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Mozilla taps WebAssembly for browser security

Firefox will soon begin running some third-party libraries and browser components in an isolated Wasm sandbox

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GraalVM upgrade improves Windows builds

Oracle’s open source, polyglot virtual machine also brings JavaScript, Java, Python, and Ruby enhancements

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CouchDB 3.0 puts safety first

The latest edition of the popular NoSQL database installs locked down by default, and offers partitioning, search, and performance improvements

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Go 1.14 improves runtime, compiler

Latest Go language production release brings improvements across the board including to Windows and WebAssembly support

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How to use Poetry to manage Python projects

With Poetry, Python finally has a graceful way to manage virtual environments and dependencies for development projects. Here’s how to get started

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Clojure rises in the workplace

More Clojure developers report using the language at work, but having difficulty convincing coworkers

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What is agile methodology? Modern software development explained

Enterprises need software competency to deliver winning digital experiences. Agile development is how enterprises get there

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C++ 20 spec finalized, C++ 23 spec begins

C++ upgrade due in 2023 will prioritize standard library modules, coroutines, executors, reflection, pattern matching, and contracts

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5 reasons to choose PyTorch for deep learning

TensorFlow still has certain advantages, but a stronger case can be made for PyTorch every day

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How to use ValueTuples in C#

Take advantage of ValueTuples to return multiple values from a method with better performance than Tuples

JVM - Java Virtual Machine

Concurnas language taps JVM for high-performance apps

Python-like, Java-compatible language aims to ease development of concurrent, distributed, and parallel systems

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TypeScript 3.8 adds type-only imports and exports

Improving JavaScript import syntax, the next version of TypeScript will provide more fine-grained control over imports and elisions

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Open source should learn from Linux, not MySQL

When a single vendor owns an open source project, expect the community to look for alternatives

Android 11

Android 11 developer preview stresses 5G, security

Preview of the next Android OS offers developers a first glimpse of new privacy and security features and 5G enhancements

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5 ways agile teams meet sprint commitments

Spikes, swarming, splits, and keeping some requests in the shallows can help agile teams stay on track

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Alpine.js mixes Vue, React, and minimalism

New JavaScript framework lets developers keep their DOM and declaratively add behavior in markup

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How to use asyncio in Python

Take advantage of the high-level async functions in Python’s asyncio library to write more efficient Python applications

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Microsoft’s Scalar speeds up Git

Free open source app for Windows and macOS accelerates Git commands for large repositories

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