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Oracle Cloud World 2023
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How to succeed with GraphQL APIs

The open source query language GraphQL is the future of APIs, but getting it to hum (and hum at scale) takes some strategizing. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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Get started with FastAPI

Take advantage of the FastAPI web framework and Python to quickly create snappy, OpenAPI-compliant web APIs—and full websites, too.

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Google launches Pricing API to help enterprises optimize cloud costs

Pricing API will provide an inventory of public services and SKUs along with account-specific custom prices and discounts with additional metadata, down to the SKU level.

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AI is catching on with API developers

Some 60% of API developers use generative AI to help them code, according to a Postman survey of more than 40,000 developers and API professionals.

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When the rubber duck talks back

The real value of AI coding assistants isn’t any particular piece of code they get ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but the process of collaborating with them.

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Designing user management for machine-to-machine interactions

Machines are users, too, and you will have to treat them like users to ensure that the services they use are available, fast, scalable, and secure. Here’s how.

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What is platform engineering? Evolving devops

Platform engineering is a newer way of doing devops that uses centralized tools and data to put developers at the center of the action. Here's how it works.

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Migrating Mastodon lists

If you move from one Mastodon server to another and you want to migrate the people on your lists, you have few options. Here’s a way to do it with Steampipe and SQL.

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The Mastodon plugin is now available on the Steampipe Hub

The fediverse offers an opportunity to reboot the social web and gain control of our information diets. Steampipe and its Mastodon plugin can help you seize it.

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Working with Azure’s Data API builder

Add REST and GraphQL APIs to any database with a handy .NET CLI tool.

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Mastodon timelines for teams

Using Steampipe and SQL to pool Mastodon timelines and point queries and dashboards at the combined histories of teams or groups.

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Visualizing Mastodon server moderation

Which Mastodon servers are blocking other Mastodon servers, and which servers are being blocked? We can discover them using Steampipe’s relationship graphs.

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Mapping people and tags on Mastodon

How Steampipe’s API queries and relationship graphs enable maps that select what is helpful and omit what isn’t.

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News in the fediverse

The fediverse is our chance to reboot the social web and gain control of our information diets. Let’s make it trivial for anyone to turn on a rule like ‘news only on lists, not timelines.’

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Microsoft more than triples Bing Search API prices to recoup investments

A comparison of the prices reflects a 3x to 10x increase across different tiers for Bing Search and Bing Image Search APIs.

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Protocols, APIs, and conventions

We’re in one of those internet moments of rapid innovation, when new conventions can unlock emergent behaviors. Enjoy it!

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Mapping the wider fediverse

After overcoming a few obstacles, my set of Steampipe dashboards is starting to feel like the Bloomberg terminal for Mastodon that I envision.

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Images considered harmful (sometimes)

Steampipe’s Mastodon dashboards are image-free for now, and I think it’s having a calming effect. Perhaps all social media interfaces should have an optional text mode.

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