleStoreDB unifies transactions and analytics in the same engine to power real-time, data-intensive applications. Here’s what’s new.

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Abstract classes vs. interfaces in Java

When should you choose an abstract class over an interface in Java? Take the challenge! Learn the difference between these Java language elements and how to use them in your programs.

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ECMAScript 2022 blesses class elements, top-level await

Next version of JavaScript standard gains formal approval, while the new capabilities are already supported by browsers.

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Security survives the budget axe

All the security funding in the world won’t help if you don’t train your people to patch your software.

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