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SDS still young, but very much on the rise

Offering increased protection and a simplified approach, software-defined security is shaping up to be the next big thing in IT security

IBM buys access control and identity management firm CrossIdeas

With CrossIdeas, IBM is gaining auditing tools for policing segregation-of-duties violations across disparate systems

The 12 biggest, baddest, boldest software backdoors of all time

These 12 historically insidious backdoors will have you wondering what's in your software -- and who can control it

How to benefit from the identity data explosion

Everyone wants to avoid being the next Target. Brian Milas, CTO at Courion, explains how to use the rich data generated by identity and access control solutions to reduce risk

Target attack shows danger of remotely accessible HVAC systems

Qualys says about 55,000 Internet-connected heating systems, including one at the Sochi Olympic arena, lack adequate security

Book smart, security stupid: Rogue professors flunk Security 101

Two academics betray highly ill-advised security practices when using the university's computer network

EMC's Syncplicity service tightens controls on shared files

Data now can be made unavailable even when it's stored offline, EMC says

Alcatel-Lucent challenges Cisco, Brocade unified access

Alcatel-Lucent offers enterprises free switch upgrade that converges wired Ethernet networks with wireless BYOD management from Aruba

Cisco patches vulnerabilities in some security appliances, switches, and routers

If left unpatched, the vulnerabilities could enable denial-of-service, command execution, or authentication bypass attacks

Cisco fixes critical remote command execution vulnerability in Secure Access Control Server

The vulnerability could allow remote, unauthenticated attackers to take control of the underlying operating system, the company said

Those 'invisible' servers could open your network to hackers

Slew of vulnerabilities in IPMI standard for disaster-recovery access leaves unpatched implementations at severe risk

Why Sun's NIS will never die

Although 28 years old and insecure, Sun's old Network Information Service lives on in networks across the globe

Survey shows U.S. falling behind on user-centered BYOD

CIOs must rethink their traditional, rigid approach to data access and focus on users rather than mobile devices

ForeScout integrates its NAC with AirWatch's mobile management

Enterprises can take better care of unmanaged devices, the companies say

Samba 4 review: No substitute for Active Directory -- yet

Samba's open source alternative to Microsoft's domain controller is a good start, but not ready for prime time

Google looks to kill passwords, but experts say not so fast

Google is testing device-assisted security, but experts say passwords still need to be in the mix

Privilege management could cut data breaches -- if it were used

Verizon report recommends 'least privilege management' -- a decades-old concept. Problem is, it's still not mainstream

Dear user: Details do matter

The help desk gets the dreaded call: A report on a 'broken' PC from a well-meaning but technologically clueless manager

Quest extends access control to unstructured data

The extension of the Quest One line of access control software addresses the growing amount of unstructured data in enterprises

9 popular IT security practices that just don't work

The security products and techniques you rely on most aren't keeping you as secure as you think

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