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Why observability is the future of systems monitoring

Combining metrics, events, logs, and traces is essential to understanding our increasingly complex software environments

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2 cloud architecture problems are still unsolved

If you think we’ve figured out all cloud design problems, you’d be wrong. Edge devices and multicloud security are still sticking points

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Understanding Microsoft’s Open Service Mesh

Microsoft has announced its open source service mesh implementation. What does it mean for Kubernetes on Azure?

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Why MongoDB is ‘fundamentally better’ for developers

MongoDB co-founder and former CTO Eliot Horowitz reflects on the creation of MongoDB and his 13 years with the company

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How to refactor God objects in C#

Follow these best practices to eliminate God objects and design classes that are loosely coupled, cohesive, and easy to maintain

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Microsoft breaks ranks with its own service mesh

As controversy rages over the governance of Google's Istio service mesh, Microsoft has seen an opportunity to offer a simple and truly open alternative

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Career roadmap: DevOps engineer

The increased need for faster application delivery, higher productivity of businesses, and elimination of unnecessary capital expenditures in IT are expected to accelerate the market and the need for highly qualified DevOps engineers...

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OPA: A general-purpose policy engine for cloud-native

Open Policy Agent simplifies authorization policy creation and enforcement for distributed applications, Kubernetes, microservices, and much more

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Apple Silicon: What the transition from Intel means for developers

Software development for new ARM-based Macs has its own set of challenges and changes for developers. As developers begin optimizing their apps to run on Apple Silicon, InfoWorld senior writer Serdar Yegulalp joins Juliet to discuss...

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CIO Think Tank: Setting the multi-cloud agenda

How can enterprises handle the complexity of multiple clouds — and reap unprecedented benefits? In a series of virtual roundtables, 30 IT leaders articulated the challenges and delivered insightful recommendations.

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Presenting the Azure Well-Architected Framework

Start using cloud-native applications on Azure with design patterns and best practices

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How to use attribute routing in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of attribute-based routing in ASP.NET Core to decouple the controller and action names from the route template and allow more flexibility in your routing

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When hybrid multicloud has technical advantages

Just deploy your new application, microservice, or machine learning model to the public cloud? Well, maybe not so fast

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ECMA proposal would bring records and tuples to JavaScript

A technical committee has proposed adding new deeply immutable value types to the ECMAScript standard

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GitHub roadmap reveals feature plans and timelines

Code scanning and Codespaces are coming soon, workflow, collaboration, and security improvements later

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JDK 16 begins to take shape

Not due until March 2021, next Java upgrade kicks off with support for C++ 14 language features in JDK source code and HotSpot VM

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Java’s move to GitHub set for September

JDK 16 sources are due to arrive on the popular code-sharing site before the September 15 GA of JDK 15

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7 superb Python books for every skill level

Whether you’re a beginner, a moderately skilled dev, or an expert, there’s a book in this lineup to expand your Python programming powers

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