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You’re doing cloudops planning too late

If cloudops isn't going well, perhaps important planning is being overlooked or left until too late in the process.

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Sprint reviews and retrospectives in a hybrid work setting

When companies have a mix of employees at home and in the office, it’s vital that important agile ceremonies bring everyone together.

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How to minimize new technical debt

With best practices and a commitment to not let technical debt grow, developers can make a solid business case, especially when staffing and money are tight.

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A brief history of the agile methodology

Most organizations today practice some form of agile development, but it wasn't always so. To understand agile's success, it helps to look back to the heyday of the waterfall methodology and the birth of the Agile Manifesto.

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What is agile methodology? Modern software development explained

Everyone talks about agile development, but how does it really work? Get an overview of how teams collaborate using scrum, kanban, and other popular agile methodologies.

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NUnit uses open source tools to test .NET code

Unit tests are an important part of modern application development. NUnit is perhaps the best-known way of using them with .NET code.

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What is Git? Version control for collaborative programming

Invented for Linux kernel development, Git version control now powers millions of projects across the globe. You can use it with or without GitHub.

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How to improve agile meetings

Whether software developers are on site or remote, these practices and tools boost the efficiency of meetings that can’t be an email.

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5 questions to consider about agile capacity planning

Teams may protest, but capacity planning offers ways to boost velocity and productivity.

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How canary releases enable continuous deployment

Making new features or services available to a small group of users is a good development strategy to reduce risk.

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3 reasons devops must integrate agile and ITSM tools

Automation and integration are key for companies hoping to modernize dev, ops, and security workflows.

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5 devops use cases for developing with feature flags

Feature flags boost integrations with analytics, provide feature controls to product owners, and improve app rollouts.

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Convincing agile product owners to prioritize technical debt

Technical debt often negatively impacts business outcomes. Find a way for the IT and business teams to both meet their objectives.

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Tips for agile and devops teams in a hybrid work model

When teams are split between home and office, establishing some ground rules will keep projects moving efficiently.

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What is cloud native? The modern way to develop software

Cloud-native computing takes advantage of many modern software development techniques including microservices, containers, CI/CD, agile methodologies, and devops.

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Smart Go: Why Go binaries are so large (and what you can do about it)

Why are Go program binaries so large, compared to similar programs written in other languages like C or C++? In this video we'll go into the details of why Go binaries are the sizes they are, and what you can do about it -- that is,...

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How SLOs and error budgets improve app reliability

These practical tools help devops teams balance operational issues and the pursuit of perfection.

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Are your agile and devops processes good enough?

See how your team compares to other companies using agile and devops effectively.

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