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Python's disassembler: How to inspect Python bytecode

Python runs programs by compiling them into bytecode, an instruction set used to drive its interpreter. With the "dis" module, you can disassemble and examine bytecode from any Python program, and learn more about how your programs...

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The best open source software of 2020

InfoWorld picks the year’s best open source software for software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning

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Microsoft’s innovative new tools for the ‘new normal’

Support for social distancing, remote collaboration, immersive reality, and biosensing are top announcements at Ignite 2020

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Where to find free and open data sets on the web

From government, health, and finance data to weather, baseball, and Star Trek, countless collections of free data are available to scratch almost your analytical itch

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Azure Databricks previews parallelized Photon query engine

Microsoft and Databricks say the vectorized query engine written in C++ accelerates Apache Spark workloads by up to 20x

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When AIops tools outsmart you

AIops is leading us to the operational promised land for cloud computing, but we have to be smart enough to know how to follow

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14 open source tools to make the most of machine learning

Tap the predictive power of machine learning with these diverse, easy-to-implement libraries and frameworks

InfoWorld Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards

The 2020 Enterprise Architecture Awards

The 2020 Forrester and InfoWorld EA Awards contest winners focus on business architecture, digital transformation, and governance

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Why you should use Presto for ad hoc analytics

A federated SQL query execution engine created at Facebook, Presto brings interactive querying to all of your data — no matter where it resides

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

“Do More with R” video tutorials

Search for R video tutorials by task, topic, or package. Most videos are shorter than 10 minutes

machine learning and mlops hpe ezmeral softwaretg

Oracle open-sources Java machine learning library

Tribuo offers tools for building and deploying classification, clustering, and regression models in Java, along with interfaces to TensorFlow, XGBoost, and ONNX

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Edge Computing [ InfoWorld / September 2020 ]

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft take their clouds to the edge

As enterprises ramp up edge computing deployments, the big three clouds are ponying up a surprising array of edge options for a broad range of needs.

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

How to count by group in R

Discover quick and easy ways to count by groups in R, including reports as data frames, graphics, and ggplot graphs

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How to create crosstab reports in R

Discover quick and easy ways to count by groups in R, including reports as data frames, graphics, and ggplot graphs. Featuring the janitor and vtree packages as well as dplyr and data.table.

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What is quantum computing? Solutions to impossible problems

Quantum computing has great promise to solve problems that are too hard for classical computers to solve in reasonable amounts of time, but they are not yet practical

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Some observations on cloud computing observability

Observability is an approach to watching applications, data, and infrastructure in a way that provides more holistic value

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What is face recognition? AI for Big Brother

Facial recognition is becoming more accurate, but some systems exhibit racial bias and some uses of the technology are controversial

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How to use TensorFlow in your browser

Take advantage of TensorFlow.js to develop and train machine learning models in JavaScript and deploy them in a browser or on Node.js

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