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2018 enterprise architecture awards logo

The 2018 Enterprise Architecture Awards

This year’s winning EA initiatives, brought to you by Forrester and InfoWorld, focused on making digital transformation real, usually with agile techniques

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Maximize ROI with MVP

The problem with acronyms like “ROI and “MVP” is that we sometimes forget what they really mean

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For agile testing, fail fast with test impact analysis

Test impact analysis is a change-based testing practice that rapidly exposes issues in new/modified code

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CIO Leadership Live with Cathie Kozik, CIO at PSAV | Ep 13

In this episode, host Maryfran Johnson talks with Cathie Kozik, senior vice president and CIO at PSAV, an events space provider, about aligning tech projects to business goals, tapping into employees for innovative ideas and using...

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Fixing data quality first? You’re doing it wrong

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, the companies that get data to their teams faster and solve specific problems will outperform those who are preoccupied with data perfection

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How to do agile estimation the right way

Agile estimation to drive team alignment, productivity, and quality—if you get the nuances right

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Discovery is the most underrated phase of software development

Extra time spent in discovery saves both time and money down the line. Why, then, do so many companies rush through it?

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3 biggest roadblocks to continuous testing

Agile teams know that they should be practicing continuous testing—but the vast majority are not. Here are the top three reasons why

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4 essential questions to audit your agile process

Every agile team needs an occasional checkup. Here is a quick and easy way to spot small problems before they become major headaches

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Combining operations and development: A view from the trenches

Combining development and operations teams is not for the faint of heart. Learn how others have endured the transition into an efficient devops organization

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How to align test automation with agile and devops

Along with CI/CD’s continuous integration and continuous development, you need continuous testing

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Why IT needs more than agile methodology

While collaboration among stakeholders, users, and IT is at the core of agile, business teams and developers tend to think and speak different languages

Recruiting Through Social Media

What are software recruiters looking for?

6 tips to landing (and thriving in) your first development job

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Agile project management: A comprehensive guide

Geared toward continuous improvement, the agile methodology can greatly increase your project’s prospects for success. Here is everything you need to know about agile project management, from certification to training to software and...

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What is cloud-native? The modern way to develop software

Cloud-native computing takes advantage of many modern techniques, including PaaS, multicloud, microservices, agile methodology, containers, CI/CD, and devops

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How the role of software testing is evolving

Software testing has the potential to seem boring as shit, but it could also elevated to sexy, where testers are the stewards of the customer experience

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How to scale agile: 6 keys to success

Pairing the agile methodology with a low-code platform can provide a common environment for interaction and for working together to iteratively develop solutions to meet evolving needs

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Get started with CI/CD: Automating your application delivery with CI/CD pipelines

CI/CD automates the application integration and delivery steps and standardizes application configurations. Here’s how to make CI/CD work in your organization

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