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Images considered harmful (sometimes)

Steampipe’s Mastodon dashboards are image-free for now, and I think it’s having a calming effect. Perhaps all social media interfaces should have an optional text mode.

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What is garbage collection? Automated memory management for your programs

Most modern programming languages use garbage collection, but developers have options for how it is implemented and tuned. Get an overview of how garbage collection works in languages such as Java, Python, and C#.

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Go 1.20 previews profile-guided optimization

Profile-guided optimization enables the Go compiler to perform application-specific and workload-specific optimizations based on run-time profile information.

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5 key new features in SingleStoreDB 8.0

The latest release of the unified database for transactional and analytical processing brings real-time analytics for JSON data, Wasm support, dynamic scaling, and security and UX improvements.

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Gradient descent in Java

Find out why backpropagation and gradient descent are key to prediction in machine learning, then get started with training a simple neural network using gradient descent and Java code.

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What’s new in Rust 1.67

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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How to use implicit and explicit operators in C#

Take advantage of implicit and explicit operators to convert between user-defined types and improve the readability of your code.

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Getting started with Azure OpenAI

Microsoft’s Azure-hosted OpenAI language models are now generally available, and it’s surprisingly simple to use them in your code.

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Working with Mastodon lists

Steampipe makes it easy to create Mastodon dashboards, find interesting people, see which lists they’re on, and export lists in useful ways. Now we need ways to share and remix those lists.

Python notebook analytics

nbdev v2 review: Git-friendly Jupyter Notebooks

Add-on to Jupyter Notebooks enables a literate Python development style that gives you high-quality documentation, tests, continuous integration, and packaging for free.

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How to tame your Python cache files and directories

Tired of having your Python projects littered with .pyc cache files and __pycache__ directories? This video teaches you about a little-used but powerful Python feature that lets you keep all your Python cache files in a single...

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Privacera connects to Dremio’s data lakehouse to aid data governance

The integration of open-source based Privacera into Dremio’s data lakehouse is designed to allow joint customer enterprises to manage and organize secure data access.

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Server-side rendering is having a moment

React-based frameworks that render web pages on the server could paradoxically be the future of front-end development. Here’s why.

A magnifying lens exposes an exploit amid binary code.

C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup defends its safety

US National Security Agency recommends using memory safe programming languages instead of C/C++ when possible, because hackers frequently exploit memory issues.

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How to use Codon, a new alternative to Python

The Codon project offers a highly Python-compatible language, built from the ground up, that compiles to native machine code for speed. It's not a drop-in replacement for Python, but it promises some significant speedups for...

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Google blew it with open source layoffs

The decision to cut people who built the foundation that supports Google’s open source and cloud successes seems incredibly shortsighted.

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Hail Hydra: Kill snowflake servers so the cloud can take their place

High-availability, auto-scaling, self-healing cloud infrastructure is as resilient as the many-headed swamp monster of Greek myth. Make the most of it by using containers.

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Oracle per-employee Java pricing causes concern

New pricing plan for Oracle Java SE starts at $15 per employee per month and scales downward based on number of users.

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