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Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

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Using WiX to build Windows installers

With a little bit of XML you can automate creating Windows installers for your code, right from your CI/CD pipeline.

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Weaveworks launches first enterprise Gitops platform

Weave GitOps Enterprise aims to automate continuous application delivery and Kubernetes operations tasks at enterprise scale.

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PHP 8.1 brings enums, read-only properties

Update to the popular scripting language for web development also offers enhancements for concurrency and performance.

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Scaling telemetry monitoring with InfluxDB

How a team at Cisco tapped IOS-XR, a multi-processing collector agent, and InfluxDB to create a telemetry monitoring system capable of ingesting 3TB of telemetry data per day.

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UNESCO launches global standard for AI ethics

Standard aims to provide AI with a strong ethical basis that will not only protect but also promote human rights and human dignity.

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JetBrains previews next-gen Fleet IDE

Fleet will coexist with JetBrains’ IntelliJ line and serve as a lightweight code editor with a different take on IDE organization.

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Google Cloud AppSheet review: No-code with extras

Google’s easy no-code app builder lets you add functionality with spreadsheet formulas and expressions, and even apply machine learning models.

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The basics of methods: Smart Go

Methods in Go let you attach behaviors to custom types, such as structs. Learn the basics of how to create and use methods, including how to work with values that are passed as pointers if you need to modify their contents.

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JDK 18: What to expect in Java 18

Due in March 2022, Java 18 has drawn proposals to incubate the vector API, preview pattern matching for switch statements, and adopt UTF-8 as the default character set.

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

Send Outlook email and Teams messages with R

The Microsoft365R package makes it easy to connect R with Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. Let’s start with Outlook and Teams.

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Take a look at Azure Monitor

Use Azure’s built-in metrics and log tools to support devops and SRE teams.

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Windows Forms advances in .NET 6 but still needs work

Supporting display DPI awareness and sharing display configuration information between the Windows Forms runtime and designer have been challenging, Microsoft said.

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How CI/CD is different for data science

Moving data science into production has quite a few similarities to deploying an application. But there are key differences you shouldn’t overlook.

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How to send Outlook email, Teams messages and more from R

Microsoft’s Azure team has developed Microsoft365R, which makes it possible to send Outlook emails (and Teams messages!) with R. It's a package that interacts with Microsoft 365 APIs. Follow along to learn how to authenticate your...

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GitHub will require 2FA for some NPM registry users

Mandate will apply to maintainers and admins of top packages on the JavaScript registry, in response to two recent security incidents.

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Stop saying open source nonsense

Creating a successful open source project requires more than mimicking the business models of Red Hat or Confluent.

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Python 3.10's new features: Parameter specification variables

Python 3.10's new "ParamSpec" type hinting function lets you pass the type hints of function parameters to other parameters, to make it easier to typehint decorators and other highly abstracted constructions.

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Kotlin 1.6.0 debuts memory manager

Memory manager for Kotlin/Native lifts restrictions on object sharing between threads and offers leak-free, concurrent programming primitives.

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