E-prescription for IT disaster

The federal paperless prescription mandate is a model for pathetic planning that will leave users and IT blamed for failures

AMD bails out IT

AMD's faster, cooler, less expensive Shanghai 45nm server CPU maximizes 2P rack server value when IT needs it most

The incredible shrinking Internet

Broadband throttling, caps, and content filtering aren't about sweeping pirates off the Internet

Why Windows 7 will be better than Vista

Microsoft's new OS is being shaped by data phoned home from users' PCs

iPhone favors small deployments

When you start rolling out iPhones in the dozens, the device's limitations will begin to bite

Apple's new notebooks answer the call for innovation

Apple's new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air notebooks set the bar for low price and extraordinary design

iPhone 3G enterprise scores are in

In the first bout over professional user experience, iPhone 3G wins over BlackBerry -- but not easily

Nokia challenges developers to think outside the phone

You'd be wise to learn what a Nokia Series 60 handset can do before you settle on a mobile platform

First look at the T-Mobile G1

The first smartphone based on Google's Android marries a sophisticated HTC handset with software features that outmaneuver iPhone

T-Mobile G1 launch: Cost, plans, availability

The device will cost $179, presumably with a 2-year contract. The offering is T-Mobile exclusive, and the G1 will be SIM-locked to T-Mobile's network. Plans will be add-ons for T-Mobile voice plans. For $25/month, customers will get...

Android-based T-Mobile G1, with 3G, debuts at 10:30 ET

The world awaits T-Mobile's and HTC's attempted "iPhone killer," the first Google Android smartphone

Next-generation mobile is all about the cloud

The cloud businesses need is a cross between RIM's BlackBerry network and Apple's MobileMe -- and completely standards-based

BlackBerry-free with iPhone 3G: Read this first

Integrating iPhone 3G into an existing messaging, sync and Web-based service back end is one thing. Yanking a BlackBerry off a lifelong user's hip and replacing it with an iPhone 3G is something else. Want to watch?

AMD answers Nehalem

AMD gives Intel its due for finally getting its x86 server platform right... and for validating so many Opteron innovations

Developers should skip Google's Chrome, and jump straight to WebKit

For Web applications, the framework's the thing, and the browser framework that will win the day is WebKit

The Nehalem CPU's secret weapon

Intel's Nehalem CPU sports an on-chip power management microcontroller capable of turning off CPU cores to save power. This could really change the x86 server game. The question is, will IT be able to use this to cut costs, or will...

In memory of iPhone 3G

Getting your iPhone 3G stolen is no reason to stop migrating from a BlackBerry

Intel engineers stage CPU coup

The Intel Developer Forum debut of the Nehalem CPU sets Intel up for some well-earned engineering props. Nehalem isn't just catch-up with AMD's Barcelona. It's Intel back on track, engineering again as though it has competition

iPhone hackers go too far, get shut down by Apple

Apple's 2.0.1 firmware update for iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod touch disable a valuable open source alternative to Apple's App Store, all because hackers won't make contract-busting carrier unlock distinct from worthwhile efforts to...

Your server is wasting your CPU

All AMD server CPUs leave the factory tuned to perfection. Then homogenizing system and OS makers screw it up.

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