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Mastodon tooters also tweet

How many people in your Mastodon feed also tweeted today? The answer can be found using my favorite kind of Steampipe query.

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Lists and people on Mastodon

When viewing the people you follow on Mastodon, it’s helpful to know which lists (if any) you’ve assigned them to. Here's how you can do that with SQL and Steampipe.

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How to use OpenAPI in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of the built-in support for OpenAPI in ASP.NET Core to automatically document your HTTP endpoints. Minimal APIs are supported too.

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Create your own Mastodon UX

A dashboard+feed reader built with SQL gives you an easy and natural way to consume as much, or as little, Mastodon activity as you like.

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How to use Go's internal assembly language

Go's internal assembly language is generated from Go source code as an intermediate step towards creating a machine-specific binary. You can dump out the generated assembly and inspect it using Go's tooling, and use the generated code...

Love vs hate.

5 reasons developers love GraphQL, and 5 reasons they hate it

Developers tend to love GraphQL for API development and querying, or they hate it. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly of this REST alternative on the rise.

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Microsoft previews Graph API proxy for developers

Graph Developer Proxy allows developers to test their Microsoft Graph applications locally by simulating Microsoft Graph API errors and mocking Microsoft Graph API responses.

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A Bloomberg terminal for Mastodon

Our brains are built to take in a lot of information at a glance, and if it’s organized well we can do that very effectively. Applying filters helps.

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Browsing the fediverse

Steampipe’s SQLification of the Mastodon API is a handy way to track activity in the fediverse. Use it to do Mastodon analytics, find interesting people, and more.

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Build a Mastodon dashboard with Steampipe

Using Steampipe to build a dashboard that combines queries of the Mastodon search API and the joys of RSS-powered integration.

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Build a customer-facing app like a SaaS company

SaaS vendors know a good app is built on a value proposition, business model, developer community, and success metrics.

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Introducing Cadl: Microsoft’s concise API design language

With Cadl, you can write a 500-line OpenAPI definition in 50 lines of code. It’s a logical way for architects and developers to construct and constrain APIs.

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How Steampipe enables KPIs as code

CMD Solutions built tools for continuous controls assurance by using open-source Steampipe to define information security performance metrics as SQL statements.

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What are headless architectures and composable systems?

When systems require complex customizations and integrations (think ERP, CRM, or CMS), these flexible architecture choices enable greater security and scale.

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DataStax to offer Stargate V2 data API gateway via Astra DB

The new version of the open-source data API gateway comes with a gRPC API that will enable developers to scale Cassandra data limitlessly, the company said.

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What is an API? Application programming interfaces explained

Developers use application programming interfaces to hide complexity, organize code, and design reusable components. Here’s what you need to know about APIs.

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Manage your tasks with the Microsoft To Do API

A desktop task manager built on top of the Microsoft Graph lets you share tasks with groups and seamlessly link tasks to applications.

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Build .NET apps for the metaverse with StereoKit

Microsoft’s open source mixed-reality tools make it easy to build OpenXR apps in .NET.

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