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InfoWorld forrester enterprise architecture awards 2019

The 2019 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Winners of the 2019 Forrester and InfoWorld EA Awards show strengths in business architecture and architecture governance, realizing a vision for digital transformation

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5 planning principles for agile development

Benefit from deeper backlogs and more impactful releases by making time to plan effectively

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How to address data and architecture standards in agile development

Making time to plan for standard practices pays off in the long term

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5 responsibilities of an agile software development manager

To gain all the benefits from agile, successful software development managers must be part translator, part motivator, and part task master

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Agile product management and portfolio platforms explained

Tools like Jira and Azure DevOps serve only part of the agile team’s job functions. Here are the agile tools that will take you to the next level

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How to stop hating Jira

Jira is a versatile tool for agile teams, but it’s easy to overcomplicate workflow and tool configurations to the detriment of collaboration

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How to use Tableau to analyze agile, devops, and website metrics

Developers often need their own reporting capabilities to better analyze, predict, and manage aspects of their work; tools like Tableau can help

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What is a devops engineer? And how do you become one?

A devops engineer must understand not only the tools, but also the philosophy and processes that make devops work

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How to write agile user stories: 7 guidelines

Beyond the basics: how to provide agile user stories more definition and structure to ensure there is a shared understanding of the intent and underlying requirements

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How to drive shorter development release cycles

Going faster will require improving the technical and business processes that enable driving safely at a higher speed

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5 principles to becoming a collaborative agile devops team

Agile and devops are not just practices and technologies—they are designed to change how people in IT work together

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How to configure Jira to support multiple agile teams

Finding the right balance requires agile leaders to define where and how to apply consistent standards while still empowering teams to self-organize

2018 enterprise architecture awards logo

The 2018 Enterprise Architecture Awards

This year’s winning EA initiatives, brought to you by Forrester and InfoWorld, focused on making digital transformation real, usually with agile techniques

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Maximize ROI with MVP

The problem with acronyms like “ROI and “MVP” is that we sometimes forget what they really mean

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For agile testing, fail fast with test impact analysis

Test impact analysis is a change-based testing practice that rapidly exposes issues in new/modified code

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CIO Leadership Live with Cathie Kozik, CIO at PSAV | Ep 13

In this episode, host Maryfran Johnson talks with Cathie Kozik, senior vice president and CIO at PSAV, an events space provider, about aligning tech projects to business goals, tapping into employees for innovative ideas and using...

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Fixing data quality first? You’re doing it wrong

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, the companies that get data to their teams faster and solve specific problems will outperform those who are preoccupied with data perfection

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How to do agile estimation the right way

Agile estimation to drive team alignment, productivity, and quality—if you get the nuances right

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