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Instance-qualified Mastodon URLs

Transforming foreign server URLs into home server URLs makes a Mastodon dashboard massively more useful. Steampipe’s Mastodon plugin now does that for you.

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Google pulls the plug on Optimize

Google’s Optimize and Optimize 360 website testing and analytics tools will be phased out later this year in favor of Google Analytics 4.

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Mastodon tooters also tweet

How many people in your Mastodon feed also tweeted today? The answer can be found using my favorite kind of Steampipe query.

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Compactor: A hidden engine of database performance

The compactor handles critical post-ingestion and pre-query workloads in the background on a separate server, enabling low latency for data ingestion and high performance for queries.

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What kind of future will AI bring enterprise IT?

Think of artificial intelligence as a useful tool to help a company take small steps forward, rather than something to supplant people.

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Lists and people on Mastodon

When viewing the people you follow on Mastodon, it’s helpful to know which lists (if any) you’ve assigned them to. Here's how you can do that with SQL and Steampipe.

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Create your own Mastodon UX

A dashboard+feed reader built with SQL gives you an easy and natural way to consume as much, or as little, Mastodon activity as you like.

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2023 is all about analytics

Getting your data to tell you what you don’t know requires analytics. And analytics requires cloud.

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A Bloomberg terminal for Mastodon

Our brains are built to take in a lot of information at a glance, and if it’s organized well we can do that very effectively. Applying filters helps.

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Snowflake to acquire Myst AI to provide time series forecasting

The data warehousing company wants to help enterprises apply time series forecasting to their data to generate future predictions as an aid to strategic decision making.

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Browsing the fediverse

Steampipe’s SQLification of the Mastodon API is a handy way to track activity in the fediverse. Use it to do Mastodon analytics, find interesting people, and more.

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Using deduplication for eventually consistent transactions

Deduplication is an effective alternative to transactions for eventually consistent use cases of a distributed database. Here’s why.

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Build a Mastodon dashboard with Steampipe

Using Steampipe to build a dashboard that combines queries of the Mastodon search API and the joys of RSS-powered integration.

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How to create your own RSS reader with R

Sure, you could use one of the commercial or open-source RSS readers. But isn’t it more fun to code your own?

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

R tutorials: Learn R programming for data science

Search for R tutorials by task, topic, or package. Many include videos which are shorter than 10 minutes

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10 databases supporting in-database machine learning

While approaches and capabilities differ, all of these databases allow you to build machine learning models right where your data resides.

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Time series forecasting with ARMA and InfluxDB

Autoregressive moving average models have a number of advantages including simplicity. Here’s how to use an ARMA model with InfluxDB.

NASA SLS / Space Launch System booster separation [artist concept, updated 2013-09-13]

Time series forecasting with XGBoost and InfluxDB

XGBoost is a popular open source machine learning library that can be used to solve all kinds of prediction problems. Here’s how to use XGBoost with InfluxDB.

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