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Microsoft chatbot goes Nazi on Twitter
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Computerworld - Scary Tech [Slide-12] - Language translation systems run by big brother

Now you can port code from .Net Framework to .Net Core

The beta of Windows Compatibility Pack adds 20,000 APIs to .Net Core for Windows, Linux, and MacOS web app developers, making it more like the Windows-only .Net Framework

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Which API management tools work best?

Discover what real users think of API management solutions

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How to secure ASP.Net Web APIs using authorization filters

Take advantage of ASP.Net Web API authorization filters to authorize incoming requests to your web API

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REST or SOAP in a cloud-native environment

There are plenty of discussions and comparisons of API architectures using REST versus SOAP. But which is a better approach when building cloud native services and applications?

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Making sense of Microsoft’s graph database strategy

From the Microsoft Graph to LinkedIn and beyond, Microsoft is betting on a graph database future

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Google releases SDK for augmented reality apps on Android

Similar to Apple’s ARKit for iOS, Android’s ARCore offers native APIs for motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation

Get started with Twilio’s programmable chat API

A guide to embedding chat directly into your web applications with Twilio and JavaScript

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The rules for REST: How to be RESTful in HTTP/JSON APIs

It’s easy to get sloppy in your APIs, so here’s a refresher on how to be correctly RESTful in your client scripts

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Get started with Twilio’s programmable video API

A guide to embedding video directly into your web applications with Twilio and JavaScript

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Cisco’s DevNet alters collaboration playing field

With the new iOS 10 swift codebase, APIs, and SDKs available through Cisco DevNet, video conferencing enhanced cross-enterprise collaboration has become a reality.

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Cloud API integration platforms make the digital economy work

Open API platforms and frameworks are essential for expediting successful application development, deployment and integration in the digital economy.

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Microservices need to honor contracts

In the ever-expanding era of cloud computing, microservices must adhere to contracts

Ross Mason and Steve Rosenbush at the Collision Conference

How APIs can break up your company’s ball of mud

With Collision Conference at a close, check out my conversation on stage with Steve Rosenbush on the value of the API economy.

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How Yahoo wrangles its giant private cloud

Yahoo VP of Cloud Services Preeti Somal pulls back the curtain on the internet company's vast private cloud—and offers valuable lessons any enterprise can use

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Cloud portability? Keep dreaming

It's the age-old problem in cloud form: Platforms compete by offering unique services, but as soon as you use them, you're locked in

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IBM adds API tools to Bluemix serverless framework

Bluemix OpenWhisk now uses API Connect to manage lifecycles for the APIs that drive serverless apps

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Get started with Twilio’s programmable SMS API

A quick guide to sending and receiving SMS in your web applications with Twilio and Node.js

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Digital transformation isn't only about technology

While APIs are the secret weapon binding together best-of-breed solutions, true digital transformation comes from an innovative mindset that combines technology with business transformation

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